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AntiAging Research Laboratories
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In 1996
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Growth Hormone Enhancer HGH HGH

FACT:A 20 year old creates 10 times more HGH than a 60 year old. This decline of hormones accelerates rapidly after age 40.

FACT:Age Related Degenerative Disease that can completely Exhaust Your Remaining Youth and Dignity Is Preventable. Your Birthright is to Feel Well Until Your Final Hour.

FACT:You may reverse this decline in HGH and other hormones and neuro-peptides by applying the simple principles shown here to begin your own "Quality of Life Span™" therapy.

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Human Growth Hormone enhances healing HGH saturated body HGH heals

The information provided by AntiAging Research is based on extensive Research and Data of Human Growth Hormone in the field of Life Extension and how hormones, neuro-peptides and nutrient compounding affect the aging process, telomeric activity and promote longevity. This is about Your Life and Well Being, please take the time to learn. If you have questions, you can always call us at 888-AntiAging.

Human Growth Hormone

How AEON HGH works:


Bio-Identical Growth Hormone

Our source material begins as bio-identical, recombinant, growth hormone and then converted to growth factor. Then we encapsulate each molecule of these natural growth factors (identical to your own natural production), providing a unique delivery method so your body can use AEON HGH to help naturally increase your growth hormone, neuro-peptides and other hormones.

Essentially, AEON aligns with your body's own production of human growth hormone, neuro-peptides, and other hormones to help nutritionally add more to what you already have.

Hormones Must Safely Imitate Nature

Imitating nature is critical with hormones, your body must have a consistent, low dose, high frequency of human growth hormone and other hormones (small doses, often). Growth hormone injections insist on a high dose, low frequency (e.g. a large dose, twice weekly) of HGH. We believe this clearly violates nature and may shrink the pituitary (atrophy). This means that if you stop using injections of growth hormone, you may actually accelerate the aging process.

Your body requires frequent, low doses of hormones. Science clearly shows that when you gently compensate for age related hormone decline with a low dose, high frequency, hormone therapy, the body can truly respond in subtle and profound ways.

We paved the Way for the HGH Oral Spray

AntiAging Research Laboratories developed the Molecular Delivery of Growth Hormone technology in 1996 in the form of Oral Spray Growth Hormone, emulating nature and eliminating the need for painful and expensive HGH injections. In 1998, we also developed the antidote for the anti-HGH hormone, somatostatin called Somastatin™.

Every single "growth hormone" product with "HGH" on their label did not exist until we created this market in the 1990's. We invented the Oral Spray Growth Hormone industry. We also private label many oral spray growth factor products you see out there. Read more about how we made Oral Spray HGH.

Definitions: HGH or (somatotropin (rHGH), growth hormone, human growth hormone, etc.) is a 191-amino acid, single chain polypeptide hormone, with a molecular weight of 22124 daltons, synthesized by recombinant DNA technology.

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AEON Oral Growth Hormone Enhancement Spray and SOMASTATIN quickly and effectively helps to replenish your body's hormones and your mind's neuro-peptides to nutritionally renew and replenish itself. This is a critical first step to youthful regeneration.

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A Message from the Founder of AntiAging Research Laboratories

It is my sincere desire that you will discover your birth right of well being with our non-prescription Human Growth Hormone solutions and special offers at AntiAging Research Laboratories.

We are at your service; you are welcome to contact us if you have questions at 888-AntiAging (268-4244) or 949-589-3515, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, M-F, PST.

In 1996 we created this industry introducing the proven delivery method for Oral Spray Growth Hormone. We only use genuine, growth factor in AEON HGH. Few are as qualified to provide you the facts about HGH, hormones and neuro-peptides, or resolve the misconceptions created by the flood of products that claim to increase HGH, but only increase IGF-1, of which research indicates can be dangerous.

Practically all of these products are based on the Somatomedin C test, where amino acids mock HGH to the liver, giving a high, false read. If the Somatomedin C test were banned, so would most of these pills and potions you see today that degrade the integrity of what we are so committed to providing; which is Quality of Life Span™.

In spite of the flood of so-called HGH pills, capsules, homeopathic's and other "HGH Imitators" that provide little or no benefit, there are thousands of consistent users of AEON HGH, ingestible growth hormone enhancement, oral spray, growth factor and SOMASTATIN, the anti-HGH antidote.

You may notice benefits from AEON HGH, Ingestible Growth Hormone enhancement within two weeks and progress from there, especially when used with Amino Rx. Often clients after six months to one year of AEON HGH, along with our ANTI-HGH antidote, SOMASTATIN, begin to report long term benefits; please read more here. For the very best results, use AEON and Somastatin with our life extension products, always without risk as part of our Unconditional Promise.

We stand for Quality of Life Span™.

It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well...

Robert Bohen, HGH Oral Spray

Robert Bohen - Industry Co-Founder

Treat the cause not the symptoms, HGH.
HGH Oral Spray are the leaders in Longevity Enhancement

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