What About AntiAging Research?

Lori Bohen (Age 46)

Lori Bohen (Age 46)

With the maturing of the human population, the "baby-boomer" phenomenon is in full swing and we want answers!


AntiAging Research


The conversation on everyone's lips these days seems to be "AntiAging". The question that we are all asking is, "How can I slow the process of aging?"

Now that we have well passed the new millennium, and as our bodies begin to show the signs of aging, we are beginning to realize that we long for those wonderfully energetic years and we just don't want to lose them to the frightening and seeming inevitable degeneration that so often accompanies getting older.

Many of us are just getting to the point where we can really enjoy life and like the characters in some cruel joke, our bodies seem to be less and less capable of really living life to the fullest. We've begun to feel more tired, we don't exercise as much as we used to, we seem to get sick much more frequently, our sexual stamina and performance are not what they used to be and we are storing fat in places we never thought possible.

For many of us, the feeling of resignation has set in to the point where we have just about given up completely and we just accept a less youthful, highly energetic body. How DISMAL!!!

AntiAging Research To The Rescue

Well, as a mother of three teenagers and a competition mountain biker, I am here to tell you that aging is not inevitable! The degenerative symptoms of aging can be treated with spectacular results! In this field known as AntiAging Research ou are going to be very excited when you find out some of the awesome things that have been discovered that help you avoid the symptoms of aging and live a sweet, full life.

In the face of extensive research, we have recently learned that there are substances, both inside our bodies and outside, that can slow down or reverse the aging process. Many of these substances have shown real promise in the battle against growing old prematurely.

Where it all began

The concept of reversing aging is as old as history itself. You will probably recall the story of the "Fountain of Youth." In 1513, a very ambitious explorer by the name of Ponce De Leon learned of a place where there was a fountain able to restore one's youth. We all know how the story ended however, and until this day there has been no fountain of youth discovered, yet the desire to find one still drives many people to take drastic measures, many of which actually do more harm than good. Some however, show almost miraculous results.

Recently, in fact very recently, scientists have discovered several compounds that have very exciting and positive effects in the area of slowing the aging process. It is really too soon to tell whether all of these substances actually help extend human life, since many of them have only been studied for a few years and only on animals. However, many of these compounds have been shown to increase life spans and overall quality of health of the test animals and have shown remarkable effects toward returning certain physiological systems to a more youthful condition in humans. Does this excite you?

Below is a list of some of these compounds.

Some Popular Anti-Aging Compounds:

Many are contained in our products and I will indicate which contain them.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) Essential Vita Rx

Amino Acids (the building blocks of cells) - Amino Rx

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Phytochemicals - Essential Vita Rx - Skin System Rx

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Somatostatin Inhibition SOMASTATIN

recombinant Growth Hormone (rGH) AEON 3600 AEON 5000

CoQ-10 (Coenzyme Q-10) Essential Vita Rx - Skin System Rx

beta glucans 1/3/6 Essential Vita Rx

Ginkgo Biloba Essential Vita Rx

DHEA Essential Vita Rx

The above list is by no means a complete list. There are many promising pharmaceuticals as well; unfortunately, most are not legal in the USA for prevention of aging.

OK! So, What is AntiAging Research?

AntiAging Research is the practice of using these particular "anti-aging" compounds and others, alone or in conjunction, to produce age-reversing effects. Since many of the signs of what we call aging are actually symptoms of more basic problems, many informed health-care professionals believe that we can treat the underlying problems and actually reverse the "symptoms" known as aging.

Since aging seems to begin at the cellular level, that is, in the cells, researchers hypothesize that by improving the cellular health of the organism, we can improve the over-all health of the organism and make it live longer. This theory isn't really suggesting anything more than making the organism so healthy that it withstands the things that normally kill it. This is where I believe we all should start, nutrition, hormones, and exercise. We must start there. All of the pharmaceutical AntiAging compounds put together will not be nearly as effective as doing these three things first. You can put frosting on a mud pie and it will look delicious on the outside. It is however, still a mud pie, just a better looking one.

It is said that since the main killers are cancer and heart disease, if we could eliminate these maladies and we can through diet and exercise especially, less carbohydrates for most people or make our bodies strong enough to withstand them; we could actually live well past 100 years in perfect health. In traditional Research, the game plan has been to wait until the symptoms present themselves and then deal with them. The problem with this type of thinking is that by the time the symptoms have appeared, i.e. joint aches, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., it is can be almost too late for the organism. With tenacity even at these stages, we can do miracles.

Many believe that before the early signs of aging, such as gray hair, liver spots on the hands, baldness or thinning hair, weight gain and other symptoms set in, one must begin the process of "AntiAging". No matter when, you must begin this process now, if you have not already done so.

This is done by a two-part program for getting the system back to what is called "homeostasis". Webster's Dictionary defines homeostasis as follows:

ho-meo-sta-sis noun [NL] (1926): a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population, or group.

In other words, it simply means balance. Getting the human body back to homeostasis (balance). This involves simple, commonsense steps such as healing damaged internal systems in your body, correct diet, exercise, sufficient clean water intake, sufficient rest, avoiding systemic toxins and industrial poisons like fluoride, dioxins (from bleached white paper), nicotine, alcohol, preservatives, etc.

The second part of the anti-aging formula is to begin supplementing your hormones with those substances that have shown the highest degree of results and the highest degree of safety. Start with Growth Hormone supplementation at the very least and good vitamin, amino, and mineral supplements. Keep in mind that the oral spray form you choose should be the highest potency allowed by law and should have a proven oral delivery system. This is antiaging research 101 concisely.

The third is telomeres. Telomeres are sequences at the ends of chromosomes. Cells with critically short telomeres ultimately alter their character and the cell diminishes, becomes sluggish and tired. The cell also becomes unresponsive to triggers that would normally stimulate it to divide. Though these growth arrested cells can live on in the body for years, once they have reached this state, they do not under normal circumstances, replicate themselves. They are said to have reached their Hayflick limit. From the age that reproduction typically begins in the human species, individuals decline in overall efficiency, and their vulnerability to injury and illness increases. The technical term for this decline is 'senescence', though in common parlance the process is less precisely termed 'aging'. I am very excited with our research. I know that we will have a powerful compound to make a revolutionary difference in your telomeres this spring.

The fourth is calorie restriction also known as CR. It may be that if one eats less, something happens on the genetic level - fewer particles known as "free radicals" are produced. It is believed that free radicals, which are chemically unstable, can damage DNA and various proteins in a body's cells. We believe that the free radical damage accelerates the need for mitosis (cellular division) and therefore causing us to hit the Hayflick limit sooner.


Antiaging Research is the wave of the future. Although there is still much research that needs to be done to determine which compounds are the most effective, we do know that these compounds show very impressive signs. AntiAging Research has already begun to be taught in several medical universities and will continue to be an important issue with the world's population growing older in larger numbers than ever before. There are resources at our parent web site www.AntiAgingResearch.com that will teach you how your body works and what parts need to be strengthened in order to achieve a longer, healthier life span. Please read each section carefully. Your quality of life may depend on it.

Live Long...live well,


Lori Bohen

Contributing Editor