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The information we publish is based on the strict and implicit standards of Hippocratic Ethics and truth based on scientific evidence. We took this time honored standard and raised the bar even higher. It must be to serve all of us who are committed to optimum well being.

As a result, HON nominated us many years ago (1999) when they discovered we were hard working, straight forward, truthful researchers who were dedicated to enhancing Quality of Life Span© for people. HON's accreditation is the highest possible honor available on the Internet for science based or health care based web sites, and we are deeply honored.

HON's strict yet basic gauntlet of accreditation is, tell the truth, and be responsible with it; therefore honoring people in the highest order. There are many HGH web sites practicing deceptive advertising; or worse yet, harming people. They cannot have this trusted badge of honor on their site that assures you of truthful representation. AARL has been following HON's strict mandates long before 1999, when we received accreditation, and we promise you we always will.

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We honor HON (Health on the Net Foundation) code principles.

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