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AEON Growth Factor has superior quality and strength differences over other marketers and comes in two strengths

oral spray human growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer with growth factor

AEON is the highest quality, non-prescription growth factor available from any source. It's base material is naturally derived growth factor from natural sources NOTE: We welcome any one to refute the mountain of evidence regarding HGH that we have dutifully compiled along with fellow researchers all over the world.

FACT : If IGF testing were no longer used, there would be no ability to make such erroneous claims about so called HGH pills, capsules and sprays and the consumer would truthfully be educated to the small number of ways to raise serum growth hormone levels. This simply cannot be done with any pill or tablet that is swallowed.

So, Where's the Benefit?

Did you know that almost ALL so called HGH products contain NO Growth Factor, even though their labels are carefully worded to make you believe that they do? (some companies do admit this, but only in the fine print). These companies want to claim and associate themselves with the headlines and benefits of true HGH, but there's one very big problem… their products are NOT growth factor. The lack of a true and effective product is purposely hidden behind all of their deceptively worded marketing hype.

Most of these "stimulator" type products are questionable at best. Science proves that bulk amino acids only raise growth hormone levels by 25% for only 4 to 5 weeks (and this is only in younger adults). Additionally, this minimal, short-term rise in HGH requires mass dosages averaging 10 to 20 times more than what is in a daily dose of these so-called HGH products (30 grams).

The Federal Trade Commission fortunately now understands this and is currently challenging these "purveyors" for their evidence to stop this gross misrepresentation. See an example of the FTC's Warning to Internet Advertisers of Purported HGH Enhancers. Unfortunately, this unethical behavior is so wide spread the FTC cannot stop them all.

Fraudulent EXAMPLE of "XPROX HGH" Label:


Where's is it????

The HGH is right in your body with the help of AEON oral spray human growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer with growth factor and we have been doing it since 1996

AEON’s active ingredient is growth factor, a mmetic peptide, encapsulated by an ionically charged polymer (delivery vector). You can read about how we do this here:

And importantly, we also invented the precise delivery method (technological transport and delivery system into your body's cells) necessary to bring the subtle strength of genuine HGH nutritionally to you. No one else can provide this delivery method (even those few companies who offer a recombinant HGH product do not provide the critically necessary delivery method required)

You may have heard this cautionary statement before:


Please make an informed an educated decision before you waste your hard earned dollars on products that don't deliver. The internet is full of confusing and deceptive misinformation. Most of the advertisements seem too good to be true … and that's exactly what they are. Very untrue.They play on your emotions sounding like they really "care about you". Be sure to recognize slick, "feel good" marketing as you're reading their promotions. Many times it's so "good," you don't even realize you're being taken.

If you see any advertisement that makes claims such as "up to 80% improvement in fat loss without exercise in just weeks", watch the fat "melt away", and you can "erase 10-20 years in a few weeks or months", or "many 'miraculous' benefits", then you can be certain that their product will never perform.

Also, those products (primarily amino acids and most Homeopathics) claiming to increase your IGF-1 blood levels are meaningless. Raising your IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) levels does not mean you have conclusively raised your blood serum levels of Growth Hormone and it can be very dangerous as well.

Additionally, most homeopathic products that claim " recognized by 'medical professionals' and numerous 'anti-aging experts' as the most effective clinically tested and safe HGH product available without a prescription", or "homeopathic HGH is the most effective way to naturally get HGH benefits"are complete nonsense

If you are foolish enough to believe most Homeopathic "HGH" products have any clinical value whatsoever, then you can be certain you're throwing your money away (note: some homeopathic preparations do have minimal value, BUT NOT a sophisticated growth factor molecule product).

At AARL we don't sell empty promises, only unconditional guarantees or your money back. We provide the proven best, scientifically supported, highest quality Human Growth Hormone, or HGH supplements available from any source.

If all you see are exclamation points (!), pretty pictures, flashing lights, and endless hype, then that's all you'll be getting. If your interest lies in sincerely obtaining the safest, most effective HGH (Human Growth Hormone) results possible, then we're here to help.

We offer an honest product at a very affordable price. Some companies sell inferior products for a higher price to make it seem as if their product is valuable. Most other companies sell worthless products at cheap prices so they can sell a lot of product to unsuspecting buyers.

Please remember: Not all HGH products are created equalAEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer is your superior source. There's a reason we've been the Leader in the Science of Anti Aging for nearly 10 years: We create products unmatched by anyone in the industry.

It is simple, scientific logic...


As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...


There are thousands organizations and people purveying products that claim to increase growth hormone in the human anatomy. Most of these are "proprietary" combinations of amino acids such as ornithine and arginine. This document demonstrates the lack of efficacy these products provide. They claim IGF (insulin like growth factor) as their marker for evidence of HGH production. This is not true.

We are committed to the research and science of aging and endocrinology and stand by the evidence of our own clinical research of our own products; not some third party deception game that unfortunately MOST companies on the Internet live by.

We are here do one thing, research the aging process in humans and provide you with the leading edge facts about this remarkable process of human aging. What we all have in common here at Anti Aging Research Laboratories, is the desire to understand, find the truth and provide results.

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