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What to expect with the use of our products:


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Why do we provide You with a simple, no questions asked
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  • Because our products provide POWERFUL RESULTS.
  • Because our products require *SUFFICIENT TIME to create results FOR YOU.
  • Because it's not magic, regardless of claims; IT REQUIRES COMMITTMENT.


If you expect profound results in a month, or if you are not willing to do this with total commitment. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE READY.


*Think about it: It took decades to get to where you are now and it may be unreasonable to expect to expect significant change in just a few weeks. Naturally we have expectations and we all wish to see prompt results. However, profound change can take months and do continue on indefinitely.

So please: Trust the process and then we can expect results on our body's time, not always on our mind's time.

There are so many false marketing claims about some pill or potion or whatever, and they promise and charm us with unreasonable miracles that are not true for so many reasons. Proper hormones and nutrition is actually a slow and life-long regeneration process.

One of the most common experiences is detox symptoms. In fact, about 40% of users experience this first. If we do not know what to expect, such as detox symptoms, we may believe that these products are not working. To the contrary, it is doing exactly what it should: regenerating tissue and the immune system, etcetera. These symptoms can be significantly mitigated by hydration, rest and our potent and highly bio-available micro-nutrients found in our Life Extension System series, and most important, Trust the Process.

The AEON Time Table of Affect and Effect:

Change does require

We have people all over the world that experience their own miracles with these scientifically engineered products we design and create here at AntiAging Research Laboratories. We have dedicated our lives to the two most critical factors in age prevention, hormones and nutrition. There is a very critical synergy between hormones and nutrition and to your benefit, we impeccably understand this synergy. The benefit to you is Quality of LifeSpan, how long you live well. The results of this synergy are quite profound and they occur over an extended period of time. Although many people report rapid results, please understand the true regeneration that the human body responds to from our science, the long term results, are gradual and predictable.

About 80% begin to notice an empirical change within two months. 20% do not notice anything until six months to a year. To genuinely make a difference from the collective damage caused by free radical, environmental, chromosomal (and) hormonal decline, stress and other factors that occur over forty to fifty years or longer on our wonderfully resilient body and brain, does require commitment and patience. This is true with the injections as well. Even when one does not seem to experience something, their serum hormone levels always change within this period.

Change Requires

AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer flips a switch that says to the cells "regenerate" (massive protein synthesis). This process is relatively short, but also an extremely critical time of careful protocol that is requisitely followed. Let's say you are 52 years old, ergo you now have 5 decades of free radical, age, and life-style degeneration. AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer will trigger a metabolic regeneration and 50% or so of it occurs in the first 90 days, then 30% happens within 18 months and the rest occurs gradually over time.

During this 90 day window, the cells will be screaming out for a massive supply micro nutrients, amino acids, minerals and enzymes. We call this process, "HAM'S MEDIUM". We have carefully researched these nutrient demands and aggregated them in our Life Extension Series product for example. We are asking you to carefully influence your regeneration process and please go way beyond a "One A Day" type synthetic multivitamin.

Please do not compromise this for cost, this is a very critical period. If you must, please wait until you can manage this critical window properly with what your body needs.

Trust the process:
It will work for


You must flood your body with the most amazing, highest quality supplements you can find. Otherwise, you may lose the amazing benefit of the "regeneration window" and the body will have done the best it could for what it was given. We call it building "bad mud". You must build good mud!

That being said, we strongly advocate that use use one bottle of AEON and Amino Rx at absolute minimum each month, thereafter. Due to inevitable age related decline, the daily dose of AEON is designed to act nutritionally as a supplemental pituitary gland and emulate nature as close as possible via low dose, high frequency.

The protocol is 3 sprays and 2 capsules upon waking and at bedtime always have then drink a liter of fresh water in the AM too.

If in doubt, call us!

We are here to support you, period. We are experts in this field and we have discussed with deep care, situations similar to yours perhaps a thousand times over in the last decade. We understand the aging process related to hormones and nutrition probably better than anyone. We certainly should since we started this industry. We know how to support you. Nothing is more important to us than your well being. Please always count on our highly educated customer support staff.

A very common side effect, even with our Life Extension Series is tail dragging fatigue for up to 90 days while the body is desperately trying to heal. Also a "memory effect" is common where old injuries begin to ache and/or flu like symptoms occur as the immune system tries to kick out the dormant pathogens.

Change Requires

Unfortunately, many people will quit because of this and it is the worst thing you could possibly do. Know it may be coming and commit to sticking it out or wait until you are ready.

All of that being said, some people have the exact opposite effect and they take AEON and within days they feel wonderful and amazing things begin to happen. 25% notice little, however their serum levels always change.

Since there are many factors to consider when anticipating results from HGH therapy (such as one's age, unique metabolism, exercise frequency, dietary habits, current health status, etc.), it is difficult to establish exact time frames as to when all persons will recognize results. In view of this, the expected time-frame for each person will vary. Just Like the injections, some general guidelines would be 2 to 4 weeks for improvement in overall well-being, with many more benefits beginning to be realized near the 3 month point. By 6 months, a significant degree of cellular transformation should be occurring and many specific benefits should be recognized. The process of cellular transformation does take a reasonable period of time. To expect instant results is simply unrealistic.

Remember, we do not always notice aging, it is logical to not notice antiaging either until it is sometimes too late. One thing is immutably clear, after ten years of studying people using AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer, the data is in and irrefutable. The clinical and metabolic markers show the evidence. The evidence is a priceless, non replaceable, quality of lifespan that only growth hormone supplementation provides, that nature simply cannot. For more information on regeneration, please click here; Hams Medium.


Quitting is easy:


This may sound a bit strong for some folks, but here's the bottom line to commitment — there are no back doors. You can't get out of it easy. It doesn't mean you'll keep your commitment unless it doesn't work out in a few days or weeks or you'll keep your commitment to yourself if someone will also commit with you. It doesn't mean keeping it unless it takes a little longer than you wanted or you think it gets too hard. Purely and simply, when we make an honest and noble commitment in life (and for most of us sticking with any health related program isn't easy) we're required to follow through and keep our word -- regardless of the many obstacles that arise. No excuses, justifications or rationalizations.

Is that challenging? Of course it is. But the price of a broken commitment regarding your health and longevity goals can be a painful, costly and demoralizing existence. And every time you break your commitment to yourself it gets easier to quit the next time. It really doesn't matter how supposedly justified the excuse; a part of you feels less able and less confident. And without fail, our excuses rely on victimization.

Inevitably we'll point to some person or condition that caused us to give up, to break our commitment... we justify it because we want to protect our personal self-image of being a person that doesn't quit on commitments.  And usually, the justification is absolutely true. For example, you might say: "Well, - No one told me that I'd actually have to work hard and be diligent to get healthy, or — I didn't think it would take this long to see the results I'm hoping for" All true — but, all irrelevant in the big picture - your picture of you.

It's not my place, nor am I in a position to judge you - only you and your creator have that power. However, I do know this -- The behavioral psychology of the comfort zone concludes: You will only allow yourself to have as much as you believe you deserve - no less and most importantly, no more. You deserve your health!



When we back out on our commitments to continue to take our health supplements or stop living a healthy lifestyle because they don't seem to work instantly, we're really giving up on ourselves. When we break our words and commitments to ourselves, we lose confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and self-approval. Consequently, our comfort zone shrinks -- we then allow ourselves less and it shows up in results that are less than satisfying. It's called systemic thinking. We are perfectly designed to get exactly the results we're getting. You may have heard of the old saying "If you keep on doing what you're doing, you'll keep on getting what you're getting"

Making and keeping commitments is part of your grand design. Every commitment we break regarding our health (or most everything, for that matter) weakens the architecture of our self-vision and robs us of the strength we need to persevere. And regaining and maintaining ageless, youthful vitality indeed takes perseverance.

I'm not encouraging you to beat yourself up if you've broken your commitment regarding your health and longevity goals. Indeed, if you do, you'll just lower your opinion of yourself even more, which will NOT expand your comfort zone (or develop youthfulness).

The empowering solution is to get conscious about keeping your word to yourself and understanding that getting younger, healthier and achieving agelessness doesn't happen overnight or by simply taking a couple of pills or potions for a week or two. If one expects instant transformation, they'll be sorely disappointed. True cellular transformation can take months and years, not merely a few days. You can succeed, but you must be true to your commitment.

If you need to tune it up, (and most of us do) then just do it, and stay with it. Your results will improve; you'll begin to SEE positive changes, thereby strengthening your future resolve.

If you keep breaking your word, then your results will be unchanging. (See: "Old Saying", above)

If we agree that breaking our anti-aging commitments are a problem, then we'd do well to heed the words of Albert Einstein who said: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." So, we'll have to change our thinking won't we? How do we do that? - Clarity. You need to be clear about THINKING YOUNG, BELIEVING IT, and steadfastly continue to take your anti-aging supplements as well as live a lifestyle that produces health and wellness.

When you commit to creating youthfulness (being biologically younger), expect to be challenged at every step. The greater the commitment, the bigger the reasons will become for quitting. Others will tell you it's too hard or it can't be done. They'll encourage you to find an easier, less demanding path or quit altogether. If success with your commitment to being younger were easy, then everyone would do it by taking some magic pill for a few days and miraculously be 21 again!


You Cannot Fail

Without commitment, you won't succeed. If you are truly committed, you cannot fail. When you are committed, the context of failure that means you will quit is no longer an option. Henry Ford said, Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."

I have compiled a series of Questions and Answers that will assist you in your journey. It has taken ten years and ten thousand people asking one million questions about their journey to living younger, stronger lives. Please review. I believe it is a worthwhile endeavor to read. Let me know what you think. Then go here AntiAging Plan

This powerful Ingestible Growth Hormone product is the most potent formula currently available without a prescription. Utilizing our delivery technology AEON delivers growth factor where you need it most. This is powerful life extension and anti-aging biotechnology that is the cutting-edge of age-reversing science. Individuals taking AEON 5000 have reported their experiences of the visible reversal of biological aging; regeneration of organ tissues; hair re-growth, sexual function increases, hair color return, significant lowering of cholesterol, increases in lean body mass, anaerobic threshold; weight loss and much more. Take AEON as recommended and for at least six months in order to allow enough time to see results. Remember, no anti-aging regimen should be undertaken without a parallel regimen of should be undertaken without a parallel regimen of sensible diet and exercise.

An injection of one international unit (i.u.) is equivalent to 350,000 nanograms. 50,000 nanograms is the approximate amount produced by the body in a 24 hour period. This means that an injection is up to 70 times the amount produced by the body. This goes into the bloodstream and is absorbed by the liver. Any excess is destroyed or diluted in the blood. This dosage is far in excess of the body's natural production of GH. It acts as a replacement dose of GH, thereby shutting down pituitary production. However, AEON enhances the body's GH production every day. This means there is no over-stimulation of the pituitary and thus there is no shutdown of your body's production of GH. It actually works to enable your own pituitary to produce more of its own GH. The longer GH is used, the younger your whole body can become.

The power to change ourselves tomorrow is held in the decisions we make today.

Live Long... Live well...