Are you a candidate for Growth Hormone Therapy?

Are you a candidate for Growth Hormone Therapy?

When Growth Hormone levels rise due to supplementation, a strong signal is sent to your body that you are still in your prime, that you have not become biologically obsolete, and your body responds by producing the hormones that make you stronger, leaner and more muscular, more energetic and upbeat.

The mechanism at work here is simple. Younger bodies are more equipped for reproduction. It's simple and beautiful at the same time.

This is nature's mechanism for selecting the most sexually fit and letting the less fit fade away.

According to clinical study after clinical study, somatotropin (HGH) supplementation is a powerful way to tell your body that you're still young, and your body, in turn, works to make you strong enough to be a contender in the game of reproduction.

In just a few minutes, you'll have the information you need to greatly enhance your quality of life. If that sounds exciting to you, please read on...

The chart at right shows the actual average decline of somatotropin (HGH) levels in the normal healthy adult. You'll see by the chart that by age 30, Growth Hormone levels have plunged significantly.

What you may not realize is how profoundly this effects other hormones in your body, especially the sex hormones such as Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA. That's because all other hormones in the body take their cues from somatotropin (HGH).

Lack of interest in sex, the inability to perform sexually like you could at a younger age, and an overall feeling of being burned out are clear indicators that your hormone levels are plunging.

Unless you do something about it, they will continue to fall as you see on the chart. Whatever symptoms you feel at 30, will be that much worse at forty. Whatever symptoms you feel at 40, will be that much worse by fifty and, as you can clearly see by the above chart, Growth Hormone will continue to decline unless you take action and do something to supplement your body's supply.

If you answer "Yes" to at least 4 of the following
short questions,
you are a candidate for orally ingestible somatotropin (HGH).

Are you over 30?  Yes |  No

Do you feel overly "burned-out" at the end of a work day?

Do you have trouble concentrating? 

Have you lost your appetite for sex?  

Has your ability to perform sexually diminished? 

Are your orgasms fewer and farther between?  

Do you find yourself fantasizing about sexual contact,
but taking no action to satisfy those fantasies
with a sexual partner?  

Do you have age spots on your skin?

Is your skin beginning to show signs of wrinkling?

Are you beginning to put on extra weight?

Do you wake in the morning feeling tired?  

Is your hair beginning to thin? 

Do you often feel depressed?

Do you often feel anxious?  

Do you feel pain in your back or joints? 

Do you have less than $2.00 a day to invest in your health?
 Yes |  No

If you answered "Yes" to at least 4 of the questions above, then you are a candidate for somatotropin (HGH) supplementation. Ingestible somatotropin (HGH) has been effective at reversing many of the symptoms above in thousands of clinical studies and for nearly a decade. If you're a candidate, now's the time to act.

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...