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Dr. Nick Delgado (age 50)

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Oral Growth Hormone

By Dr. Nick Delgado

According to clinical outcome-based studies reported by Kevin Lewis MD, of Arizona, and John Prentice, ND, the use of oral growth hormone and oral growth factors can naturally bring your hormones back to youthful levels. Based on their studies, positive results were experienced by 90% of the 63 patients monitored for up to three years. Significant improvements were noted in up to 37 health areas including energy and fitness (36% improvement), mental attitude (55%), sexual activity (52%), mental function (19%), skin and hair (38%) and immune system (27%). In another study I reviewed on 194 patients using oral human growth hormone with an effective delivery system for six months, there were significant improvements in IGF-1, LDL and HDL cholesterol and triglycerides in both men and women aged 35 to 80.

When you look at these kinds of results you have to wonder why all doctors don’t consider prescribing human growth hormone therapy. Since all people have declining hormone levels as they age, it’s easy to see why so many physicians assume this is natural. However, if a younger person were to be diagnosed with a hormonal deficiency, it would quickly be corrected. Researchers around the world have shown that hormonal deficiency at any age - young or old - requires replacement, yet physicians have not been trained to treat a hormone deficiency in middle-aged people if that deficiency is believed to be associated with aging.

Ronald Klatz, M.D., the famous anti-aging expert and best-selling author, agrees that Hgh and other hormones enhance exercise performance, reverse insomnia associated with later life by restoring the deepest levels of sleep, and reverse many other signs of aging by several years. Additionally, to reverse aging Dr Klatz also recommends a low fat, high fiber diet and exercise plan similar to the Grow Young and Slim Plan.

Dr. Chin and Dr. L. Cass Terry did some studies on 200 patients between 1994 and 1996. Baseline hormone levels were measured and it was found that the participants were deficient in IGF-1 growth factors as well as some of the other critical hormones. The doctors decided to restore hormones, including restoring Hgh via injection. These individuals improved dramatically across the board from 51% to 88% in increased energy, improved emotional state, improved sexual performance, attitude and memory. Skin texture, thickness and elasticity also increased and there was also a reported disappearance of wrinkles. Additionally, muscle strength improved, the size of the muscles increased, body fat was reduced, and exercise tolerance and endurance was also increased.

The Master Hormone, Hgh

Of the 8 critical hormones that decline with age, the most important one of them is the master hormone known as Hgh, or human growth hormone . The name is sort of a misnomer because although the hormone is critical during growth phases in childhood, if it is restored past the age of thirty five we can see some rather amazing results in age reversal.

Growth factors were found in the 1960’s and by the 1980’s we began to realize how important these molecules are because they reawaken the cells to become more youthful. Hgh is one of the most highly researched natural substances with more than 28,000 clinical studies spanning over 60 years. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists considers growth hormone to be safe and it is readily available in unlimited supply. A record number of people are using Hgh since its introduction in the United States in 1985. Advocates of oral growth hormone for anti-aging believe that its potential is much broader than the medical community may yet realize.

Hormones, like all medications, work at the level of neuroreceptors, sending messages to go to the appropriate organ and tell it what to do. We have over 40 different types of growth factors that are very small proteins called polypeptides. These small protein growth factors circulate in the blood helping your body to communicate between the nervous system, immune system, and the hormonal system. These growth factors are messenger hormones that help cells talk to each other. They tell a cell when to live, when to die and when to specialize and perform only certain functions for the body. Essentially they control all of your life functions, and without these growth factors we would become very ill.


Why we age

Our cells replicate every minute and the genetic material becomes shorter each time, causing our organs to gradually decline, leading to reduced enzyme activity. Additionally, the pituitary gland and other glands also shrink as we get older, causing a decline in the total output of hormones (particularly the human growth hormone), which in turn leads to premature aging.

Furthermore, another substance called somatostatin suppresses the body’s human growth hormone levels. This is ironic because during the very time that we need more human growth hormone to revitalize our cells, we don’t have enough. We have enough during the growth phase in childhood, but during adulthood and as we become seniors, this decline allows our bones to deteriorate, our muscles to become weaker, our body fat to increase, our mental function to decline, and our nerves to have slower conduction rates.

Restoring HGH in seniors

From his breakthrough pioneer work in 1986 using recombinant injectable growth hormone on a group of elderly patients, Dr. Rudman's findings reported less cellulite, less wrinkles, thicker skin and collagen, sharper vision, and improved memory. The results also included increased energy, better exercise performance and cardiac output, a stronger heart, stronger bones, reversal of conditions of osteoporosis, more rapid healing time for wounds, an overall 8.8% gain in muscle mass, a 14.4% reduction in body fat, and re-growth of organs.

As we get older, the liver, spleen, kidneys and heart all decline in size and volume. I have noticed that athletes, especially body builders who are taking high levels of injectable Hgh, sometimes have a slightly enlarged abdomen because the Hgh is actually increasing the size of their organs.
Dr. Nick with Dr. L. Cass Terry, Professor Dept of Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin and the late Dr. William Regelson, Author of Super Hormone Promise.

Cass Terry M.D., PhD, reported an unpublished study completed by Blackman and Harman in 1999, which monitored 125 patients (52 females and 71 males age 65 to 88) on Hgh injections over a six-month period. This was an important study because it updated the original Rudman study reported in JAMA, which was performed with far fewer patients. The results of the study proved the ability to reverse aging by raising hormones to the levels of healthy young adults.

In the study, one group was given just growth hormone via injection, another group of men were given testosterone and Hgh, and a group of women were given estrogen and Hgh, compared to placebo. Energy levels increased in 84% of participants, and emotional stability, attitude toward life and memory improved in 62% of patients. Skin texture, thickness and elasticity improved in over 68% of participants, and sexual potency, frequency and duration improved in nearly 75% of patients.

How the body uses protein to control life

Taste buds replace themselves every two weeks, the skin replaces itself every four weeks, the liver is renewed every six weeks, and your bones are completely replaced every year. Nearly 98% of the body's one-hundred-trillion living cells are replaced every year with new cells. If there is damage in the DNA coding, then this same defect will continue to replicate. In the case of arthritis, the same crippled joint is replaced with unhealthy tissue. The science of using actual human growth factors stimulates the correction, repair and healing of the DNA feedback system. This actually allows the body to heal itself at the origin of the problem.

New cells are replacing dying cells in our body every minute, at the rate of over 300-million replications. In order to regulate and repair DNA before the next cell replication, communication between cells via the small protein growth factors is critical. As we age, cells slow down and we need growth factors to awaken them to a more active communication phase.

Seconds after you use the oral growth hormone, it aligns with the cell memory, sending an electronic vibration to the receptor cells, which instruct the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone. Growth hormone then goes to the liver to make IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) . Growth factors help the DNA repair itself prior to cell division and they also initiate the transport of amino acids and nucleic acids into the cell.

Blood glucose and insulin are also closely tied to the body’s constant release of growth hormone. Following the release and introduction into the blood stream of growth hormone, glucose initially drops in the first three hours, followed by a rapid rise in glucose three hours later. In this way glucose stays within a safe range of 75 to 120 mg/ml, as the insulin is enhanced by the presence of growth hormone. Also, we know absorption of the oral growth hormone is taking place because IGF-1 levels increase as much as 99% after frequent daily use of the oral spray over a period of eight to fourteen weeks.

There are six IGF's that are made in the liver and are secreted when oral Hgh and oral growth factors are sprayed in small dosages in the mouth, thus improving communication between cells and stimulating the body’s healing and growth repair processes and defenses. The most important of the six growth factors is IGF-1, which serves as a metabolic initiator. IGF-1 is made of 70 amino acids and it lowers blood glucose and allows the transport of nucleic acids into the nucleus of the cell where the DNA resides. This gives the cell the raw material needed to repair damage to the DNA, initiate cell division and slow the aging process. IGF-1 also carries out most of the anabolic effects of building and repair.

Hgh vs. IGF-1

Before we go any further, let me classify the growth hormones a little bit. Human Growth hormone, or Hgh, and insulin-like growth hormone, or IGF-1 are not the same. IGF-1 is a hormone secreted by the liver and it is responsible for definite metabolic actions: protein, DNA and RNA synthesis; cell division; use of blood sugar; breakdown of fat; kidney and immune system function and red blood cell production.

Hgh however, is produced by the anterior pituitary gland and is much more adaptable than IGF-1. Hgh functions in many areas, including insulin regulation, bone mass production, transport of amino acids into cells and fat metabolism. If IGF-1 levels get too high - which sometimes happens when it is taken via injection instead of orally - then Hgh levels actually begin to decrease.

Using IGF-1 to measure aging

The pituitary gland produces Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) from pituitary cells called somatotrophs. Most Hgh secretions occur in brief bursts, or pulses. There are approximately 20 pulses a day which occur mostly during the early hours of deepest sleep, or stage 4 of REM. Each pulse releases somewhere between 1,000 to 50,000 nanograms into the bloodstream where it lingers for a few minutes. From here it can fall to undetectable levels before reaching the liver where it stimulates the production of growth factors such as IGF. Quality sleep is necessary to produce sufficient amounts of Hgh, but unfortunately as we age, the length and quality of sleep declines and our bodies lose some of their ability to rejuvenate.

Growth factor is highest in the body during adolescence and declines rapidly past the age of 21. A 12 to 15-year-old produces nearly 1000 micrograms of Hgh per day, a 20-year-old produces 500 micrograms of Hgh per day, a 40-year-old produces only 200 micrograms, and an 80-year-old produces barely 25 micrograms per day! Adults with low IGF-1 levels (under 350 ng/ml) have growth factor deficiency and can choose therapy or supplements, according to FDA clearance given in 1986.

After IGF-1 is produced in the liver, it enhances the production of the blood protein, albumin. Albumin maintains homeostasis or balance of the entire body. It is essential for cell growth and renewal, and regulates water balance to maintain hydration of cells and organs. It also transports nutrients (such as amino acids) to cells, removes waste from cells, assists in digestion, transports and buffers excess levels of all hormones, stabilizes the pH balance of the blood, and serves as the ultimate antioxidant.


How the brain regulates growth hormone

When adequately stimulated, the aging pituitary gland has the ability to release as much Hgh as it did during childhood and adolescence. However, the hypothalamus, which monitors Hgh levels, becomes less sensitive to the body's requests for Hgh as we age. The hypothalamus secretes a regulator called human growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), which stimulates the release of Hgh if our levels of Hgh get too low. If too much Hgh is produced, or the body perceives an excessive rise in IGF-1, the hypothalamus gland can suppress pituitary output of growth hormone by secreting somatostatin. Somatostatin shuts down the natural production of Hgh until the levels drop back down. Premature aging can be caused by excesses of somatostatin inhibiting or blocking the secretion of Hgh, and by the fact that our body tissues and organs become less able to utilize Hgh as we age.

Doctors Using Oral Hgh

As a researcher, I have studied with some of the top doctors in the country who work with anti-aging therapy. Clinical Professor, Ron Rothenberg, M.D.; Cass Terry M.D., PhD; Eugene Shippen M.D.; and Kevin Lewis M.D. have collectively treated over 50 physicians, all of who were initially skeptical of this new therapy. Dr. Ronald Klatz, a colleague, friend and leader in the anti-aging field, has been working with over 10,000 doctors who are learning about how to reverse the aging process. Doctor Klatz and I both agree that simply replacing hormones can reverse the incidence of premature aging. However, I disagree with most doctors who believe that the only way to introduce human growth hormone into the body is via injection.

Hgh injection vs. oral spray

Oral Hgh product can maintain ideal levels over a lifetime easier than the injectable form of Hgh, but until recently, the only way to administer Hgh was through injection. Back in 1996 when I started reviewing the results that were obtained by other doctors using the natural oral Hgh therapy, it was difficult to find doctors using the oral therapy because many of them were stuck on the idea that the only way to get good results was through injection.

At this time my levels were starting to decline and I decided to undergo Hgh injection therapy. I did this for a six-month period under the guidance of three different doctors. During this six-month period, I had a tremendous restoration of my former health and fitness levels. It is not until one tries this new therapy and experiences the tremendous, increased vigor that one realizes the harm that is done by living with low Hgh levels.

Still, I was a little discouraged with the cost of the therapy. Hgh injections cost over $1200 per month or more at the time, and included the discomfort of injections once or twice a day. Most of my patients and other people I talked to felt that even though the therapy sounded valid and worthwhile they would not want to subject themselves to daily injections, let alone the cost involved. That led me to search for alternatives that could be utilized by natural replacements.

In 1996 at the Las Vegas Anti Aging conference, and in Ohio at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, several research scientists were releasing their newly developed oral sprays, tablets and secretogogues for increasing growth factors. These products were being made available to doctors and professionals in the fitness industry, and I began testing and studying each one of them to determine if any of them actually worked. Doctors at that time were skeptical as to whether the proven injectable method for growth hormone could be replaced, but as recently as the year 2002, many doctors had tested and added the use of oral Hgh and other important biochemical hormone replacement therapies to help their patients become younger.

A great advantage in using oral Hgh stimulators is the convenience of frequent use to mimic the body. Hgh is secreted from the pituitary gland in pulses as often as 9 to 29 times per 24-hour period. Most of the activity and release into the body occurs during the night - 80% of it during sleep between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am. Additional spurts of Hgh come in the morning when you awaken, and some spurts release in the late afternoon between 3 pm and 4 pm.

Fortunately it is now possible to restore Hgh and other hormones with nutriceuticals (oral spray Hgh), sublingual liquid supplements, creams or gels for skin absorption, and herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Almost all people simply prefer the spray to the injection method, which is good news because it makes the benefits of restoring this vital natural hormone available to the average person who can’t afford the high price of injectable Hgh. It also prevents the possible problem of overdosing the body, since the spray simply mimics the tiny frequent bursts released by the body of a youthful person.

Testing Hgh

Determined to find out if oral Hgh would replace injections, I had my baseline IGF-1 level measured before I began any type of oral Hgh. Also, when I started my testing, I stopped taking all the other natural replacements such as DHEA, melatonin and herbs for testosterone. Even though test results showed I was low in these biochemical levels, I stopped the treatment because I wanted to get a feel for what Hgh by itself would do for me.

I began using oral replacement Hgh with a special delivery system to encapsulate the Hgh, making it easier for the body to process. Within eight weeks, my repeat blood tests revealed my IGF-1 levels had climbed to a level you would find in a 25-year-old! I was pleased to notice the same very exciting results that I had encountered using injectable Hgh. Physically, I noticed an increase in strength, an increase in muscle density and an improvement in sexual activity. Obviously, I was extremely happy to get the same physical and emotional benefits from oral Hgh as I did with the injections. After two months I continued to show youthful levels when I retested my blood and I continued using natural oral Hgh for a full six months without adding any other supplement or hormone.

As I continued with my research, I began taking oral Hgh Analog (somatotropin). I noticed that I slept deeper, my skin looked healthier and my wrinkles decreased. Also, my muscular density increased by ten pounds and I lost over 5% body fat. This was quite an improvement after only 12 weeks of using the oral spray! I was already in pretty good shape, so at 5'8", to see my muscle density increase from 172 lb. to over 182 lb. was quite an increase in muscle, and another sign of aging reversal.

Also, unlike most body builders who over-stress their bodies with a high percentage of animal products in their diet, I follow the Grow Young and Slim Plan. That means of course, that I consume mostly vegetables, salads, legumes and fruit and rarely even eat meat or dairy products. In addition to my diet, I attribute my youthful appearance and strength to a combination of natural biochemical replacements and consistent resistance training.

My partner Shawna Kendell also used the Hgh and we made certain that Hgh was the only thing she took after we established her baseline. Of course we made sure she was on the best possible diet and exercise program as well. We had tried other Hgh precursors; releasers, stimulators, secretogogues and homeopathic formulas, and none performed as effectively as the advanced, encased oral Hgh. Shawna and I were very consistent about using the oral Hgh at least three or four times a day, (morning, midday and twice in the evening) and we both showed a 100% improvement in IGF-1 using oral Hgh.

After 8 weeks of consistent use of the oral Hgh , Shawna's IGF-1 levels jumped to a youthful level that I’d only seen in children and a few bodybuilders taking injectable Hgh. Needless to say she was excited to find how simple it was to achieve that level. People around her were also noticing the change in her skin texture, muscle tone and general appearance.

At one point, Shawna stopped taking the product for about 4 weeks and definitely noticed a change. She had not fully realized how beneficial the product was for her, until she stopped taking it. Subsequent measurements of Shawna’s IGF-1 levels showed a significant decline in her levels when going off the oral Hgh spray for extended lengths of time. Her levels also declined when she tried inferior products and the levels didn't go back up until she started taking the best quality Hgh product. She also saw a reduction in cellulite that she was never able to get rid of with exercise alone. Her mental clarity improved, her muscles became toned and firm and she has increased endurance in the gym and in life in general.

In terms of muscle and fat ratios, Shawna noticed results similar to mine. Her lean weight went up about 4 pounds and her body fat dropped from 28% down to 20%. We consider these results to be a reversal in aging. We did nothing different in our eating habits or exercise routine to help maintain our ideal weight, yet we clearly saw how easy it was to gain that lean body mass and reduce body fat.

Today, after going off and on a version of the original formula for Hgh, my IGF-1 levels stay in the same youthful range as long as I stay on the correct oral product with an encapsulating delivery system. I have continued to test this particular oral Hgh and compare it to other types of products, and I regularly take blood tests to take into account the normal variation or fluctuation in hormone levels.

In 1999, I went off of any source of Hgh and my IGF-1 levels also dropped. When I started the oral spray product again my levels returned to normal after 8 weeks. As of this writing I have continued using oral Hgh for almost six years with great results. We have both truly experienced the rejuvenating powers of biochemical hormones and supplements to achieve youthful levels.

The power of low dosage natural hormones

Hormones are powerful and effective and should be used judiciously and according to the labeled use. Low dosages of hormones are effective because our bodies only manufacture up to 1/100 millionths of a gram of thyroid hormone per day to regulate the entire body of a 200 lb. person. That is just 1 part free thyroid per 10,000 million parts of blood plasma. Micro-dilutions of various hormones such as Hgh are effective in nanograms (parts per billion) with an advanced delivery system.

How oral Hgh spray is created

As discussed earlier, human growth hormone is a large sequence of 191 amino acids (polypeptides) that make up the structure of protein found in messenger hormones. The oral delivery of Hgh includes taking the blueprint from the actual growth hormone molecule, and through genetic engineering, inserting the molecule into a bacterial culture, where it duplicates and multiplies the same DNA and identical 191 amino acid molecules many times over. Although oral Hgh is created by genetic engineering, it is identical to our body’s Hgh and is not synthetic. The growth hormone complex is combined with a special, patent pending oral delivery process that was developed by the same scientists working to perfect oral spray insulin for diabetics.

The delivery system for Hgh

Growth hormones and growth co-factors are absorbed most efficiently when they are bonded to natural, complex molecular glucose chains (present in human tissue) or other advanced carrier molecules, and then combined with minerals, organic enzymes and several other proprietary ingredients. This natural molecule is different than a synthetic molecule because it is a substance found in the body tissues, and it easily dissolves in the mouth. When properly absorbed, growth hormone and growth factors can communicate instructions to all the cells of our body. This macro-molecular complex allows preservation and passage of large molecules of Hgh into the body because these molecules are somewhat flexible and distortable.

The exciting discovery that we could get a large molecule like Hgh or insulin to absorb orally in to the body was demonstrated at the University of Illinois. Studies were conducted on rabbits and humans to determine the degree of oral absorption of large molecular-weight proteins such as insulin and Hgh. These studies demonstrated that oral absorption could be nearly as efficient as absorption through injections. Hgh with oral polymers has been measured to absorb at nearly 100%, which gives further proof that oral sprays of large molecules are an effective delivery system.

A recent development of a high bred version of liposome technology called “Quick somes”, shows clear evidence of oral delivery of large molecules including insulin and Growth hormone. This technology is being used by innovative anti aging research companies to create new, more affordable GH products.

Less-effective products

Secretogogues, amino acid precursors and homeopathic remedies are not effective by themselves and must be used with a product that has a proven delivery system for oral Hgh or injectable Hgh. Some companies market products that supposedly have an immediate effect within a few hours. Many of these products are big sellers because they contain stimulants such as guarana, which has caffeine and Ma Huang, which contains ephedra. Other companies use Hgh releasing factor (amino acids) to give an energized feeling for a short while, but it takes complete absorption of large molecules of growth hormone and growth factors to reverse aging, and it takes time for the body to heal itself. The key with anti-aging is not to expect a quick fix or overnight results. Many true anti-aging products have long-term benefits - such as enhanced muscle mass - that take several weeks to notice, so give yourself several months on the products.

If you call Eli Lilly or Upjohn they will not admit to selling growth hormone to companies making oral Hgh. Why? Because Upjohn and Eli Lilly have a third party representative who purchases the pure growth hormone that they produce and then legally reselling it to other companies, and they do not acknowledge all of their distribution sources. Also, Eli Lilly and Upjohn earn a smaller amount on sales of micro-dilutions for spray than they do on the ingredients for injections, so they don’t want it known how effective the oral approach is, since it will compete with their more lucrative, billion dollar injectable business.

How to determine if an oral Hgh product really works

I spent a lot of time investigating the differences between products that were effective and knock-off products that didn’t work. I believe a company should be able to show independent lab verification of the presence of actual Hgh in their product. I found that when it comes to extremely small dosages of nanograms (billionths) it requires university research-level testing, and not standard lab testing to detect the presence of Hgh in a product.

The most important thing to pay attention to after using the product, is whether or not you noticed improvements in your hair, skin, sagging body, body fat, energy, fatigue level, mood, sleep patterns, and your ability to recover from stress and sexual function.

At we have designed a test to help you evaluate your clinical response to each of the key hormones in 20 categories. There are also articles on the web site about these important hormones and the corresponding anti-aging therapy.

Arkady Koltun M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of the Medical Committee for the Russian bodybuilding Federation, found that growth factor complex increases muscular strength in athletes and power lifters, improves nerve strength and helps fight infectious disease, fatigue, and hypertension. In his studies, two canoe racers improved their rowing speed so much that they went on to break world records, winning gold medals in the last Olympics after using growth hormone regularly.

In order for athletes to recover from hard workouts, they should use the oral spray before and after workouts in addition to the suggested dosages morning, midday, and prior to bed. Some people take growth factors expecting to get big muscles without exercise, but you can get two to ten times the results by adding some weight training to your exercise routine three to six times a week.

Pain and inflammation

People with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, stiffness and pain associated with inflammation are reporting improved age-reversing results after two to three months of using Hgh, provided they also follow a Grow Young and Slim Plan with exercise. Restoring IGF-1 levels with oral spray also reduces pain and increases strength and endurance in patients with fibromyalgia.

Declining energy levels

Would you like to have more energy? If you can barely respond I know you need more energy! Most adults struggle through life with fatigue, but can a decline in hormones cause a decline in your energy levels?

Somewhere past the age of 20 or 25 energy levels decline, mostly because of eating habits, not enough sleep, and/or lack of exercise. Declining energy levels are also related to a decline in biochemical hormone levels involved with the aging process. When you restore the levels of Hgh, IGF-1, DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, and thyroid, your energy levels begin to be restored as well.

It's important to realize that a 35-year-old could have hormone levels as deficient as a 70-year-old. In fact, 65% of people over 35 years old have deficient IGF levels. 75% of all men and women past the age of 65, who appear to be healthy, are actually dangerously deficient in growth factors. The good news is you can slow or reverse the aging process on the Grow Young and Slim Plan. I personally prefer to have the biochemical levels of a 20-to-25 year old because my goal is to look and feel younger than my 48 years.

Heart disease

Restoring growth factors can lower blood pressure and many doctors have even reported that growth hormone improved the elasticity and circulation in the arteries, reducing the levels of blood pressure. A further benefit of Hgh use is that it has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol.

You have to take a moment to grasp how important this breakthrough is: LDL is the cholesterol that forms plaques in the arteries, leading to heart attacks and strokes, which kill more Americans than all other causes combined. If there is a natural way to help people bring their cholesterol levels down, it can actually help to dissolve the plaque in arteries and restore the arteries to more youthful healthful levels. This means that we can probably dramatically reduce the incidence of heart attacks and strokes with hormone therapy and a change in diet.



Several studies relating to Type II Diabetes have proven that excess fat in the diet desensitizes the insulin receptor sites preventing insulin from helping to push sugar into the cells. When you decrease fat in the diet, insulin becomes efficient and able to push sugar into cells as needed, reducing blood sugar levels. A low fat diet also increases Hgh levels, allowing Hgh to do its job of regulating insulin and glucose.
Although it is also very important that diabetics follow our water rich, fiber rich, low fat diet to get to the main cause of the problem, it has also been discovered that oral growth hormone and improved IGF-1 levels stimulate glucose transport in human muscle tissue, which is good news for diabetics. Using injectable growth hormone can drastically alter insulin response and must be monitored by a doctor, but oral growth hormone is much gentler on metabolism and it is safe to use for diabetics. The addition of testosterone can significantly improve glucose levels in the diabetic.


In two different National Institute of Health clinical studies evaluating how low-dosage oral IGF-1 affects the nervous system, researchers studied people who were healthy but psychologically depressed. The response from the oral IGF-1 treatment surprised the patients' psychotherapists, because the patients felt better rapidly, and their depression was measurably decreased or eliminated after several months on treatments, compared to placebo. What was most surprising was the fact that such low dosages of growth factors and growth hormone stimulators were so effective.

Pituitary and thyroid conditions

People who produce little or no growth hormone either because they’ve had their pituitary gland removed or have pituitary tumors or disease are usually deficient in growth factors, causing them to age rapidly. Other symptoms related to these conditions are a reduced sense of well-being, lower energy levels, less vitality and capacity for work. They generally exhibit mood swings, anxiety, depression, poor memory, and tend to feel socially isolated. Their body fat increases especially around the waist, they have a decrease in muscle mass and wrinkled, thin, prematurely damaged or aged skin.

Dr. Bengtsson in Sweden studied 333 patients for 30 years who were diagnosed with pituitary insufficiency. They were given cortisone, thyroid and sex hormones without growth hormone. The Hgh-deficient patients died prematurely of cardiovascular disease twice as often as the general population. In studies in Denmark and England with patients deficient in Hgh, after only six months of replacement therapy, patients showed improvements both physically and mentally.

Exercise and low calorie foods

It is interesting to note that obesity suppresses Hgh secretion. Research shows that restricting calories will restore the IGF-1 receptors in the cells by as much as 100% as you grow older. Eating small meals only when hungry and reducing fat can help to do this. Of course, the best way to reverse the disease called aging is to have a plan that includes diet and exercise as well as a broad range of hormones and growth factors.

Years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a movie called “Staying Hungry,” about competitive body builders. In the movie Arnold discusses how he pursued his goal of being the best by staying hungry for success, always striving to be the best, and never becoming complacent or overly satisfied. Arnold said, “to be muscular and have low body fat you must stay hungry! Don’t overeat, eat fewer calories than you think you need and always be slightly hungry.”

Clearly Arnold was on to something, because it is interesting to note that intense exercise, including 70 to 85% of maximum lift during weight lifting, and aerobic exercises (running, stair stepping, stationary biking, treadmill, etc.) at 40 to 70 percent of maximum oxygen uptake, improves the release and efficiency of Hgh and IGF-1 levels, both of which can increase muscle mass.


Stress is one of the worst depressors of Hgh because of the increased levels of adrenaline, which is a hormone released during times of stress. Small levels of cortisone, another stress hormone that provides a first line of protection, are necessary for good health. However, excess levels of adrenaline will cause catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue, premature aging, and a decline in Hgh levels. In order to prevent this from happening, the cause of stress must first be addressed.
Be to bed by 10 p.m. and get enough sleep or take naps during the day to restore the production of hormones. Use prayer, meditation, or counseling if necessary, and avoid negative, stressful people. It is also best to, avoid alcohol, and coffee during times of stress. Supplement your diet with small dosages of DHEA in conjunction with growth factors to counterbalance excessive levels of adrenaline and the other effects of stress.

Side Effects of Hgh

One injection of growth hormone contains over 500,000 ng for one I.U.. Some athletes’ use over 5,000,000 (5 million) ng per day, and in some of these cases, an enlarged heart has occurred from abuse of Hgh. The only side effects reported in the six month study on senior citizens by Blackman and Harman in 1999, were fluid retention (which was more pronounced in those who didn’t exercise), carpal tunnel syndrome vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, increased hair growth, thicker skin and some joint discomfort. By reducing dosages of the Hgh with each use, the side effects were reduced or disappeared entirely.

Dr Thierry Hertoghe, from Belgium, now suggests the use of Hgh in low dosages between .05 mg (1/10 an I.U. or 50,000 ng) to .6 mg each day. Although a patient may start on a higher dosage for the first few months, he suggests progressively reducing to lower dosages to avoid the negative feedback loop. Dr Hertoghe also warns those using injectable Hgh to monitor cortisol levels closely so as to not aggravate any cortisol deficiencies that could lead to severe fatigue.

The safety record of oral Hgh

It is almost impossible to overdose on oral Hgh spray because each spray provides smaller amounts than our bodies naturally produce per pulse. As discussed earlier, the use of sublingual growth factors allows delivery to mimic the body's natural release of Hgh. Even if you accidentally used the whole bottle of growth hormone at once, you would be ingesting no more than 5,000 ng to 60,000 ng, which may sound like a lot, but actually isn't. Furthermore, if this amount were ingested at one time, it would only be wasted or excreted from the body, because the body can only use small amounts at daily intervals. Of course, your best bet is to take biochemical hormones sensibly in low dosages.

Guidelines for mothers and children

Unless prescribed by a doctor, only those past the age of 20 should use these products, and they are not for use by pregnant or nursing women.

There is a University on the West Coast that is considering a study to test the oral Hgh product on dwarf children, and they are hoping to prove that Hgh will help resume normal growth. Up until now the only option for these children has been to take injections of growth hormone, but clearly, oral Hgh would be much more convenient and less stressful than the injectable form.

Reportedly, some mothers have used oral spray during pregnancy and nursing to insure their babies developed healthy. The theory is that IGF-2 found in growth factors is critical to cognitive brain development. In isolated studies collected by researchers, the initial results from using oral Hgh during pregnancy were good and there were no side effects. However, this had not been fully tested or approved for mothers, so I can only recommend that you follow the guidance of your health practitioner.

Guidelines for athletes

Athletes over the age of 25 can start on oral Hgh, GHRH, and L-Dopa from mucuna prurien and expect quicker recover time and better performance. As long as oral growth hormone and growth factors are used in safe, sensible dosages, they can be used in competition because they are nutritional supplements.

Some doctors have claimed that it is illegal to sell oral Hgh because of controlled substance laws; however, since the sale of oral Hgh began prior to 1994, it is protected by the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA). You have a legal right to purchase these natural hormone products so long as they are ingested or rubbed into the skin and not injected. Injections require a doctor's prescription.


How to prevent side effects with Hgh

When using the natural oral Hgh, GHRH, and other oral growth factors (deer antler and colostrums), some people report slight ache in the wrist or shoulder, headache or stomach upset as IGF-1 increases and tissue re-hydration occurs. This passes quickly, especially when exercising to prevent fluid retention and staying on a Grow Young and Slim type food plan. This type of diet adds water to the organs and muscles and improves strength and performance for daily activities.

Cancer and Growth Hormone

As we age, there is a decline in IGF-1 and Hgh levels and an increase in the incidence of cancer. Cancer becomes a more dangerous risk with age and is considered the second leading cause of death in the United States following heart disease, stroke and heart attack. Clearly, this is an issue that is at the forefront of discussions and research throughout the medical field.
Some prominent researchers and doctors now believe we can fight cancer by replacing certain hormones and growth factors in order to build the immune system. Cass Terry M.D., PhD, Chairman of Neurology, Professor of Neurology and Physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is one of these doctors. He recently told a conference of doctors in Salt Lake City, Utah, “There is, at present, no evidence to indicate either an increased incidence or progression of cancer during or after Hgh replacement therapy.” Dr. Terry then challenged the doctors and researchers to produce any medical journal that shows a relationship between cancer and growth hormone. Not one doctor responded to this challenge.

Some researchers mistakenly thought growth hormone would increase the rate of cancer because of a study Reported by Chan in Science Vol. 279, January 1998. This study was performed on people with an average age of 59 who showed high IGF-1 levels in blood tests 15 years earlier, and who later developed cancer. According to Professor Ron Rothenberg from the University of California, San Diego, the participants showed uncommonly high IGF-1 levels in the range of 300 to 500 (almost never seen in clinical practice) because the blood samples were contaminated from being frozen for 15 years, causing unnaturally high IGF-1 levels.

It is also possible that in some people, an increase in IGF-1 and the binding protein called IGFBP-3, is the body's way of coping with inflammation caused from cancerous tumors. Other studies show that IGFBP-3 eventually increases when IGF-1 increases and this has a balancing and protective factor to prevent cancer. In fact, several other studies (Baffa R. - Low IGF-1 and prostate cancer, Tech Urology 2000 Sept, 6, 236-39) show that those people with higher IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels had lower risk and those with the lowest IGF-1 levels had the highest risk of prostate cancer. Also, studies show that young children with naturally high IGF-1 levels during their growth phase have the lowest risk of cancer.

Increased IGF-1 could not possibly cause cancer; otherwise you would see a high incidence of cancer in people over seven feet tall that have acromegaly. In fact, people over seven feet tall with acromegaly and high Hgh levels had lower risk of cancer, according to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, August 1998, Volume 83, and a follow-up study reported in the June 1999, Vol. 84 issue. According to these reports, “The overall cancer incidence rate (new cancers at any site in the body including breast, thyroid, colon, lung, or prostate) was lower (in this group) than that of the general population in the United Kingdom." The overall mortality rate was not increased when compared to the general population during the 14-year study. Another impressive finding from this study was that no prostate cancer was found in any of the men, including those over the age of 60! Men over 60 are normally at the highest risk for prostate cancer. The giants did have consistent problems with benign prostate hyperplasia or simple enlargement of the prostate, and you would expect to see this in giants with overactive growth hormone levels (that coincidently have high estrogen levels in the prostate), yet there were no signs of cancer.

If Hgh created a cancer risk, you would expect a higher rate of new cancers at all sites and a higher death rate from all types of cancer. Based on this information, Hgh and IGF-1 replaced at ideal levels appear to reduce the risk of cancer and possibly even add a protective factor. According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, May 2001, labeling on Hgh products warning risk of cancer are no longer warranted, because there is no data that to suggests that this is so.

Replace natural hormones to fight cancer

It makes good sense that your body has a better chance of recovery with a strong immune system and higher youthful levels of Hgh, DHEA, melatonin and testosterone. As we restore or increase the levels of Hgh we are finding a decline in the risk of cancer, and exciting research is now under way to see how these various hormones can fight cancer.

The most convincing study regarding the use of Hgh and the lack of the presence of cancer was completed in Japan in June 1999. This study, based on over 32,000 patients who had been treated with Human growth hormone for 22 years, had one of the largest groups of patients ever studied for cancer risk. The study was performed by giving injections of Hgh to children from just a few days old through age 15, who were monitored for any signs of Leukemia. At the end of the study, doctors were surprised and happy to find no added risk of leukemia in these 32,000 patients.

Dr. Edmund Chin and L. Cass Terry have researched over 800 people ranging in age from 40 to 74, who had their Hgh levels restored to youthful levels. Even in the individuals with advanced age, there was absolutely no evidence of cancer in all 800 people. One patient who had a proven case of prostate cancer was warned that there was no way of knowing what would happen with hormone therapy, but the patient requested the youth-restoring hormone therapy to see if it might help his condition. When they restored his IGF-1 levels, it was clear that the prostate cancer had considerably improved according to his PSA levels and follow up biopsies. Blood testing on other patients given hormone therapy showed reduced PSA levels and lower risk of prostate cancer.


Hgh benefits a depressed immune system

It is possible that Hgh and growth factors may reduce the risk of cancer by stimulating the immune system. We have the ability to reduce the risk of cancer by maintaining the blood in a slightly alkaline state with diet and supplements and by enhancing our own immune factors and lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a very extensive circulating system throughout the body, and if you were to take the whole lymphatic system together, it is a greater system and takes up more mass and fluid volume than the entire blood stream. Large white cells, or macrophages that migrate in the tissues, secrete several types of growth factors to fight cancer and regulate cell growth and repair. This cellular repair requires protein anabolism and recovery from inflammation.

Many cancer patients and patients with depressed immune systems tend to be deficient in hormones and are in a catabolic or “wasting away state”. When this process continues and lean body mass is reduced to 65% of the ideal body weight, life can no longer be supported and death occurs. In order to avoid muscle wasting associated with age, it is necessary to have a properly functioning immune system, good energy production and effective cell-to-cell communication.

In summary of the issue of cancer, Dr Vance reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, October 14, 1999, that there is “no evidence that Hgh replacement therapy affects the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease”. Based on this preliminary evidence, I predict we will find an overall decline in cancer rates when we examine middle-aged and senior citizens who have restored their hormones to youthful levels.

Other Products That Increase Hgh

Bovine colostrum has a higher concentration of IGF-1 than human colostrums, even though the structures are virtually identical. Colostrum, like deer antler, increases fat metabolism, helping the body to burn fat while increasing muscle density.

Growth hormone releasing factor

The most potent form of growth factor is synthesized GHRH (growth hormone releasing factor), which has been combined in products that we have used with beneficial results. This GHRH can be purely derived from hypothalamic extracts. I have been monitoring the results of people including myself using the combination of GH with GHRH with good results. The evidence shows GHRH to be so potent that one should use it in smaller quantities then when just GH by itself is used. In many cases two sprays in the middle of the night or morning is sufficient.


Based on thousands of studies related to Parkinson’s disease, L-Dopa (an amino acid) has been proven to increase the release of Hgh. The herb Mucuna Prurien from India is highly concentrated in L-Dopa, however in order to obtain the proper results the herb has to be prepared with a special protective coating to prevent stomach acids from decreasing its potency. We have been using a product called Doctors Growth Hormone, which has sufficient L-Dopa (in a correct delivery system) to release Hgh and increase dopamine levels, helping people feel emotionally energetic and sexy and all the other benefits growth hormone is known for.

We believe an individually tailored therapy composed of this product and other products related to hormone enhancement will give the best results. If you are trying to increase your Hgh to youthful levels, you really need to balance all the key hormones to get the best results. Focusing just on Hgh is not enough because a balance of testosterone, melatonin, cortisol, amino acids, herbs, growth factors, growth hormone and the right kind of estrogen combined, favorably influence Hgh. It's similar to comparing the sound of one single horn to the sound of an entire orchestra playing in concert: your body will play beautiful music when it achieves harmony from the balanced hormone therapy that is an important part of the Grow Young and Slim Plan.
Say "Yes" to staying young!

Finally there is an approach that is safe and effective for you and members of your family who want more out of life. On the Grow Young and Slim Plan you will feel the excitement of being proactive about your life and experience what it is like to feel young again.

If you decide to correct your hormones, do it under a doctor’s guidance - taking supplements on your own without testing your levels is self-diagnosing, and we don't recommend it. We recommend that you call your doctor or check our web site,, and have your hormone levels tested before you begin the therapy. Additionally, we recommend that you have your levels rechecked within eight weeks of using the oral Hgh, IGF-1 and complete hormone replacements, and we also recommend that you are consistent with a healthy exercise and diet plan. Ultimately it is better to either work with an anti-aging doctor or your family doctor. If necessary, you can educate him or her with a copy of this book.

We believe it's best to put people on a total Grow Young and Slim anti-aging plan to demonstrate the dramatic results that can be achieved with several anti-aging products. It has been a truly profound experience for me to help a 50- 60 or 70 year old woman or man to look and feel like a 35 year old again!

If you start using the best anti aging products now, you could start a new career at age 75, or start a second family when most people are enjoying their grandchildren. You will even be able to do all those things you always planned but never got around to, like learning to salsa dance, fly a plane, or roller blade into your 80’s and 90’s. It truly is possible to renew your passion for life, fall in love again, and reawaken those long lost feelings of youth.


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