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We're pleased that you've come to us to help you with your AntiAging concerns. We began our services in 1996 by introducing the first HGH Oral Spray to the industry and in 2001, we introduced AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer, growth factor, our flagship product, and have continued to be the global leader in longevity enhancement. Since then, as our research has advanced, we have also developed more effective delivery methods as well as several advanced nutraceuticals designed to inhibit the aging process.

As an example, we now offer AEON 5000 growth factor oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer, the most potent Oral Spray available from any source, at any price. Additionally, our AARL brand of products has grown to include our outstanding AntiAging nutraceuticals: Essential Vita Rx,our Longevity Enhancing Multi-nutrient Complex. Amino Rx, which supports optimum cellular regeneration, Mineral Matrix Rx, our Cellular Hydration Bio-Complex, and Skin System Rx, which provides Skin Rejuvenation from the Inside Out.

Over the years, we have reached milestones in our research. One significant milestone in our research has been the development of SOMASTATIN, the anti-HGH inhibitor, which is a powerful inhibitor of the body’s anti Growth Hormone substance called Somatostatin. Not only does Growth Hormone decrease as we age, but Somatostatin, unfortunately increases as we age, which interferes with your cells ability to properly utilize Growth Hormone, and therefore accelerates the aging process.

By taking SOMASTATIN, you are fortifying your body’s ability to overcome it’s resistance to the scientifically proven benefits of Growth Hormone. Few other companies today seem to be aware of this significant issue of Growth hormone resistance, however, in 1998 we addressed this issue, two years after we introduced Oral Growth Hormone to the world. At AARL, we provide leading edge technology so that civilization may have the best opportunity to inhibit the aging process.

Perhaps you've come to AntiAging Research Laboratories today to either purchase our AEON Oral Spray or familiarize yourself about field of AntiAging Research. We encourage you to explore our site and learn how each of our products can help you to remain youthful, feel better and have more energy for life.

As a gift to you, I have authorized, for a limited time, a special discount on AEON Oral Spray. If you would like to learn more, please continue reading...

We stand for Quality of Life Span™.

It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well...

Live Long...Live well

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Stephen Jennings
Director of Product Development

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HGH Prescription Strength AEON 5000 ng/ml
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HGH 2 AEON-5000
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