Contentment is Difficult to Find Within Ourselves, and Impossible to Find Anywhere Else

“The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment." ~ Doug Larson



From the Desk of Robert Bohen - Founder -


We all want "happiness;" it seems to be a natural craving. The mind for most, at; some time believes it is found in our money, cars, homes, country, relationships, something related to "stuff". Some years ago, an old man taught me that it isn't about happiness, it's about contentment.


I had the profound gift of “turning off my life” in September of 2003. For three months, my staff covered my duties and my family covered my family. In a remote locale by a beautiful beach, I surrendered my cell phone, computer, voice-mail, email and every other “distraction”. Turning these items in was a requisite surrender in order to embark on a deep inward journey called rehab...

I had become addicted to pain medication.

A few years earlier, I had injured myself mountain biking. I was racing down a black diamond run on my fully suspended, carbon-fiber mountain bike at Snow Summit in Big Bear, California and I zigged when I should have zagged. I hit a large boulder with my right hip and suffered a severe contusion which ended up giving me a permanent condition of white hot, nauseating pain if I turned the wrong way.


At first, this entitled me to as much Vicodin as I supposedly "needed." A unique "side-effect" of the medication also made me feel a sense of contentment I had never felt before. Naturally, I wanted to feel that everyday for the rest of my life.

Fortunately we we developed a delivery method to deliver large molecules via the mucosa and the AEON growth factor appeared to help heal my damaged hip for me, but it didn't heal my lack of contentment or my rapidly growing monster addiction to Vicodin.

So within a year or so, I was magically pain free in my hip. However I realized that I was not pain free in my soul and the Vicodin seemed to seriously help my psychic pain and feel a sense of contentment too. The problem was that the Vicodin (hydrocodone) only lasted a few hours and required larger and larger doses to achieve the same results. Consequently, by 2003 I was having custom formulations of hydrocodone made to minimize the amount of APAP (Tylenol) my liver was dealing with. 

Regardless, I was consuming toxic amounts; the day before rehab I had consumed 950 mg of hydrocodone and 3 grams of Tylenol (the equivalent of 190, 5 mg Vicodin without all of the Tylenol). I had built such a tolerance, that even these amounts had little effect on me.

Anyway, in the rehab community, I soon realized that I was surrounded by several dozen very wise men and women. I decided that I would interview each and every person who appeared to have any wisdom and understanding that I was attracted to (In fact, management soon pulled me aside thinking that perhaps I was an undercover reporter). I must declare that this interview process was one of the most enlightening and beautiful parts of my life.


So allow me to bring this conversation full circle. I pulled aside this cantankerous old goat who’s appeal was a wellspring of anecdotes of wisdom; so I asked him to breakfast. At breakfast, the first thing I asked him was if he was happy. He retorted with ferocity, saying, “Hell no, I‘m not happy!” I was nonplussed, followed by an immediate and visceral feeling that I had misjudged this man. 

He quickly retorted, saying, “Son, that’s your problem. It’s not about happiness! Happiness is like a drug! Sadness is like a drug! Babies are born, people die; weddings and funerals happen! Meanwhile, you are up and down, feeling happy or sad. These are emotions that come and go, and you’re chasing them. No wonder you’re in rehab! He took a breath and said, “It’s about contentment. What I am is content whether I feel happy or sad. I have learned to accept me and love this life so that I am content. But, what will wipe that contentment away in a heartbeat is spiritual complacency. That is why I fall to my knees every night in gratitude to God for this life.”


I fell to my knees that night and I have never stopped. As a result I have learned contentment from the years of this practice. That old man probably had no idea how deeply he impacted my life. I now celebrate that contentment every day, because I know how delicate contentment is. As a result, I do celebrate life. I had to honor the natural laws of humility to find itwe apparently find contentment through humility.

We have a saying here at AntiAging Research, “An unrest soul will do everything it can to sabotage the body”. We can flood you with hormones, micro-nutrients, enzymes, co-factors, phytos, etc, etc, but if you are not in a good place, your soul will likely turn that into some physical problem down the road. It is common physics, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

The mind can never solve a problem of the heart. 

As a therapist and a life counselor, I have a saying, “The mind can never solve a problem of the heart.” If you are feeling malcontent, your best thinking will not solve the “problem”; only your heart can. Find your version of “falling to your knees” and surrender, so you can find your true contentment if you haven’t yet. If you have any questions, call me. We are much more than hormones, micro-nutrients, enzymes, co-factors, phytos, etc, etc. We also know that AntiAging is also a spiritual and heartfelt journey too, and we research that too.  

Call me if you have any questions. That is what I am here for.

“Quality of LifeSpan” is not about how long we live; it is about how well we live in true balance with Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, Society and Business, etc. It is how well we THRIVE.

Balance is what life is all about.

Live long, live well, 


Robert Bohen

Industry Co-Founder of Oral Growth Hormone