Consciously Choosing Fear or Love in Everyday Decisions

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." ~ Henry David Thoreau




From the Desk of Robert Bohen - Founder -

One Idea = One Lifetime Shift:

I'll make you a promise.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." If you take ten minutes and thoroughly read this, your life will permanently begin to open up to greater beauty and purpose.

Also, when you shift your thoughts towards the greater good, you will age better and live a more robust life. What is in your heart and mind matters more than anything else.

We at AntiAging Research know that hormones, micronutrients, diet, exercise, etc can only go so far. This is because an unrest, un-still mind and soul will sabotage the body. Today you will learn the most important aspect towards anti aging; CONSCOUS CHOICE.

Remember, everything I just said is a promise. 

Sometimes all it takes is just an action, one word, a phrase, or the way something is said or heard that causes our life to permanently shift from that moment on.

As a result, our whole world opens up to new possibilities. 

I heard a phrase several years ago. It opened up a new world for me and a new way of seeing things that permanently shifted me to the core. As a result, many small miracles occurred as a result, and they still continue. This phrase hit me so hard; it caused me to shift my entire life and consciousness to heal more, love more, live more and thrive more. Soon this shift positively "infected" many people around me, because when we change… we change the world.

In your own life, you will see great change just as I have. Because of this phrase, my spirituality has surpassed my greatest desires, my marriage and family is closer than ever, my mentoring and leadership is at its zenith. I've published two booksso far that teach "CONSCIOUS CHOICE", I continue to write many articles and conducted several trainings. What is most beautiful, I've created a deep sense of peace and contentment while attracting a legion of highly conscious people who support me, and vise-versa.

Based on the impact it has had on my life and others, I'm confident that it can have the same impact on your life too.

What is this one phrase?


…It's not what you want in life; it's where you want it "FROM."

Another way of saying it is, "It's not what you ask for; it's where you ask it "FROM."

What does this mean?

Simply put, it means that we all have two places "FROM" inside of us to guide our life and make our decisions "FROM."One is self-seeking and the other is us-seeking. One is selfish and one is abundant. Depending on which "FROM" you choose, determines your destiny, contentment and the quality of your life. 

The self-seeking "FROM" is born out of fear, survival and scarcity. It always asks, "What's in it for me?" or "What is the most self-serving decision," as it manipulates and strategizes to hoard and protect the largest "slice of pie" possible. And when it doesn't it becomes disappointed. Does this sound familiar?

  • This self-seeking "FROM" is the reason behind war, dysfunction, divorce, corruption and dishonest manipulation.

  • It is also the reason for loneness, the sense of separation and a lack of fulfillment.

  • It is also why we get sick! Chronic disease is always tied to stress, and a selfish, disappointed "FROM" is the biggest chronic stressor of all stressors combined.

  • Diseased thoughts produce a diseased body! Period.

The Buddha said
something very true and profound:

"Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Watch your character. It becomes your destiny."

Your "FROM" becomes your destiny...

Where you think "FROM" becomes your destiny. It determines your legacy. Meanwhile 99.99% of all people since the beginning of time have never realized they had a choice of "FROM's" lying dormant within them. Meanwhile they live in self-seeking and continue to experience all of the dysfunctional consequences. 

The other, "us-seeking FROM" is born out of love, a desire to thrive and abundant thinking. It always asks, "What's in it for us?" or "What is the most loving decision I can make?" Instead of manipulation and strategizing, this FROM seeks to "intimate." This means to transparently connect with others and God. 

When you CONSCIOUSLY understand how to access this "FROM," you will have mastered your destiny and the natural gift and power of CONSCIOUS CHOICE for the rest of your life, and there is no going back. 

CONSCIOUS CHOICE: Activating your us-centered "FROM."

Most people are initially too overwhelmed with thought to achieve this. It takes the practice of shutting down out of control thought. Are you ever "still"? Most people find stillness unnerving for very long. Instead they fill it with distractions like radio, TV, food, entertainment, drama and self-sabotage.

The first part of living in CONSCIOUS CHOICE is learning to be still enough to notice that you are not your feelings or that voice between your ears. Instead, you are the sum of your CONSCIOUS CHOICE skills, such as spirituality, love, grace, esteem, commitments and everything else that has the potential to make your life truly amazing.

Try listening to your mind's chattering voice right now. Begin to practice listening to it by slowing down and sitting still. If possible, stop reading for a minute, close your eyes and then silently tell yourself to "stop listening."

Again, you will likely hear a thought that says, "Stop listening to what?"

(Please pause for one minute…) And listen to your chatter...

Right now if you're like most people, your mind has been chattering away about judging others and yourself, the past, the bills, people who made you mad, insufficiencies, inadequacies, blame, or whatever nonstop chatter that is flooding your life.

"...when we change… we change the world"

Meanwhile, the CONSCIOUS CHOICE part of you (your heart) genuinely seeks to do what is noble, kind and loving.

However, if you're stuck in complacency or fear, it's because you unconsciously allow the voice of your mind to take command of your life as it tells you… "You can't do that!" or "Why bother?" or "It doesn't matter what I do."

Meanwhile, if you saw someone talking to another (especially a child!) like your mind's chatter talks to you, you would clearly become fed up with the abuse and probably intervene after a very short period of time.

Most people take this insane abuse from their mind's internal chatter their entire life.

Doesn't that sound absurd that most people live this way? 

At this very moment, your chatter may be tossing up a bunch of reasons and conditions why you shouldn't or couldn't finish learning this very short, simple, life changing paradigm shift.

That voice may be telling you right now:

• This is too confusing. 
• It's probably not worth it. 
• This is against my religion. 
• This is just another self-help deal that won't work for me. 
• I'm so busy.
• I'm so tired. 
• I'm hungry.
• Who does this guy think he is?
• Blah-blah-blah

And if you are like most people, this futile thinking of your mind has been emanating from your unconscious self-seeking, very judgmental "FROM" within you most of your life.

But for the most part, you didn't know you didn't know it was running your life up until now.

Here is the good news. This bell cannot be un-rung, and we as spiritual beings are "syntropic" (growing in consciousness). Over time, you will begin to affect which "FROM" controls your life. As you do this, you will also begin to witness the miracles of doing so.

Congratulations! Now you are realizing something that will alter your destiny. So trust the process!

This is what we call a paradigm shift and a game changer...

Finally, the Challenge and the Resolution:

OK… Please don't go any further until you completely absorb this simple, critical fact: Either your conscious, us-seeking, heart's "FROM" controls your mind's chatter, or your mind's unconscious, self-seeking "FROM" controls your heart's whisper.

One more time: Either your conscious, us-seeking, heart's "FROM" controls your mind's chatter, or your mind's unconscious, self-seeking "FROM" controls your heart's whisper.

And… only one can be in charge of your life…

It is said, "The mind is a terrible master and yet a profound steward." By default, we unconsciously allow our minds to be in control instead of our hearts. However, your mind never wanted to be the "master" of your life. Your mind would much rather be a servant to the powerful loving "FROM." of your conscious heart so you achieve the full capacity and design of celebrating life as you master your life's "FROM."

To shift control is part of life's design; otherwise, you are assured to live in "quiet desperation." I believe Henry David Thoreau was one of the few people that understood this "FROM" when he said…

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." 

We all want to "sing our song," and impact as many other people with love as we can influence. However humanity has have lived unconscious and "blinded" for thousands of years and it is now time to change that. 

This is triage time for your own peace, love, spirituality and sanity! 


How well do you really "know" your purpose?

How well do you really "love" yourself?

How well do you really "trust" yourself?

Now ask yourself another question…

Who is answering?

And who is loving?

And who is trusting?

Your mind or your heart?

If your heart answered, what would your mind have said?

If your mind answered, what would your heart have said?

The answers are always different…

Can you truly discern whether it your heart doing the answering and loving, or if it's your mind's chatter doing the answering and loving?

Because both sorta "work," it is just that each produces completely opposite results that determine the quality and abundance in your life.

So begin to consistently ask yourself, day by day, then hour by hour…

"Who is really thinking, my mind or my heart?"

Your "Assignment": Your new "mantra..."

Starting today, I will learn the basic practice of listening to the absurd thoughts that my mind is capable of. I know that with practice, the CONSCIOUS HEART in me will literally begin to tell my own runaway mind something like this, "Thank you for your input, but I am my commitments and my ability to love. I know I am not my feelings or this chatter!" or "Thank you, I have other ideas about what I believe about myself."

I will witness my mind actually pipe down for a little while before it resumes chattering again. If I am consistent each day, I will observe it diminish more and more with practice as I strengthen my new "FROM" over the next few weeks.

Soon enough, with this practice, my mind will chatter much less in proportion to my conscious heart's "FROM." And eventually, all but an occasional "blip" will disappear as I begin to live in "CONSCIOUS CHOICE."

Here is something amazing. If you consciously correct your runaway mind with something positive one thousand (1,000) times in the next year, I promise your life will change in peaceful, miraculous ways and you will have raised your consciousness and awareness tremendously.

That is less than three times a day to change your life forever! So why not make a habit of doing it 10,000 times this year? That is less than thirty times a day against your 70,000 to 80,000 thoughts you supposedly have per day!

The more you do this the faster you grow. It is very easy to get into the habit of clearing your mind's chatter as you strengthen your Awakened heart's "FROM," just do it for 21 days.

Also, as you do this you will intuitively begin to observe how the chatter controls other folk's actions and lives, as you observe them dominated by their chatter.

Meanwhile, begin to continuously listen to what your mind is saying to you! You have to train yourself to hear what you have tuned out for a lifetime! Your mind has created many "blind spots" over the years as a result of this chatter.

Part of CONSCIOUS CHOICE is unraveling these blind spots.

This is one bell that cannot be un-rung…

To be continued…



I fall to my knees every night and I have never stopped. I can never stop. It is too beautiful. Celebrate with me through daily practice, because contentment is delicate. Complacency will destroy it. As a result, be vigilant and find a support team who will do this with you. One thing I have learned for certain, we find contentment through consistent humility.

We have a saying here at AntiAging Research, “An unrest soul will do everything it can to sabotage the body”. We can flood you with hormones, micro-nutrients, enzymes, co-factors, phytos, etc, etc, but if your heart is not in a good place, your mind will likely turn that into some physical problem down the road. It is simple and common physics, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

The mind can never solve a problem of the heart. 

As a therapist and a life counselor, I have a saying, “The mind can never solve a problem of the heart.” If you are feeling malcontent, your best logic and thinking will not solve the "emptiness and separation" problem; only your heart can.

Find your version of “falling to your knees” and surrender, so you can find your true contentment if you haven’t yet. If you have any questions, call me. We are much more than hormones, micro-nutrients, enzymes, co-factors, phytos, etc, etc. We also know that AntiAging is also a spiritual and heartfelt journey and we research that too.  

Call me if you have any questions. That is what I am here for.

“Quality of LifeSpan” is not about how long you live; it is about how well you live in true balance with Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, Society and Business, etc.

It is about how well you THRIVE.

Balance is what life is all about.

Live long, live well, 


Robert Bohen

Industry Cofounder of Oral Growth Hormone Supplements

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