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Since 1996

Our Mission

Our mission can be summed up this way: "We stand for Quality of Life Span™ proving value in information and products that empower people to live younger and healthier lives through Omnistasis, which is the precise balance of physical (biostasis), mental (phychostasis) and spiritual (spirostasis)."


We honor You, the conscientious, educated, seeking individual that knows that there is much more to the quality of your life as a result of conscious lifestyle choices rather than than taking the word of an overwhelmed general practitioner, or the current medical paradigm of masking a symptom with drugs.

You know that objective information gives you the freedom to live a Quality of Life Span™ in a way that no one individual or entity can provide other than intuitively and intelligently managing your own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

About Us

We are here to assist you to "Treat the cause... not the symptom."

AntiAging Research Laboratories, is a group of dedicated scientists, researchers, doctors and chemists who are committed to serving the wellbeing of humankind. That means going the extra mile in taking the complexity out of self education and spending the time with any individual who genuinely wishes to learn living a balanced life, what we call Omnistasis.

For nearly two decades, our company has done this by researching and producing products that get powerful results in your balanced and healthy lifestyle. We maintain the highest safeguards to ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality, yet affordable, nutritional support products for the results they desire.

Through our web sites, numerous distribution outlets, and distribution partners, we specialize in and proudly offer the finest anti-aging products to not only Internet consumers, but also traditional health food stores as well as specialty item stores. We provide our customers the choice of using advanced Internet ordering, or conveniently calling our state-of-the-art calling center.

At present, we have strategic partner alliances in place with doctors and researchers in many areas of nutrition science with a special focus on hormones, nutrition and balanced health.

We are continually researching the very latest science and medical data to continually offer only excellence in natural anti-aging supplements to ensure the highest level of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

We stand behind our products and offer a 100 Day unconditional guarantee on our anti-aging products.

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