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"NATURE is neither CRUEL nor KIND, merely INDIFFERENT. Regardless of YOUR AGE, nature views YOU as either FERTILE or FERTILIZER. This is LAW.

Nature ensures the FERTILE REMAIN STRONG to perpetuate and/or NURTURE our OFFSPRING. The INFERTILE are left to rapidly decay into FERTILIZER.


How FERTILE ARE YOU? How does nature view YOU? Are you properly CARING for your FUTURE, WELLBEINGAPPEAL, CONSCIOUSNESS, and HAPPINESS, so you are capable of CONTRIBUTING to OUR CHILDREN and YOURSELF as a result?

Or are you part of the LISTLESS, UNINFORMED majority who exist in QUIET DESPERATION, prematurely DECAYING into FERTILIZER?"

Learn what to do HERE...


Natural Human Growth Hormone - AARL

Since 1996, we have unconditionally guaranteed you will feel a difference and witness changes within 90 days...


"Treat the cause... not the symptom."


FACT: Your WELLBEING significantly depends on MANAGING YOUR mind, spirit and YOUR BODY'S HORMONES and NEUROPEPTIDES, while REMOVING and PROTECTING YOURSELF from daily exposure to TOXINS, HEAVY METALS, STRESSORS & TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS that cause chronic disease, dementias, cancer and much more negativity.

Regardless of your age or your ability to bear children, HOW WELL YOU AGE is largely dictated by YOUR ABILITY TO LOVE, BOUNDARIES, WITS & HOW FERTILE NATURE PERCEIVES YOU ARE. This is determined by both, ACTING FERTILE and MAINTAINING YOUTHFUL HORMONE and NEUROPEPTIDE LEVELS.

How youthful your natural levels of HORMONES and NEUROPEPTIDES are, depends on your body’s ability to BIO-SYNTHESIZE RAW MATERIALS and the QUALITY OF THEM. These consist of critically needed COFACTORS, MICRO-NUTRIENTS, ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, and other building blocks.

How willing you are to PROVIDE the HIGHEST QUALITY of these is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONATE to you creating OPTIMUM BIOSYNTHESIS, potentially deferring *CELL DEATH in YOUR BODY.

FACT: Based on the quality and quantity of HORMONES and NEUROPEPTIDES in your blood, NATURE biologically PERCEIVES YOU as a FERTILE ASSET or a STERILE BURDEN. This is because Nature has one simple objective, REPRODUCTION of the SPECIES.

This means WELLBEING for those WHO ARE FERTILE and CONTRIBUTING, while rapidly ELIMINATING those WHO ARE NOT. This is why you must maintain your BLOOD LEVELS at a constant FERTILE LEVEL hormonally, as you also ACT FERTILE.

When you intelligently stay above the HORMONAL DEATH LINE, Nature perceives you to be a FERTILE CONTRIBUTION to the species. Therefore, NATURE REMAINS YOUR ALLY to keep your body and mind healthy.

Fall below the DEATH LINE and Nature will see you as BIOLOGICALLY OBSOLETE; indifferently treating you as a STERILE, USELESS LIABILITY. Consequently, Nature will ACCELERATE YOUR DEATH to limit the consumption of valuable resources needed for children and caretakers.

*Apoptosis and telomeric cell death have been deferred up to 20% based on Ham's Medium.




No one else will do this for you; they can't. ONLY YOU CAN affect the quality, dignity, appeal and prowess you have left on this earth. Your fertility and QUALITY OF LIFE-SPAN™ is PRICELESS and not something you can buy, replace or reclaim at the eleventh hour.

Yet so commonly in our youth; we squander it unless we awaken to our own mortality and if we are truly fortunate, a higher purpose. Odds are today, the damage is revers able; but perhaps not tomorrow. It is time to fully accept your mortality. LEARN to PROACTIVELY THINK and ACT FERTILE, as YOU MASTER HOMEOSTASIS (body balance) here.

Some are WISE, and some, OTHERWISE. Only WHEN KNOWLEDGE is acted upon, and BECOMES WISDOM, is it ever truly effective. KNOWING IS USELESS... You must BE.

You're only given one body and the good news is that it's profoundly resilient when nurtured back to homeostasis. QUALITY OF LIFE-SPAN™ means consciously honoring your body, mind and spirit every day. It means being intuitively and intelligently present to its needs as you emulate Nature with a low dose and high frequency protocol of HORMONES, COFACTORS, MICRONUTRIENTS & AMINO ACIDS, so Nature continues to perceive you as a FERTILE ASSET.

QUALITY OF LIFE-SPAN™ represents HOMEOSTASIS, meaning biological balance; when your bones, circulation, sex-drive and immune system remains strong. It means your skin is thick, and your hair and nails are shiny. Your body and mind is flexible, mobile, alert, sexy, etc, etc, etc, TODAY and DECADES FROM TODAY.

You don't have to blindly accept the consequences of the uninformed; learn and invest in your wellbeing today, for your wellbeing tomorrow. QUALITY OF LIFE-SPAN™ is not just about how long you live, it's how long you live well...

Join us and growWe will die strong. In the midst of living life very well, with our dignity and zeal intact, celebrating thoughts of gratitude, even in our last breath.




Be no longer be of the less informed, who will decay en masse without dignity, as liabilities to their loved ones for years. Overcome with regret and quiet desperation, while trapped within their self-created-imprisonment. All-the-while, WISHING they could have the FREEDOM and CLARITY YOU CELEBRATE.

"Treat the cause... not the symptom."


Here's how you experience homeostasis and life-long
Quality of LifeSpan™


Approximate reading time:
7 minutes
 and A Very Special Limited Offer




A 20 year old creates 10 times more human growth hormone and 4 times more sex hormones than a 60 year old, not to mention the severe decline in the "feel good" neuropeptides such as dopamine, beta-endorphin, serotonin, norepinephrine, GABA and others.

Your roaring fire hose of hormones and neuropeptides slowly begins its decline after age 30. And the faucet closes faster and faster with each passing decade to finally resemble a clogged squirt gun of hormones in your sixties. You may reverse this decline in hormones and neuropeptides by applying the simple principles shown here as you begin your own "Quality of Life Span™" experience.

To do this, you must also perform the basics of eating well, hydrating, exercising, purging lead and heavy metals (especially if you were born before 1976). You must remove accumulated artery and brain clogging bad-calcium plaque from your body, which also normalizes nitric oxide levels to reestablish libido, memory and brain power. You must be taking ionized minerals, micro-nutrient vitamins and cofactors to ensure peak metabolic temperature and mitochondrial activity. And you must manage chronic stress from foods and environment, along with perceived stress by creating peace and contentment in your mental and spiritual condition.

At the same time, we begin to help your hormonal blood levels with AEON Oral Spray Growth Hormone Enhancement and Hormone Stabilizer with Growth Factor, along with our powerful Amino Rx, which is the "core" of it all (which you'll quickly learn about after the next two paragraphs),

Additionally, if you want the most powerful results we provide, add Somastatin, (the ANTI-growth hormone) inhibitor, neuropeptide and ACTH (adrenal) Testosterone Booster. This is because in addition to inhibiting the anti-HGH hormone called "somatostatin" and increasing your "feel good" neuropeptide production, Somastatin has a profound effect on your adrenal health, and your adrenals are at the center of everything else in your body.

Most people have exhausted adrenals, especially women. This means bad immunity, auto-immune disorders, poor sex drive, fatigue, poor sleep and often weight gain, to mention the very least. Bad adrenals cause a debilitating domino effect throughout your body, impacting everything from your thyroid, thymus, pituitary and other glands. To testosterone, cortisol, growth hormone and other hormones. Exhausted, low functioning adrenals negatively affect most everything, from your brain to the circulation in your toes.

Meanwhile, if you are on information overload right now and to want to cut to the chase and begin to experience results now, order this today: Our AEON, Somastatin and Amino Rx special offer. It's our #1 selling combination with almost 20 years of proving its effectiveness on people. With this proven combination, if it doesn't seriously impact you for any reason, send it back for an unconditional refund; period.

OK, let's talk more about the foundation of Quality of LifeSpan™ because the very deep core of Quality of LifeSpan begins with homeostasis (body balance). And at the core of homeostasis is the quest of achieving perfect bio-synthesis (healing, regeneration and peak metabolism of your cells). This is where our powerful Amino Rx taken without food kicks in.

In our quest to extend your Quality of LifeSpan™, we examined what your cells consume to properly divide. Then we procured and reconstructed the precise ratios of the highest quality amino acids required by your 70 trillion cells to thrive and to take much longer to divide between cycles. Amino RX is voraciously consumed by each human cell during what is called "interphase." Interphase is the amino acid consuming event that happens just prior to your cell dividing into a copy of itself; which is called mitosis.

As a result of careful research, we flawlessly engineered Amino Rx to perform its role for perfect bio-synthesis to fuel your cell's proper division. This perfection may potentially extend your life span up to 20% longer through an amazing process you'll learn about about called, "Ham's Medium."

There are 22 known amino acids that your cells are starving to consume, and you need them all to achieve bio-synthesis and Quality of LifeSpan. Eight of these amino acids we cannot make ourselves (essential), and the rest we can synthesize with proper nutrition (with ionized minerals, micro-nutrients, vitamins, cofactors and hormones).

Sadly, most manufacturers egregiously skimp on these vital and expensive essential amino acids resulting in garbage bio-synthesis. In fact, most manufacturers overdose you with dirt cheap arginine, which the most common amino acid found in most every day foods (and they also falsely claim arginine capsules, etc, supposedly turns into growth hormone… another egregious trick).

You need to know that Amino Rx contains ZERO arginine, because we packed it instead with what you truly need to bio-synthesize testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, collagen, beta-endorphin, blood, sweat, tears, strong bones, good skin, sex drive, and everything else your body magically synthesizes to allow you to thrive.   

You need precise ratios of essential amino acids for perfect protein synthesis to occur. And by the way, protein synthesis always occurs, but it is only as good as the source material. Bad amino acid material means garbage bio-synthesis, shortened cell life, and deviated and mutated transcription that may lead to cancerNever is it truer biologically than, “garbage in, and garbage out.”  

Meanwhile, your mortal cells will divide only 50-60 times before they permanently stop dividing, called senescence. This is limited division called the Hayflick limit. Soon after the Hayflick limit is maxed, senescence occurs. Then you will experience programmed cell death (PCD or apoptosis). After enough cell death occurs, you will die. So why not intelligently defer this unpleasant event? It certainly is not a “difficult” or expensive thing to do, especially with our simple and unconditional guarantee.

Your own Quality of LifeSpan begins and ends with you choosing highest quality of ionized minerals, micro-nutrients, amino acids, cofactors and hormones, and we have them all carefully researched right here at AntiAging Research. We live to simplify, optimize and properly fuel the complex division of all 70 trillion of your cells with the highest quality ratios of amino acids, ionized minerals, micro-nutrients, cofactors and hormones so "Ham's Medium" occurs in your body, ensuring you the possibility of a quality maximum life span. 

At AntiAging Research, we are constantly perfecting this remarkable process of Ham's Medium. Ham's Medium has timelessly proven that you may defer each of your cellular divisions by up to 20% (in vitro). This is a big deal because you just may cause each of your cells to live up to 20% longer before the Hayflick limit (final division) occurs after 50-60 divisions.

As a result, you may have deferred many years of programmed cell death (PCD), allowing you more time to thrive, celebrate and love, because you began extending your "Quality of Lifespan" today.

Never forget that it's not just about how long you live, it's how long you live well...

"Treat the cause... not the symptom."

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We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN, the ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE and ADRENAL TESTOSTERONE booster, Growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.


Our core foundation is the pursuit of Quality of Lifespan™ defined as it's not how long you live; it's how long you live WELL...

HGH Anti Aging Research 

AntiAging Research Laboratories Created the First Oral Spray HGH,
(bio-identical, recombinant,* polymer delivered)
Clinically Studied Human Growth Hormone
(somatotropin) supplement in 1996
Today, We Offer You  Quality of LifeSpan™

1. Belong . . .

After nearly twenty years, the proof is undeniable. A special group of people consistently and scientifically test younger than others their age in the laboratory. For nearly twenty years, they've experienced age and illness deferring benefits that their non-believing counterparts have not. They know they are aging "well," and clearly slower than their counterparts. Most important, they feel well.

After nearly twenty years, they have more stamina and energy, shinier hair, better skin, a great sex drive and a rock solid immune system, to say the least. For nearly twenty years, their aches and pains of their former lives have essentially evaporated, and inflammation is essentially nonexistent. There's a permanent sense of wellbeing and they know their lives are different than most others. Certainly different than those who didn't know better or walked away in ignorance, fear, or rationalized that they felt "just fine." "Just fine" or absence of symptoms certainly does not indicate amazing health and wellbeing.

There's a scientific reason and after nearly twenty years of studying these people, the data is in and irrefutable. The clinical and metabolic markers show the evidence why their lives are different. And in the end they do have more life; to give and to receive, with grace and gratitude.

They have what is priceless and non replaceable. They have Quality of Lifespan. Money is replaceable; the love, time, amazing health and wellbeing that consists of Quality of Lifespan is not.

Quality of Lifespan allows their hearts to beat strong, their minds to think clear, illness is not an option, they have the prowess to accomplish whatever they believe they can accomplish, because every day they go back to the source of their well being.

For nearly twenty years, the source for their bodies, immunity, clarity and Quality of Lifespan™ is AntiAging Research Laboratories. The sole purpose of AntiAging Research Laboratories is to help you protect your body and replace that what is draining out of all of us. Which are hormones and critical micro-nutrients, engineered to potentially extend human life span by deferring age accelerating telomeric activity through nutritional processes and Ham's Medium.

What we stand for, is a command over our own destiny; proactively choosing vibrant bodies, minds and Spirits. We are a special bunch. Alive with dreams, with much to do and accomplish.

We don't have time for aches and pains, illness, apathy and lack of energy. This is who we are. This is Quality of Lifespan™. We also have compassion for those who refuse to believe, care, or do not comprehend the scientific disciplines practiced here.


2. Believe . . .

We commend you. You have spent a great deal of time and effort to get right here, right now, this page, this site. It required commitment, critical thinking and horse sense to discern truth. In this amazing world of science, you know the answers are out there while navigating through deceptively worded marketing, claims and fancy packaging and you refused to quit.

We vow that you have found that resource here. Our tenure as the very first in 1996; our unconditional guarantee and our pragmatic research insure this. We passionately help people live long and more important, live well through practical nutritional science.

Biologically, we are the sum of our hormones and the nutrients we absorb. We lose both the ability to make and absorb them with age. Enhancing a small amount of hormones and nutrients each day is much more effective than none, ever; or a massive dose, every once in a while.

Doesn't that sound more natural to you?

We invented this process long before opportunist's took advantage of the new paradigm we created. So if you are looking for sound logic and science, proof, ethics, truth, and integrity. If you're searching for something that will provide you results and is unconditionally guaranteed to do so, from people that are experts in endocrinology and micro-biology.

We are whom you will learn to trust, who will always have your best interests behind every decision as we stand behind those decisions. 

You can stop searching if you wish. You may soon choose to begin the Process. That is to slowly pass the torch of trust to us, which we vow to keep well lit. You can confidently and safely trade your hard work for Quality of Lifespan. And you can go back to enjoying your daily life.

At AntiAging Research Laboratories, we simply cannot give you more evidence, science, clinical studies, accolades and proof than what is presented here. Besides our own passion for understanding, we deliberately amassed these hundreds of pages of research and evidence, our clinical studies, our unconditional guarantee and the truth so that somewhere, sometime, eventually, you will hear our integrity, desire and commitment to your quality of lifespan speaking louder than the din of your natural defense mechanism of doubt.

It is scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment..

There is a solution...

3. Join . . .

We hope you are finally here in spirit, or very soon to be. We sincerely ask you to come join us. It cost so little and returns so much. Please remember that money is replenishable, Quality of Lifespan™ is not. Quality of lifespan should be your birth-right, a right that must be cared for every day. We are passionately committed to help you care for that right.

Your body will never again pump out the levels of youthful hormones it used to. It will never efficiently metabolize micro-nutrients the same as it used to.

You must be responsible for this...

We believe you wish to insure and create the best opportunity for the rest of your life to live actively, free of pain and disease and to be more physically balanced. We have a clinically proven series of products that can do this for you and begin to produce results within ninety days and formidable, life changing, benefits that abound more and more after long term, consistent usage as it has for thousands of us for a decade.

Also, we did this in moderation. Without changing our lives inside out or spending hour upon hour working out, or having to radically restrict our diets. We weren't decadent or sedentary either, we knew better. We didn't want to be anyway, after all, these are our only bodies. The bottom line is this, most of us start each new day with energy, enthusiasm and a sense of peace about our health. We know that you want that too; everyone does. We promise you this is possible.

If you do not enhance everyday for the rest of your life your hormones, and add micro-nutrients to defer age accelerating telomeric activity, compensating for these deficiencies, you will age at a faster and faster rate than you have to.

Never forget that it's not just about how long you live, it's how long you live well...


Growth Hormone Enhancer AEON 5000


Oral Spray Growth Hormone Enhancement and Hormone Stabilizer with Growth Factor
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Growth Hormone Boosters - Amino Rx

Directions: Simply take twice daily*.

Free eBook!

Free eBook!

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4. Simplify . . .

Eventually, we want you to understand Ham's medium that may extend life up to 20% by deferring telomeric activity and other factors in your control and how it pertains to life extension so you use the Life Extension System, Skin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin, for life. Eventually you will understand that we have for you what your body is literally dying for. Eventually, you may even commit to having it automatically delivered to simplify your future.


FACT: Your blood is either hormonally fertile, where Nature believes you are needed to care and feed the children, or Nature believes you are hormonally obsolete. The she will accelerate your death to become fertilizer for future generation's food.

It is entirely up to you...

We also understand human Nature; you will dedicate time and resources into what you believe in. We know that the Life Extension SystemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin are absolutely the most powerful insurance policy available to humanity to provide quality of lifespan. We trust that in time, you will know that too.

Many of you will intuitively know to go straight to the Life Extension SystemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin, the sooner, the better. The more you flood your body with what it is dying for, the greater the result. That is scientifically how it works.

5. Promise . . .

For some however, we must give you promise before you make that kind of a commitment, your own personal evidence that something is different, not the bell ringing difference the Life Extension SystemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin will provide, but something. Just enough that perhaps we are telling the scientific truth. Just enough to win your trust. If that is you, we offer you the AntiAging Power Pac.

We promise that within 100 days you will experience results or you will receive an unconditional refund. When you genuinely care for others first, expecting nothing in return, except the freedom and natural abundance that is our birth-right;

Nature will abundantly support you...

AARL, since 1996

"Treat the cause... not the symptom."

You can feel better very soon and then in ninety days or sooner begin the Life Extension SystemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin so you can start living more in the next year ahead than you have in the past 10 or 20 years.

You can gain control and slow down the aging clock that begins to run faster and faster, especially when you pass age forty. You can truly have a better "quality of lifespan" in your years ahead. We offer the most powerful insurance policy available to humanity to provide Quality of Lifespan™. Period.

6. Do this now...

Procrastination changes nothing. You are aging rapidly whether you want to face it or not. You know denial won't do any good; that's why you are here doing your research and why we are here doing ours. You may be feeling your mortality and beginning to be bound by the potential chains of preventable arthritis and rheumatism, digestive problems, circulatory problems, high blood pressure, prostate issues, sexual dysfunction, breast cancer and on and on and on.

These issues are absolutely not the consequence of mere aging. You can live without these nasty and unnecessary distractions to drag you down by taking the Life Extension SystemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin series that will insure a strategic defense against aging.

You can accomplish remarkable things as long as you have your health. You know this. Your best chances for health are held in your own hands.

No one else can do this for you...

You know this as well. You have control over the direction of your health destiny. Your one life is too precious. We believe you won't take it for granted when you find the right people to help you care for it. We believe you have, the researchers at AntiAging Research Laboratories.

7. Trust the Process . . .

Thousands of men and women all over the world have built their trust on us. For us that is a very large responsibility and honor. It is something we never take for granted. We truly are experts in this field, customers ourselves and living proof that our products and disciplines provide that true Quality of Lifespan™.

If you faithfully use what we have engineered for you and at minimum take our AntiAging Power Pac which contains our powerful clinically proven AEON 5000 and Amino Rx, or ultimately, our Life Extension SystemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin, you will be on that rewarding and priceless path to regeneration called Quality of Lifespan. You can flourish undistracted by premature aging and disease.

Most of us would love a magic bullet. You probably won't find it here at AntiAging Research Laboratories, although some people think we have it because of the changes in their lives. For most, it takes quite awhile to undo decades of life-style and free radical damage, that's logical, so please be patient. Click here right now to see what it takes to make this process work. Also make sure to eat well, exercise, etc. You know, simply do what you know to do, all in moderation.

Trust this process, be diligent. You will get results. It is inevitable if you give it enough time.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. ~ Aristotle

This is a barrier to slowing down the destruction of aging. Aging can sometimes be barely noticeable, so can antiaging, until one fateful day you realize what you have done or not done.

At minimum please use our AntiAging Power Pac now, risk free. You know that money is replaceable, Quality of Lifespan is not. If you ever believe we are not providing you that Quality of Lifespan, we will replace your money, without question. So absolutely better yet, right now, start using the Life Extension systemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin, for the rest of your life, so you gracefully drop dead in the middle of your passion... fulfilled, spry, clear minded instead of desperately wasting away in misery. Commit to remain forever undaunted by the massive expense, grief and time spent in and out of hospitals, pharmacies and doctors offices, because you chose to learn and trust what is here at AntiAging Research Laboratories. Use the Life Extension systemSkin System Rx and the anti-HGH antidote, Somastatin.

Join the thousands of us that know this is absolutely the most powerful health insurance possible to provide you that priceless,

Quality of Lifespan

"Treat the cause... not the symptom."

Join the thousands of us that know this is absolutely the most powerful insurance possible to provide you that priceless Quality of Lifespan™.

We so very welcome you.

We stand for Quality of Lifespan™. It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well...

If I can ever answer any questions you may have, I make it my personal goal to be available to talk with you and assist you in your learning process. My extension is 221.

Live long... live well,


Robert Bohen - MS, BA

Co-Founder - AntiAging Research Laboratories

Director of Research

Co-Founder of the Oral Growth Hormone Industry

"Treat the cause... not the symptom."

It is scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age


Consider that for a moment..

There is a solution...

We stand behind our products and offer
a 100 day unconditional guarantee, period.

Receive a FREE Bottle of Amino Rx "Growth Hormone Potentiator" with every bottle of AEON 5OOO you purchase!


Directions: Simply take twice daily.

The AntiAging Power Pac
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immune boosting supplements

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265 page HGH
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Growth Hormone at no
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Leading Edge, Science Based Products

We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN, the ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE and ADRENAL TESTOSTERONE booster, growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.



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We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN, the ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE and ADRENAL TESTOSTERONE booster, Growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.


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Order with confidence and we promise you these three things:

With a decade of tenure and experience in the hormone supplement industry, a strong track record and the best customer service you'll experience on the Internet... Please familiarize yourself with these three promises and hold us accountable to them.

We promise to give you every penny of your money back.

If after 100-days you are not completely thrilled with what our products are doing for you, just return the empty bottles for a Fast, Full Refund. No hassles.

We promise that your personal information is safe and secure.

You can order with confidence. We never share your personal information with any third party and your personal information is guaranteed safe and secure. We use 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption, which is the same level of encryption security used by Bank ATM machines.

We promise to be with you every step of the way.

We believe it's better to build a relationship than make a sale. We promise to give you honesty, integrity and the most enjoyable customer service.

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