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Stress is a Normal Part of the Human Experience...

Stressing Out Is Not...

Feeling Out of Balance is Normal:

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Being Unbalanced Isn't...

Balance is everything. It is Cosmological, Biological, Psychological, and Biblical. It is the flawlessly predictable sunrise and sunset, the seasons, man and woman, and on and on. Balance is also a key to living a life that you love. Balance is the difference between SURVIVING and THRIVING. I find it a paradox that if you add water, sunlight and nutrients that all life forms THRIVE, except man. Why does mankind struggle in an optimum environment?

Why do most people struggle and stress out, while so few truly THRIVE?

I'm not talking about struggling around financial wealth and affluence. There is probably a close enough ratio of financially wealthy people who struggle with marriage, children, self and God compared to financially unwealthy people who also struggle with marriage, children, self and God. 

Anything that is not in balance will eventually cause us to struggle. Ignore your spouse and you will struggle, or ignore a trite utility bill, car maintenance, traffic ticket, or your health, and eventually you will struggle. 

Let's look deeper though. There are entire subcultures in America alone that struggle with poverty, persecution, persecuting, ignorance, hatred, etc., and it continues generation after generation. Why do our wise and insightful leaders ignore this malady? 

I struggle with this thought: Why is personal development, relationship management, financial management, emotional management, child rearing and similar, not a basic requisite in our first twelve years of education? How much would the cost be to implement this training vs. the generational return of balanced individuals who struggle far, far less, ergo causing less struggle for everyone else? 

At AntiAging Research to thrive is being in an optimum state of bio and spiro-stasis (body and spiritual balance). To THRIVE, one must be in balance in many areas at once, indefinitely.

When we look at aging and balance, we must balance stress, inflammation, hydration, hormones, exercise, rest, nutrition, etc. If we omit any of these items for too long, we accelerate the possibility of finding ourselves in survival mode with a chronic, PREVENTABLE disease. 

As always, spirituality is intrinsic to the aging process. Without it we are under chronic stress, or we are too distracted to notice. The human condition requires balance and like sunlight to a plant, spirituality, bonding, and well being, in order to THRIVE. 

While becoming better people, we can easily fall out of balance temporarily, but realize it is simply a phase and definitely will pass. We are all usually in the process of learning new things, developing new abilities or natural talents, or finessing an old one. And we do this while still trying to keep everything else in our live going.

Merely examining how we embrace others and practicing how to be more thoughtful and considerate takes energy and practice. In the process of growing, we are usually working on, and honing one or more of our many unique qualities and gifts. It is only a natural part of life that we can get out of balance. This can be upsetting to the perfectionistic side of us, or even the people around us who count on us. However, we can always trust and know that balance and imbalance, like the tide of the ocean are a perfectly normal part of growth and life.

The practice of forgiving faster, or giving more of ourselves in service, or choosing to be the peace maker can cause us to go out of balance. We may undergo a phase of having to learn to say I'm sorry to others while yet learning to understanding how to set boundaries. We are always sharpening new skills, it's part of the human design. Eventually we integrate it into our overall personality and become part of a balanced life.

All of this take energy and growth, and it can get the best of us sometimes. Meanwhile, you may find a belief or behavior pattern that is also out of balance with who you really are. Our natural state of being should be filled with vibrance, contentment, excitement and a general happiness for being alive. However, there are times when we definitely can get burned out.

We may need to take the time to recharge our batteries and find ways to keep them charged. Vitamins, Minerals, amino acids (without food), cofactors,  other micro-nutrients and hormones, along with sufficient rest and hydration can be very helpful in restoring our physical bodies. This may sound remedial, but sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down. And if we can slow down enough, and we are willing to carefully look inward, we may observe that there is an underlying cause for our exhaustion that we are ultimately responsible for mitigating.

I have been taught to always look at the feeling and not the story I concoct around it. When I am in the "story", I tend to blame others. When I focus on how I feel, I can often see what part of the "wounded me" is triggered and engaged. Then I stay in the feeling and "ride through" the feeling instead of resisting it. As a result, I can usually get back to being a responsible, loving person pretty fast. Holding grudges and blaming takes far more energy than freely loving, accepting and being graceful, to myself, and to others. 

So whenever you are feeling run down, take an honest look at how you have been thinking, feeling and acting lately. You will likely find a belief, old behavior patterns, or even a relationship that is out of alignment with who you really are. Just remember that life is about progress, not perfection. One of my beautiful mentors use to always encourage me to "mess up, uphill". This means that I don't have to be perfect at everything. I just need to remember that "everything's perfect". Whatever is coming at me allows me a perfect choice of choosing victim or victory, loss or love. One is definitely more uphill.

Having too much to do and not enough to do can both cause mild depression. So always look at what is on your plate right now and how well are you spinning it. Working smart and being deft with people are skills worth learning. There will always be people or situations in your life which drain your energy. How much is drained is up to your skill set.

Then always inventory your day. Each night I reflect upon my day to get clear on what caused my life today, so I can better direct my flow of energy tomorrow so I can love and be loved, and continue to improve upon it.

Lastly, you might notice that why you feel out of balance or run down actually has less to do with what you are doing than what is in your heart. Perhaps you would rather be doing something else entirely in your life, but fear and insecurity keep you stuck. Henry David Thorough said something like, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation rather than singing their song."

Please sing your song! 

From now on, try and listen to what your heart really wants. It may take meditation, running, spirituality, getting fired, prayer, or silence, or tuning in to God to gain the clarity you need, but it is all well worth the effort. When you know what you truly want to do, and honor that in all situations, you will find that getting run down is a thing of the past while you sing the song in your heart, "uphill".

“Quality of LifeSpan” is not about how long we live; it is about how well we live in true balance with Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, Society and Business, etc. It is how well we THRIVE. 

Balance is what life is all about. 

It's not how long you live; it's how long you live (and love) well....

Live long, live well and Love well,


Robert Bohen
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