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Body weight depends on how long a bottle of SOMASTATIN lasts. SOMASTATIN is broken down into 30-60-90 day options for auto-ship delivery.

100-150 - lbs equals appx 90 days

150-200 - lbs equals appx 60 days

200 + - lbs equals appx 30 days

Help Stop Growth Hormone Resistance

200 - plus - lbs

30 days

Help Stop Growth Hormone Resistance

150-200 - lbs

60 Days

Help Stop Growth Hormone Resistance

100-150 - lbs

90 Days








Effective consumption of Somastatin meets its peak requirement during 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. These recommendations are based upon a normal sleep cycle, roughly seven (7) hours from late evening to early morning. If you cannot take Somastatin as suggested, we recommend taking it daily between three to five hours after you have awakened from your regular sleep cycle or immediately before leaving for work in the morning.

As discussed in previous materials regarding the use of our AEON, any food consumed 15 minutes before administering AEON will raise your blood sugar level and negatively impact the benefit the impact of Growth Hormone. However, food consumption DOES NOT impact Somastatin, only its absorption. Simply be certain that your palate is clear from food residue (especially fatty residue coating the tongue or mucosa) in order to maximize it absorption.

It is important to cycle the administration of Somastatin. We recommend that you take Somastatin for five consecutive days (e.g. Mon. through Fri.) and take two days off. Continue this cycle for six (6) consecutive weeks, then take two (2) weeks off (you may continue to take all of our other products you may also be using). After these two “off weeks”, begin the same six (6) week cycle again.

Please remember, you are taking AEON twice during the day. Once when you wake up, and again just prior to going to sleep. We recommend to keep AEON and Amino Rx by your bed stand.

Somastatin Suggested Use: Please shake gently before using. Spray in inner cheek area of mouth. Take once daily as suggested above according to your normal sleep pattern. With AEON: Use 1 spray per 40 lb. of bodyweight (Example: 160-180 lb.= 4-5 sprays). Without AEON: Use 1 spray per 30 lb. of bodyweight (Example: 160-180 lb.= 5-6 sprays).Hold in mouth for two (2) minutes. Optional use: Take the ½ dose normally and ½ dose15 minutes prior to exercise. Best if kept in cool dark place. Be sure and contact customer service to time your auto-ship delivery sequence. This dose for example, would be approximately 180 lbs, with approximately 180 sprays per bottle. This would last eleven weeks. Since delivery times can be slightly vary, it is best to time your reorder during your two week cycle.

Proprietary MAPS 3 Technology : Provides the perfectly designed metabolic roadmap for efficient absorption and powerful transport vehicle scientifically designed to successfully deliver its nutrient payload to specifically targeted cell sites.

Indications: To potentially assist the aging process (ref. HGH Therapy) and to benefit athletes desiring to naturally promote their own efficiency of HGH; to increase adrenal function; to increase declining neuro-peptide levels via nutritional processes.

Contraindications: As with all products, anti-tumor protocols should be completed prior to incorporating Somastatin into any Anti-Aging program. Individuals with active cancers or tumors should not use Somastatin or any other GH Therapy. Insomnia has been reported on occasion, avoid consumption six hours before sleep is you are sensitive.

You must do your best to avoid eating before bedtime and at all time reduce your intake of simple sugars found in soda, sugar added fruit juices, candy or other snack products. Large amounts of sugar in one’s system inhibit the body’s production and utilization of Growth Hormone, especially prior to bedtime.

It is also suggested that for the most complete Anti-Aging protocol possible, you include our powerful Life Extension System, which include our Essential Vita Rx, Amino Rx, Mineral Matrix Rx, Omega RX and PH Balance Rx. Please be certain to continue to take all prescribed medications as you normally would, and always consult with your physician. It is recommended to have blood levels retested after 90 days of AEON and/or Somastatin use. As the body balances, some medicines may need to be adjusted; consult your physician about this and anything else regarding your personal well being quest.

Exercise, especially resistance training will help increase Growth Hormone production and utilization. Increase your protein intake throughout the day to support tissue regeneration and repair while you sleep. Increase your water intake, preferably a pure, spring type water, to re-hydrate the cells and assist in eliminating toxins. We also suggest that you please familiarize yourself with our Anti-Aging Plan, which is found on our web site.

Please remember that the initial benefits of Growth Hormone occur “on the inside” at the cellular level prior to manifesting themselves “on the outside”. Generally, the most noticeable benefits of Growth Hormone appear between 3 and 6 months of consistent use.

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If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 949-589-3515 or Toll free: 1-888-268-4244

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