Excerpt from "Grow Young & Slim" on GH
by Dr. Nick Delgado

Chapter 8

Grow Younger Now

Dr. Nick Delgado


Myths about human longevity... 

There are examples of people in the world who have lived past 100 years of age, like the Hunza's of Pakistan . However, when we look at these reports very closely, these people have not lived as long as we have been led to believe. The truth was reported in the medical journals showing that to avoid being inducted into the war, the fathers passed their birth certificates on to their sons so it appeared that they were twice as old as they actually were. For example an individual age 70 was reported to be age 140 by adding the fathers age to the sons age with the same birth certificate!

There are examples of long lived cultures in the world living to the age of 90 to 110, and in almost every case these people follow a water rich, fiber rich, low fat diet with a lot of physical activity. Many people in America are reaching the age of 100 plus without a healthy plan to follow. Are these centurions really in good health? Not when you consider their genetics, and barely functioning at the end stages of life. Couldn't we all benefit from what we know about the human body? If we combine what current science has taught us about aging, and apply that research to the proven healthy eating and exercise Slim Plan we can have the best of both worlds. So what really is the upper limits of life span? Somewhere between the ages of 120 to 135 is about accurate in terms of recorded length of man. Can we lengthen that or more importantly can we improve the quality of life up to that point? That is really the goal we have developed for you to Grow Young.

Man age 74 turns the clock back looks 40! 

What if you could live to age 100 in as healthy and as vigorous a condition as you were when you were age 25? Is it possible? Can we help you turn the clock back? I would like to share with you the example of a man age 74, named Bob. He read an article in Longevity magazine and decided to replace his biochemical levels to achieve the fountain of youth. He is a California bodybuilder and after a six-month period of human growth hormone ( or GH) replacement, his body looked like a man of age 28 in great shape! Everyone past the age of 30 begins the process of aging: sagging wrinkled thin skin, increased body fat , sagging breasts, sagging abdomen, pot belly, thin hair and fatigue. The aging clock starts because our biochemical hormone levels are decreasing.

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...


HGH -The Fountain of Youth? 

We have identified the 8 critical hormones that decline with age; the most important one of them is the master hormone known as human growth hormone (HGH ). Growth is somewhat of a misnomer. It is called growth because it is so critical during that phase of growth of all children. Actually the pituitary cells or somatotrophs produce the HGH or Growth factor complex. I will refer to this rejuvenation hormone or fountain of youth hormone as Growth factor complex. As evidence, past the age of forty, if we restore this hormone we can see some rather amazing results in people reversing the signs of aging.

Up until recently the way to administer Human Growth Hormone- HGH was through injection . A few years back as my levels started to decline I decided to undergo HGH injection therapy. I did this for a six-month period under the guidance of three different doctors. I am a researcher and I have studied with some of the top doctors in the country who work with anti-aging therapy. Neal Rouzier MD, Fouad Ghaly MD, Pearl McBroom and Michael Lehman MD have treated over 50 physicians, all of whom were initially skeptical of this new therapy. It is not until one tries this new therapy and experiences the tremendous increased vigor that one realizes the harm that is being caused to the body by the lack of these hormones.

During this six-month period I found a tremendous restoration of my health and fitness levels. However, I was a little discouraged with the cost of this type of therapy. The cost runs over $1200 per month or more and you also have to deal with the discomfort of injections once or twice a day. Most people I talked to felt that even though the therapy sounded valid and worthwhile they would not want to subject themselves to daily injections, let alone the cost involved. So that led me to a search of alternatives that could be utilized by natural replacements.

In 1996 at the Las Vegas Anti Aging conference and in Ohio at the Arnold Schwazenegeer Classic, several research scientists were releasing their newly developed oral sprays, tablets and secretogogues for increasing growth factors. These products were being made available to doctors and professionals in the fitness industry. I began testing and studying each one of them to determine if any of them actually worked. Doctors at that time were skeptical as to whether they could replace the proven injectable method for growth factors. I started using the natural oral growth factors .

HGH is the master hormone. So when I decided to start taking the oral growth factors, I stopped taking all the other natural replacements such as DHEA , melatonin or herbs for testosterone even though I had been measured to be low in these biochemical levels. I wanted to get the feel for what growth factors by itself would do for me. Determined to find out if oral growth factors would replace injections, I had my baseline IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor) level measured before I began any type of oral therapy. The highest measurements of my IGF-1 on injectable were never above 241 ng/ml and after going off of injectables, my levels declined down to between 174 ng/ml and 195 ng/ml. Those levels may be consistent with a man of in his 40's, but they were unacceptable based on youthful goals.

So I began using the oral replacement growth factors and within eight weeks my repeat blood tests revealed my IGF-1 levels had climbed to 349 ng/ml. This was a level you would find in a 25-year-old! I noticed the same very similar exciting results that I had encountered using injection. Physically I noticed increase in strength, increase in muscle density and an improvement in sexual prowess in the bedroom. I was extremely happy to know that I could receive the same results as the injections with the oral replacement. Once I had proven to myself that I had improved physically after two months I continued to re-tested my blood levels at youthful levels. I continued using natural oral growth factors for a full six months without adding any other supplement or hormone. As of this writing I have continued using oral growth factors for almost four years with great results.

I started reviewing the results that were obtained by other doctors using the natural oral growth factor therapy. In 1996 it was difficult to find doctors using the oral therapy because many of them were stuck on the idea that the only way to get good results was through injection. I tried to find why these doctors were so reluctant to try this very simple easy therapy. Some of the doctors I worked with began to decide that perhaps they could alternate therapy between oral replacement and injection to help reduce the cost of replacement therapy and thereby benefit the patient. I proposed that they put the patients on oral replacement only and then compare. Now in the Millennium year 2000 many doctors have tested and added the use of oral growth factors, and other important biochemical hormone replacement therapies to help their patients become younger now.

Low- dosages of hormones are effective because it takes such small amounts to work in the body. For example, our bodies only manufacture up to 100 millionths of a gram of thyroid per day to regulate the entire body of a 200 lb. person! That is just 1 part free thyroid per 10,000 million parts of blood plasma. Human growth factor and hormones are powerful and effective and should be used judiciously and according to the labeled use.

We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN, the ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE and ACTH TESTOSTERONE booster, growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.

Discovery how low dosage works

Some doctors questioned how such small dosages that are used in oral preparations and in homeopathy could get such powerful and effective results. Until physicists Liu, Cruzan, and Saykally at the University of California published a paper in the journal Science, February 1996, Volume 271 , explaining how water could cluster in very specific networks. The networks formed around the originally diluted substances and formed crystalline mirror images, sometimes called (I E )"icy" crystals. Therefore, as some scientists and homeopaths have said before, the networks and I E crystals retain their shape even after the original diluted substances (molecules of HGH ) have vanished! It is theorized that these crystals in low dosages of growth factors balance electromagnetic forces in the body, normalizing body system function.

Doctors test oral growth factors on their patients

One of the principal scientists working to perfect the ultimate grow young products is Roy Dittman. Roy is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with science background. His father is a Physicist, nominated to the 1991 UN Peace Prize. Roy 's Grandfather was one of his countries first astronauts. Dr. Roy Dittman was an Official Team Doctor in the Olympics. He also studied Chinese Medicine and he's co-authored and co-published works on perinatal and early human brain development. And it was during these studies on brain development he began looking for a way to improve IGF-2, which determines IQ and influences cognitive brain function. Dr. Dittman was looking for a way to deliver large molecule proteins with out injections for pregnant women and children. This discovery of Grow Young product could be a future consideration for a Nobel Prize for medicine, in regards to the effects it will have on human aging and health.

The oral delivery of human growth factors include taking the actual growth hormone molecule blue print from a human cell, and through genetic engineering, inserting the molecule into a bacterial culture, where it duplicates and multiplies many times over. This is the same DNA and the identical 191 amino acid molecule that makes up Growth Hormone in Humans. This growth hormone complex is combined with a special, patent pending oral delivery process that was developed by the same scientists working to perfect oral spray insulin for diabetics.

This patent pending substance called a macro-molecular complex (MMC-2000),preserves the skeleton shape of the Growth Hormone complex as it passes through the filters of our mouths' mucous. Growth hormone is a large sequence of 191 amino acids (polypeptides) that makes up the structure of protein found in messenger hormones. These growth hormone and growth hormone releasing precursor proteins (TF-5)are absorbed most efficiently when they are bonded to minerals and enzymes, so they can communicate instructions to all the cells of our body. This macro-molecular complex allows preservation and passage of large molecules of growth hormone into the body. Water molecules acts like other molecules including growth factors or insulin that have been found to be somewhat flexible and distortable. This may explain the way large molecules are able to pas through smaller membrane passageways.

This exciting discovery was demonstrated in Dr. Roy Dittman's studies and conducted on living organisms on the oral absorption of large molecular weigh proteins such as insulin and GH, it was demonstrated that oral absorption was almost as efficient as injections. Micro-dilutions of various hormones are effective in parts per billion or nanograms. When laboratory rabbits were given oral growth hormone with MMC-2000, the glucose response matched that of injectable growth hormone. Blood glucose and insulin are closely tied into the body's constant release of growth hormone. Following the release and introduction into the blood stream of growth hormone, glucose initially drops in the first three hours followed by a rapid rise in glucose three hours later. In this way glucose stays within a safe range of 75 to 120 mg/ml, as the insulin is enhanced by the presence of growth hormone.

Gary Gordon MD, DO, a respected healthy aging doctor with clinics in Arizona , stated in a radio interview I conducted, that good clinical results are being reported by researchers and doctors in their practices using oral growth factors.

Bradford S. Weeks, MD, Medical Director of the Weeks Clinic did a pilot study on the oral growth factor spray. As a pioneer in the use of HGH he had reviewed the anti-aging literature on HGH analogues, secretagogues, homeopathics, sublinguals and precursors. Based on conventionally accepted anti-aging parameters such as IGF-1 and changes in body fat and muscle density, he only administered the "gold Standard" Eli Lilly product injectable to his patients. However, after his experience using oral growth factors spray he changed his belief completely.

Growth hormone can be obtained by a third party representative of UpJohn or Eli Lilly's providing the raw material encapsulated in a natural liposomal polymer matrix (fatty acid base with affinity to the fatty acid walls of our body's cells). Because UpJohn and Eli Lilly have a third party representative buying their pure growth hormone that legally resells to other companies as their sales representative; they do not acknowledge all of there distribution sources. Also, Eli Lilly and UpJohn don't want to compete with their billion dollar injectable business.

The pilot study on 44 patients with 22 on oral spray (original formula without growth factors) and 22 placebo, demonstrated significant benefit and was met with very strong patient satisfaction and compliance. Now Dr. Weeks feels he can offer both injectable Eli Lilly HGH to those who can afford it ($800 to $2,000 a month depending on dosage) and offer the oral growth factors spray (investment $65 to $134 a month depending frequency of sprays---senior athletes can spray more often). Almost all people simply prefer the spray to the injection method.

This is good news as it makes the anti-aging benefits of restoring this vital natural hormone available to the average person who can't afford the high price of injectable HGH. It also prevents the possible problem of overdosing the body or encountering the issue of the body's suppression of HGH because of the built in negative feed back loop of controls sensitive to excessive introduction via the injections. The sprays mimic the tiny frequent bursts released by the body of a youthful person.

Dr. Weeks, in a letter reprinted on the internet dated 8/1/99 stated "The world's literature is compelling responsible physicians to attend to anti-aging measures for our patients and somatotropin (growth factor complex) is the crown jewel in any physician's black bag." Dr. Weeks went on to summarize "This study on oral somatotropin impressed me and being skeptical by nature I find myself surprised at my enthusiasm for this spray product. The option before us now is to offer the benefits of HGH at an affordable and very effective form for our patients."

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...


All 44 patients (half were on placebo) were asked to and did not change their normal exercise or eating habits. Only one person dropped out of the study (the youngest and least likely to benefit). Patients ranged in age from 41 to 82, male and females responded with significant yet not excessive increased IGF-1 levels to "youthful" levels. The average percentage change in the 21 patients on the actual oral growth factors for IGF-1 was over 45% in 60 days. Those on placebo, thinking they were on the product, yet with no active ingredients showed no change in this controlled study. No one went out of the normal youthful range while using growth factors for IgF-1 levels which speaks to the lack of potential toxicity at the 2 sprays three times a day dosage. A significant loss of body fat by 11%, with an appreciated increase in lean muscle mass (as measured by the very sensitive state of the art Tanita machine used in Bariatrics clinics). The overall weight reduction was 4.28% in 60 days as compared to placebo. This shift of weight from fat to muscle (muscle weighs three times more than fat) is further proof that the growth factor spray works and with far less expense. No one in the study using oral spray reported any adverse side effects. All this is great news for patients and the oral spray is available without needing a prescription.

Dr. James Shortt MD., Medical Director of Health Directions in West Columbia , South Carolina was involved with the original landmark study on the reverse aging benefits of growth hormone reported by L. Case Terry and Dr. Rudman in 1986. Although he didn't get credit for his involvement with the study, he was in charge of supervision of the clinical trials on many of the participants seen by L. Case Terry. Dr. Shortt, skeptical about the possibility that Hgh or growth factor complex could be absorbed orally, devised his own in office study of the product formulated by the scientist Roy Dittman and associates. The study results, completed May 6, 1999 on six patients, monitored and tested each person for six weeks using the oral spray, three times a day, held under the tongue for two minutes. Dr. Shortt used a highly respected reference lab to test the blood before and after use of the oral growth factors. (AAL Reference Labs of Santa Ana, California, which is supervised by Alan Broughton MD, Pathologist, renowned expert regarding uptake of hormones).

The oral spray utilized a patented, polymer matrix to encapsulate the large 191 amino acid Hgh molecule (Biotropin-specific peptides). A process that even the large pharmaceutical companies haven't been able to duplicate or mimic even after spending millions of dollars on research, according to Roy Dittman ODM. Dr. Shortt knew that people needed Hgh to slow and reverse the signs of aging, however he stated that injections removed its wide scale use because of cost and the discomfort of the needle. He had tested several of the oral Hgh products provided by various companies looking for a replacement for injectable Hgh. In May of 1999, Dr. Shortt confirmed to me that the oral spray demonstrated a significant increase in IGF-1 levels according to before after blood test results. Furthermore, he said the patients experienced an enhanced feeling of well being, slept better, and reduced body fat.

Stephen Center MD, reported at an Anti-aging conference in La Jolla California , July 17, 1999 his clinical finds on over 100 patients monitored since September of 1998. He found an average increase in IGF-1 of over 40% in his patients using the oral growth factor spray formulated by a team of scientists associated with Roy Dittman. The patients were instructed to use two full sprays three times a day, under the tongue, before brushing teeth in the morning, thirty minutes before eating lunch midday, and again late at night just before sleep. In addition to his patients, Dr. Center and his wife also experience good results. Dr. Center found that his IGF-1 went from the low 200's up to 340 based on blood tests recorded from AAL Reference Labs.

Another pioneer in the use of oral growth factor is F. Pearl McBroom, MD, Internist, Cardiologist and Preventive Medicine Specialist in Southern California, graduate of the University of Chicago , Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, UCLA and USC. Dr. McBroom's face and her body is almost wrinkle free, causing people to mistake her for her daughter 40 years younger than her. She is the "best dancer on the block". Her practice is in Pacific Palisades, California. She has board membership or is a physician or friend to many personalities in the spiritual community including awareness trainers such as Land Mark Education, Tony Robbins, Gary Zukav, and Steven Seagal's Tibetan Monk sharings. She is Physician and Board Member to Muktananda, Siddha Yoga master, Buddhist practices and her Baptist upbringing gives her great joy. She credits these teachers and the creative process and the creator essence dwelling within one's own soul as the true source of being. She has been invited to participate in the development of worldwide true rejuvenation centers seated in Humanitarian services.

Dr. McBroom who has never experienced a hot flash or other hormonal imbalance symptoms through her senior citizenship status hasn't used other hormonal supplementation. She now takes oral growth factor spray (100ng/ml) once or twice a day, increasing her own IGF-1 level from 70 to 163 ng/ml. She modulates the dosage by using more or less sprays of growth factor complex to prevent over stimulation. She noticed tenderness in the ovaries when using too much of the spray. She can regulate the needed dosage based on each patient's age with the number of sprays used or the dosage of the product.

Dr. Pearl McBroom has the longest clinical experience with the original oral growth factor complex starting in 1997 on over 170 patients to date. She is years younger then her days and uses oral sublingual spray developed by a group of scientists for hormonal regulation and the sense of well being. She has documented improvement in greater than 90% of patients studied, including increased energy, enhanced sexual proclivity in men and women, improved mental clarity, and sense of well-being, restoration of IGF-1 and hormone balance. Other improvements include less chronic fatigue, enhanced immune system, rescue from depressive reactions, senile dementia, reduction of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, muscle toning, less wrinkles, and Alzheimer's patients.

One of Dr. McBroom's patients, age 47, who was HIV positive and has a skin cancer Kaposi's sarcoma, started using the oral spray 3 to 4 times a day to build up his IGF-1 level which went from the low 100's to over 300 IGF-1. He also experienced a corresponding exhilaration of living, while his 2,600,000 viral load decreased (within one month) down to 1,600,000 and since then down to 800, and new to zero! This man is vegetarian, slender and fully and successfully employed. He has been followed with conventional treatments for HIV status. Dr. McBroom is using another product called ambrotose that provide 8 monosacharrides from a freeze dried aloe vera base to better cellular communication and tissue normalization.

Bob Goldman MD, PhD, official advisor to the US Olympic team, served on the American College of Sports Medicine, feels hormone usage under doctors' care is one of the most important choices you can make to improve the biochemical factors that cause aging effects. Over time, many people have lowered blood pressure, body fat and cholesterol significantly through lifestyle changes and the use of hormones and growth factors. Over 6,000 Doctors specializing in reversing aging agree worldwide, you need to consider the cause of aging as a decline in the eight key biochemical hormones. To slow aging we simply need to replace those hormones you are deficient in just the way as if you walked into a room with eight lights on and four of the lights were turned down with dimmer switches. The room would become dim and objects would appear less clear and dark. What if you switched back on those four lights and all eight were at fully restored. Everything in the room would be very bright and clear again. This is the way hormones like Growth factors, DHEA, Melatonin, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, and thyroid affect the body. You couldn't function without the proper youthful levels. With them you look and feel younger.

Hgh is one of the most highly researched natural substances with more than 28,000 clinical studies, spanning over 60 years. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (Endocrinology is the study of hormones) are safe, and readily available in unlimited supply. A record number of people are using Hgh since its use started in the United States in 1985.

Advocates of oral Growth factors for anti-aging believe that the potential of growth factors is much broader than the medical community may yet realize. "It all depends on who decides what is meant by the 'deficient'," low dosage growth factors helps ensure safety. The Oral growth factors are derived from a natural fermentation process with the polymer matrix liposomal delivery system. People experience aging and a downward spiral that is frightening. They feel themselves becoming capable of doing less and less, and future deterioration seems inevitable. The objective of longevity research is to turn that into an upward spiral as much as possible, which ultimately becomes self-motivating. As people feel healthier, they act healthier and make better lifestyle choices. Many scientists believe natural hormone supplementation is just one of the tremendous breakthroughs in anti-aging that we'll see over the next decade.

Ronald Klatz, MD, said Hgh might be the most powerful aphrodisiac ever discovered.It enhances exercise performance, allowing you to do higher intensity workouts of longer duration. It reverses the insomnia of later life restoring the deepest levels of sleep. And it brings back a zest for life that many people thought was lost forever."

Steve Novil Ph.D., who works with Dr. Klatz and Dr. Goldman's American Academy of Antiaging (A4M), told me of his studies (unpublished) of oral Growth factors in Las Vegas at the 1998 conference and in April 1999. His independent clinical studies of the oral spray growth factors, reported the following results: 100% of the participants using oral spray Hgh had improvements in energy, 60% reduced cholesterol, 80% reduced blood pressure, and 75% increased libido and sex performance.

According to an unpublished study on 60,000 people during a 6 year period (1989-1996) that cost over 2 million dollars by Dr. Robert Lawrence Ph.D., people using oral Growth Factors showed an average increase of IGF-1 of 30%. In 1999 when I went off of any source of Growth factors my IGF-1 levels dropped to 130 ng/ml. I tested this oral spray product on myself and brought my levels back up to a respectable 255 ng/ml after 8 weeks.

I personally interviewed with a small group of doctors who were willing to test oral Growth factors. The typical patient was age 37 to 74, an equal group of male and female patients. The typical diagnose when they came in to see the doctor, included fatigue, depression, loss of sex drive and hyperthyroidism. These individuals had a baseline test for IGF-1 as well. They were re-tested within two to six months following their initial therapies. The average change in the first eleven patients that I reviewed went from 139 ng/ml to 202 ng/ml, for an average improvement of nearly 40%. The best improvements went from 199 to 282.

Shawna and I both showed a 100% improvement in IGF-1 using oral replacements. We were very consistent about using the oral Growth factors at least three times a day, morning, midday and evening. I went on to check another fourteen patients who had also done baseline tests with their doctor. They also showed remarkable results in how they felt including restored energy , improvement of libido, and a feeling of well being. As we look at the evidence and the research, we all have to take a very careful note of the results.and those results show a true reversal of the symptoms associated with aging.

According to Howard Davis Ph.D. in Los Angeles and John Riesenman MD, practicing Psychiatry in Redland California, listed on our web site www.aginghealthy.net, restoring your natural hormone levels using oral growth factors can benefit you in the following ways:

  • 1 st month - vivid dreams, better sounder sleep, improved stamina, increased energy, and optimistic attitude.

  • 2 nd month - increase muscle tone, strength, skin tone, nail growth, better digestion, reduced fat, enhanced sexual function.

  • 3 rd Month- reduced pain, less PMS, recovery from muscle soreness, faster healing, flexibility and increased muscle mass, faster hair growth, productivity, improved mental processes, increased libido.

  • 4 th Month- continued improvements

  • 5 th Month - reduction in inches, thickening of skin, greater elasticity, less wrinkles, thicker hair, improved fat reduction.

  • 6 th Month - Improved resistance to colds, flu, less pain and soreness, improved exercise tolerance, better emotional stability, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, improved body contour, less cellulite. Combine this with water rich whole food, exercise and supplementation for best results and continued improvements.

When you look at these kinds of results you have to wonder why all doctors don't use this simple Grow Young and Slim therapy. Since hormones decline in all people as they age it's easy to see why so many physicians assume this is natural. However, if a younger person were to be diagnosed with a hormonal deficiency, this would quickly be corrected. Unfortunately, physicians have not been trained to treat middle-aged people with a deficiency if it's believed to be associated with aging. Researchers around the world have shown hormonal deficiency at any age, young or old, require replacement. If you decide to correct your hormones, do it under a doctor's guidance. If you take supplements on your own, without testing, you are self-diagnosing and it would be better to work with an anti-aging doctor willing to work with you. Or you might want to work with you family doctor and educate him with a copy of this book as you Grow Young & Slim.

Can a decline in hormones, cause a decline in your energy levels? How many of you reading this would like to have more energy ? Now if you can barely respond I know you need more energy! Most adults struggle through life with fatigue. Somewhere past the age of 20 or 25 that energy level declines. And what is it? Is it all just a change in eating habits, not enough sleep, or lack of exercise ? The decline in energy is not just lifestyle (diet and exercise); it is also related to a decline in biochemical hormone levels involved with the aging process. When you restore the levels of growth factor complex , DHEA , testosterone, progesterone , and thyroid, your energy levels start to be restored as well. I know my energy levels have improved tremendously.

Oral Growth factors works effectively to restore youth: Shawna obtained her great results using the oral replacement growth factors . Her baseline IGF-1 level started at 221 ng/ml and after 8 weeks of consistent use of the oral replacement, her IGF-1 levels jumped to 424 ng/ml. That is the level of a 20-year-old! Needless to say she was excited to find how simple it was to achieve that level. People around her were noticing the change in her skin texture, muscle tone and her appearance. Shawna at age 39 looks very young and is in great shape.

I remember her calling me after a few months because she had ran out of the product. She had been out for about 4 weeks and was noticing the change. She had not fully realized how beneficial the product was for her until she was without it. Subsequent measurements of Shawna's IGF-1 levels showed a significant decline in her levels when going off the oral growth factor spray for extended lengths of time. Also when trying inferior products her levels declined, until going back on the best quality growth factor product. Since she has been back on the youth restoring growth factor product , she has seen a reduction in cellulite that she was never able to get rid of with exercise . Her mental clarity has improved. Her muscles have become toned and firm and she has increased endurance in the gym and in life in general.

We made certain that Growth factor was the only thing she took after we established her baseline with the best possible diet and exercise program. Once Shawna obtained the benefits of Growth factor, we then encouraged her to replace her other deficient hormones for DHEA , thyroid, melatonin, testosterone, estrogen , pregnenolone and progesterone . Shawna noticed additional improvements in how she looked and felt. Her outlook on life regarding health is one of complete confidence regarding Growing Young and Slim.

Shawna noticed similar results as I did. Her lean weight went up about 4 pounds and her body fat dropped from 28% down to 20%. She remarked that the thing that she noticed the very most was that her body could once again do the things her mind still thought it could do like when she was younger. Our results are indicators of what we consider a reversal in aging. We did nothing different in our eating habits or exercise routine to help maintain our ideal weight. We found out how simple and easy it was to gain that lean body mass and reduce body fat. We follow a low-fat diet, high in water content, rich in vegetables, sprouts , and fruit, along with herbs, vitamins, and minerals. We have experienced the rejuvenate powers of biochemical hormones and supplements to achieve youthful levels.

Some people have a belief that one can wait until they get very old and then we can start doing hormone intervention. However, by that time you have missed a critical period in your life, during which you could've benefited by slowing aging at the start of the aging process. Aging begins for most people at around the age of 25 or 30. We can find out what your hormone levels are and start correcting them at that point. Why not consider aging gracefully? Grow Young & Slim Plan is something that wasn't available to us less than 18 years ago but now that the research is complete we can accomplish reversal of aging symptoms.

I prefer to have the biochemical levels of a 20 to 25 year old instead of that of a 45-year-old. The goal is to look and feel younger than your years. I would encourage people to recognize that a 35-year-old's levels could be as deficient as that of a 70-year-old. Five percent of the people under 40 years old have deficient IGF levels. Past the age of 65, over half of all men and women who appear to be healthy are dangerously deficient in Growth factors with IGF levels less than 350 IU. They could decline to as low as under 50 ng/ml. The lowest my IGF levels dropped to be 126 ng/ml. This is very low for a person of my age and obviously low compared to youthful levels. I have had more than one blood test to take into account the normal variation or fluctuation in hormone levels. It's best to not be too high or too low hormone levels. Compare your range. The ideal levels would be somewhere between 250 and 450. Both Shawna and I have achieved those levels and continue to maintain them simply by taking the oral growth factor replacement.

Adults with low IGF-1 levels under 350 ng/ml have Growth factor deficiency and can choose therapy or supplements, according to the FDA clearance given in 1986. Our levels of Growth factor are highest during adolescence and decline rapidly past the age of 21. The pituitary gland produces Growth Hormone from pituitary cells called somatotrophs. Most HGH secretions occur in brief bursts, or pulses during the early hours of deepest sleep (Stage 4 of REM). Quality sleep is necessary to produce sufficient amounts of HGH. A 20-year-old produces 500 micrograms of HGH per day. A 40-year-old produces only 200 micrograms, and an 80-year-old produces barely 25 micrograms per day! Unfortunately as we age the length and quality of sleep declines and our bodies aren't able to rejuvenate. Growth factors pulse during sleep into the bloodstream and lingers for a few minutes until it reaches the liver and stimulates the production of growth factors such as IGF. IGF-1 or Insulin-like growth factor 1, also known as somatomedin C is responsible for most of the positive benefits of Growth factors.

The Growth factors stimulate the production of insulin like growth factor IGF1 in the liver. IGF-1 then enhances the production of albumin blood protein . Albumin is essential for cell growth and renewal, regulates water balance to maintain hydration of cells, organs and transports nutrients such as amino acids to cells and removes waste from cells. It assists in the digestion of food, transports and buffers excess levels of all hormones, stabilizes blood pH so it's slightly alkaline and not too acidic, and serves as the ultimate antioxidant. Albumin maintains homeostasis or balance of the entire body.

The hypothalamus gland located in the brain monitors our body's Growth Hormone levels. This gland stimulates increased Growth Hormone levels by secreting GHRH ( human growth hormone releasing hormone). If too much Growth Hormone is produced or the body perceives an excessive rise in insulin like growth factor IGF1, the hypothalamus gland can suppress pituitary output of Growth Hormone by secreting somatostatin. Somatostatin shuts down the natural production of Growth Hormone until the levels drop back down in the system. As we get older, an excess increase in somatostatin can cause premature aging.

Scientists & Researchers Studying Aging: Groups of world class scientist have been doing testing for the bioavailablity of nutritional supplements. Scientists working with the original team that developed the MRI, providing the transformer technology are helping to create a better product. We can test nutritional products for electronic response. We read the electronic imprints to find the gateway to disease. Research scientists involved with manufacturing of oral Growth Factors in conjunction with the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois are finding a 6.8 % increase bone density in 6 weeks. Doctors believe that restoring bone density is one of the best biomarkers to measure the reversal of aging and the effectiveness of biochemical hormone therapy. Building bone density can stop a process that starts in most people by the age of 30 and it will help reverse the risk of fractures in seniors. Growth factors also helped the aging of skin because it restores calcium and magnesium, which helps reduce dry skin and wrinkles, associated with aging. Scientists say we are able to prove these oral products do more than just stimulate IGF-1, because IGF-1 is released from a very small amount of Growth factors. Secretogogues like GHB, arginine, and L-Glutamine amino acids do release GH, but the key is to improve bone density.

When 15 people were tested clinically with Growth factors during a 6- week period, researchers documented an increase in IGF-1 level, lean muscle mass and bone density, with a decrease of adipose fatty tissue mass and cholesterol level. It won't be long before the delivery of insulin is accomplished with this type of oral delivery system. Studies of rabbits being given insulin by oral spray directed to the lungs (intra-tracheal) have shown a better response then injecting insulin. The latest studies confirm with radio active isotope the absorption of growth hormone.

Power athletes use Growth factors to build strength and speed: Arkady Koltun MD, Ph.D., Chairman of the Medical Committee for Russian bodybuilding Federation found that growth factor complex increases muscular strength in athletes and power lifters, improves nerve strength, helps infectious disease, fatigue, and hypertension. Two canoe racers improved their speed in rowing; breaking world records and won gold medals in the last Olympics.

Another reason athletes increase the ability to synthesis protein is because growth factors increase in enzymes and RNA molecules which are the messenger for DNA to create more protein, muscle and enzymes. Life functions accelerate, increasing energy, regenerating cells building strength and speed. Athletes should use the oral spray before and after workouts besides the suggested morning, midday, and prior to bed. Five times a day is best for strength athletes to recover from hard workouts. When scientists gave growth factors with IGF-1 muscle tissue increased in size, and growth hormone used at certain dosages was effective in building muscle. It is very important to include intense and strenuous exercise along with the use of Growth factors to create a synergistic effect and develop large, dense, well-defined musculature. Some people take growth factors expecting to get big muscles without exercise. You can get two to ten times the results by adding some weight training to your exercise routine three to six times a week.

People with Multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), arthritis, stiffness and pain associated with inflammation are reporting dramatic age reversing results after two to three months of using growth factors. IGF-1 and growth factors appears to help patients with fibromyalgia. When 50 patients had IGF-1 levels measured, 41 had abnormally deficient growth hormone activity and IGF-1 levels. By restoring IGF-1 levels with oral spray you can reduce pain and increase strength and endurance in these patients.

Can diabetics use oral spray with growth factors?: The effect of using injectable growth hormone can worsen insulin response. However it has been discovered that oral IGF-1 stimulates glucose transport in human muscle tissue. Diabetics can benefit with better utilization of glucose by using oral spray growth factors. It is also very important that diabetics follow our water rich, fiber rich, low fat diet to get to the cause of the problem (read the chapter on Diabetes).

Growth factors reawaken the cells to become more youthful. Growth factors were found in the 1960's and by the 1980's we began to realize how important these little protein molecules are. We have over 40 different types of growth factors that are very small proteins called polypeptides. These small protein growth factors circulate in the blood helping your body to communicate between the nervous system, immune system, and the hormonal system. Growth factors are messenger hormones that work within minutes of their presence to help cells talk to each other. Essentially they control all of your life functions. Growth factors help the cells to talk to each other, even those cells right next to each other, to regulate the aging of cells, and activate cells to be more youthful. Growth factors regulate the regeneration, growth and the aging of cells. Growth factors tell a cell when to live, when to die and when to specialize and perform only certain functions for the body. Without these growth factors we would become very ill. As we age, cells slow down and we need growth factors to awaken them to a more active phase.

Growth factors help the DNA repair itself prior to cell division. Growth Hormone initiates the transport of amino acids and nucleic acids into the cell. IGF-1 allows the transport of nucleic acids into the nucleus of the cell where the DNA resides. This gives the cell the raw material needed to repair damage to the DNA and initiate cell division and slow the aging process. IGF-1 carries out most the anabolic effects of building and repair. These growth factors, when prepared in small dosages oral spray makes improved communications between cells possible sending signals and setting in motion the way cells use DNA. This stimulates the body's defenses, healing, and growth repair processes.

New cells are replacing dying cells in our body every minute at the rate of over 300 million replications! Communication between cells via growth factors to regulate and repair DNA before the cells next replication is critical to the healing process. Taste buds replace themselves every two weeks. The skin replaces every four weeks. The liver is renewed every six weeks. Your bones are completely replaced every year. Nearly 98% of all of our bodies' one hundred trillion living cells are replaced every year with new cells. If there is damage in the DNA coding, then this same defect will continue to replicate. In the case of arthritis , the same crippled joint is replaced with unhealthy tissue. The science of using actual human growth factors , stimulates the correction, repair and healing of the DNA feedback system. This actually allows the body to heal itself at the origin of the problem.

Growth factors such as IGF-1 spray, drops, or chewable tablets absorb in the mouth (sublingual ) and balance the electromagnetic field with low dosage signals. This energy field is based on the same principal we've learned about when using acupuncture points for healing the body. This is an awesome and wondrous way to enhance the nervous system, immune system, hormone system and all other systems of the body. Add in raw enzyme rich food with herbs, supplements, daylight, exercise , fresh air and water to restore healthy cells.

Under healthy conditions, the large white cells that migrate in the tissues, called macrophages , secrete growth factors such as IGF-1, PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor, TGF B 1 (Transforming growth factor-beta 1), GM-CSF (granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor) and acidic and basic fibroblast growth factors. These growth factors all regulate cell growth and repair. Cellular repair and the building up of the body's lean mass require protein anabolism and recovery from early inflammatory responses. Healing involves both proper immune system functioning; energy producing processes, and cell to cell communication to avoid muscle wasting associated with age. For example, when lean body mass is reduced to 65% of the ideal body weight, life can no longer be supported and death will occur.

The product with Growth factors including IGF-1 helps enhance mental clarity, endurance, reduction of pain, inflammation, fever, PMS and menopause symptoms. Many researchers and bodybuilders believe that IGF-1 and the complex of growth factors is going to be as important a supplement as HGH has proven to be for looking and feeling younger.

The oral product contains the actual recombinant HGH to assist in lean body mass and muscle strength as reported by athletes, and improvements in energy , endurance, and boosting the immune system.

A great advantage in using oral stimulators and Growth factors is the convenience of frequent use during the morning, midday and evening. To mimic the body, Growth Hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland in pulses as often as 9 to 29 times per 24-hour period. Most of the activity and release into the body occurs during the night especially during early hours of sleep between 10 pm and 2 am, additional spurts of Growth Hormone come in the morning when you waken, and some spurts release in the late afternoon (3 to 4pm). Growth Hormone stimulates the production of IGF-1 (as well as other growth factors) which accounts for most of the anabolic effects of building the body.

Growth factors have a 70 amino acid chain that is smaller than the larger 191 amino acid chain growth hormone molecule. Insulin is about the size of growth factors. Research teams are in the final trials of testing the absorption of oral insulin spray with excellent results.

Laboratories are using liposomes to encapsulate insulin or growth factors. The liposomes carry the large molecule into the layers of the mouth and slowly release the growth factors into the system.

Roy Dittman's team of researchers are using polymers in micro-dilution of insulin or growth hormone complex at the University of Illinois . Radioactive labeling of insulin injected into rabbits is proving over 55% absorption into the tissues compared to a 63% by injection. Growth hormone has been measured to absorb with oral polymers at nearly 100%. This gives further proof oral sprays of large molecules is effective as a delivery system. Growth factors therapy by injection could cost as much as $2,400 to $7,500 a month. Now that oral growth factors are available the cost has dropped too less than $60 to $100 a month.

The growth factors absorb into the cells without being broken down by the liver. Growth factors are like messenger hormones, and they work within minutes of use. Growth Hormone has a half live of only 20 minutes before it disappears (completing its job of stimulating and increase in production of IGF-1), and IGF-1 has a half-life of over 20 hours. It can continue to exert its positive effects for a full day!

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...


In the mid 1980's companies started producing Growth Hormone through recombinant DNA technology. Special DNA is inserted into the DNA of microorganisms like yeast or friendly bacteria, causing the organism to reproduce a large supply of the identical 191 amino acid molecular make-up of our bodies own Growth Hormone. In the early 1990's a scientist formerly with the NIH (National Institutes of Health), Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D., Studied actual recombinant Growth Hormone and Growth factors oral delivery systems. By combining modern biotechnology, molecular biology and homeopathic principals, an alternative method of HGH delivery became available.

In 1995, Dr. Barbara Brewitt at University Health clinic in Washington and Dr. Leanna Standish, N.D, Ph.D., Director of Research at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine did a four-month double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study to measure the power of oral growth factors to enhance the immune system. Twenty-one patients with depressed immune systems or high viral activity and associated fatigue were tested. None of the patients were subjected to conventional antiviral drugs. One group was given only oral growth factors with natural supplements of herbs, vitamins and minerals. The comparison placebo group was given the natural supplements of herbs, vitamins and minerals without oral growth factors. Later the study included a crossover where the placebo group later was given the actual growth factors. Replication of the double-blind placebo controlled study occurred in seven different cities around the country on another 56 immune depressed patients. Research continued on a group of the patients for another two and one half years.

All clinical studies performed by Dr. Brewitt on the oral products (human growth factors), were based on the standards of the "Institutional Review Board" composed of independent medical and scientific professionals associated with universities and medical treatment facilities.

Results of enhanced immune function, increased strength: The results of all of these clinical studies showed that oral administration of growth factors strengthened the immune system and enhanced metabolism to fight viral activity as compared to placebo. People taking the oral growth factors (including IGF 1) gained up to 10 pounds of needed weight including muscle mass with one-third of them reaching ideal body weight. They had reduced rate of infection, lessened viral activity, improved T4 white cell counts, reduced inflammation throughout the body based on Sedimentation rates, improved mineral metabolism (especially calcium and phosphorus retention), all without side-effects. The placebo groups taking only herbs, vitamins and minerals without the oral growth factors; experienced increased infections and viral activity, decreased T4 counts, and loss of weight, especially of lean muscle mass. These homeopathic growth factors (Cell Signal Enhancers® ) enhance communication between your bodies' cells and cause better uptake of nutrients, which is very important to immune health and physical strength.

We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN, the ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE and ACTH TESTOSTERONE booster, growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.

Benefits of oral product increase Muscle mass and Mental clarity

Dr. Brewitt went on to test the physiological effects of oral growth factors with healthy people ages 18 to 54 years old in a one month double-blind placebo controlled study. She wanted to see if oral administration of oral growth factors could have positive effects on healthy people just like the higher concentrations of injectable HGH. This was the first time a clinical study showed that Growth factors taken orally could cause measurable effects in the blood stream. While the placebo group had no changes in their blood IGF 1 levels, the group using sublingual Growth factor (allowed to absorb in their mouth) had an 18 to 40% increase in blood IGF 1 levels within two to four weeks! Additionally, Dr. Brewitt measured T 4 white blood cell counts and found the immune systems of the people on treatment became stronger in measurable ways. People taking the oral Growth factor gained lean muscle mass , felt stronger and more powerful with a greater enthusiasm for life and increased mental clarity .

Depression elimination with growth factor: Dr. Brewitt has also conducted two different very small clinical studies on low dosage oral IGF 1 to evaluate how this molecule effects the nervous system. Insulin like growth factor IGF- 1 is found all over the body, including the nervous system where it acts like a neuropeptide. In her clinical trials, she studied people who were healthy, but were psychologically depressed. The oral IGF 1 treatment surprised the psychotherapists who were seeing these people because these people felt better rapidly and measurably decreased or eliminated their depression after several months on treatments compared to placebo. What was most surprising was the finding that such low dosages of growth factors and growth hormone stimulators were effective.

Benefits of using growth factors: I would like to review with you some other improvements that have been noted in the literature. There have been literally thousands of medical journals that have tracked the results of people using this revolutionary healthy aging treatment with and growth factors. Chronic viral infections including herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis viral, coxsackie B, Epstein bar virus, HIV type wasting, leukemia, adenocarcinoma, and diabetes have been helped by competing with viruses for the same genetic sites.

From his breakthrough pioneer work in 1986 using recombinant Growth Hormone on a group of elderly patients, and as Dr. Rudman reported in the medical journals; less cellulite, less wrinkles, thicker skin and collagen, sharper vision, and improved memory. The results included increased energy , better exercise performance, cardiac output improvements, a stronger heart, stronger bones to reverse the conditions of osteoporosis, wounds healing more rapidly, an overall 8.8% gain in muscle mass and a body fat reduction of nearly 14.4%, and re-growth of organs. In fact as we get older the liver, the spleen, the kidneys and the heart all decline in size and volume. I have noticed in athletes, especially body builders, when they are taking high levels of injectable HGH, sometimes the abdomen enlarges in size a little bit. That happens because they are actually restoring the size of their organs.

A further great accomplishment of Growth Factors is that it has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol , the bad cholesterol. You have to take a moment to understand how important a breakthrough this is. LDL is the cholesterol that forms the plaques in the arteries. Heart attacks and strokes kill more Americans than all other causes combined. So if we have a natural way to help people bring their cholesterol levels down, it can actually help to dissolve the plaques in arteries and restore the arteries to more youthful healthful levels. This is a tremendous breakthrough. I have been working with patients over the last 25 years and have written 8 books, which emphasized how to lower cholesterol with several recipes. I noticed that as people got older, many times even with good healthful cholesterol free recipes rich in dietary fiber , their cholesterol level went up with age. I couldn't account for this for any other reason because we monitored their food records and we knew they were on a zero cholesterol diet.

Oral Growth factor replacement is a great way to help restore the youthfulness of the arteries, because it lowers the bad LDL cholesterol . What does that mean? It means that we probably can eradicate and reduce the incidence of heart attacks and strokes with a change in diet, through the natural fibers that do lower cholesterol and by restoration of hormone therapy. We know that lower blood pressure has been accomplished through restoring Growth factors. Many doctors have reported Growth Hormone caused improvements in the elasticity of the arteries and circulation reducing the levels of blood pressure.

Dr. Chin and Dr. L. Cass Terry did some studies on 200 patients during the years of 1994-1996. They monitored these people and measured their levels for hormone baseline and found that these people were low and deficient in IGF-1 growth factors as well as some of the other critical hormones. They decided to restore those hormones with the patient's consent. These individuals improved dramatically in the following areas. In fact the improvements measured across the board from 51% to 88% in energy . Improvements in emotional status, in sexual performance, in attitude, in memory, and skin texture improved as well. The skin thickness and elasticity increased, as well as the reported disappearance of wrinkles was also noted. Muscle strength improved, the size of the muscles increased, body fat was reduced, and as well as an increase in exercise tolerance and endurance. All improved using natural hormone replacement therapy. This was recorded in less than a two-year period in individuals past the age of 40.

Aging is a correctable by improving function and structure: People who produce little or no Growth Hormone because they've had their pituitary gland removed or have Pituitary tumors or disease are deficient in Growth factors and age rapidly. They have a reduced sense of well being, lower energy , vitality and capacity for work. They exhibit poor memory, mood swings, anxiety, and depression and feel socially isolated. Their body fat increases especially around the waist. They have a decrease in muscle mass and wrinkled, thin, prematurely damaged or aged skin. Dr. Bengtsson in Sweden studied 333 patients for 30 years who were diagnosed with pituitary insufficiency. They were given cortisone, thyroid and sex hormones without Growth Hormone. The human growth hormone (HGH) deficient patients died prematurely of cardiovascular disease twice as often as the general population. In studies in Denmark and England with patients deficient in HGH after only six months of replacement patients showed improvements both physically and mentally. Once people start the treatment they don't want to stop. Friends and relatives also notice the differences of Grow Young and Slim therapy.

How to stop aging and begin Growing Young and Slim: Our aging pituitary gland has the ability to release as much HGH compared to when we were younger only if the gland is adequately stimulated. Somatostatin is a substance that increases with age and inhibits or blocks the secretion of HGH. Also as we age, the regulator GH-RH (Human growth hormone -releasing hormone) that stimulates the release of HGH, becomes less sensitive to our bodies requests or signals for HGH. Another problem is our body tissues and organs become less able to utilize HGH action.

Aging is a deficiency or the inability to use HGH similar to insulin resistance that occurs with type II diabetes . With Diabetes studies prove that excess fat in the diet desensitizes the insulin receptor sites so insulin can no longer help push sugar into the cells. When you decrease fat in the diet, insulin becomes efficient and able to push sugar into cells as needed, reducing blood sugar levels. Reducing calorie intake increases HGH levels.

The Grow Young and Slim type plan reverses aging: Years ago, Arnold Schwazenegeer was in a movie called "Staying Hungry" . It was about competitive body builders and Arnold pursued his goal of being the best by staying hungry for success, always striving to be the best, and never becoming complacent or overly satisfied. Arnold would say "to be muscular and have a low body fat you must stay hungry! Don't overeat, eat less calories than you think you need and always be slightly hungry." Obesity suppresses HGH secretion. Research shows that restricting calories will restore the IGF-1 receptors in the cells by as much as 100% as you grow older. Eating small meals only when your hungry and reducing fat can do this. You should eat a water rich diet of vegetables, salads, vegetable soups, and fruit while avoiding meat, oil, dairy products, cheese, eggs and butter. One day a week it would be best to take in blended vegetable and fruit drinks of 32 to 64 oz. in the morning, afternoon and evening. This cleansing can increase HGH levels dramatically. To reverse the disease called aging and slow the signs of age, combine diet and exercise with Growth factors to achieve youthful levels.

Intense exercise at 70 to 85% of maximum lift during weight lifting and aerobic exercises like running, stair stepping, stationary biking or treadmill at 40 to 70 percent of maximum oxygen uptake, improves the release and efficiency of HGH . I have enjoyed training with weights ever since I was 12 years old. For more than thirty years I have worked out to stay strong, fit and to look better. I work out at least three to five times a week. Aerobics before or after weight training gives me more energy . Exercise increases the rate at which you can burn fat . Now we have learned that training increases HGH and IGF-1 levels.

Stress is one of the worst depressors of HGH because of the increase levels of Cortisone. Cortisone is released during times of stress from loss of jobs, divorces, remarriages, deaths in families, or excessive exercise . Small levels of cortisone is necessary to good health, however excess levels will cause catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue, premature aging, and a decline in HGH levels. The cause of stress must first be addressed. Be to bed by 10 p.m. and get enough sleep or naps to restore the production of hormones. Use prayer, meditation, attend counseling, avoid negative stressful people, avoid alcohol, and coffee. Supplement with small dosages of DHEA in conjunction with Growth factors to counterbalance cortisone and the effects of stress.

Safe use of natural oral Growth factor: Take biochemical hormones sensibly in low dosages. The use of sublingual growth factors allows delivery to mimic the bodies natural release into your own system. This is safe because even if you accidentally used the whole bottle of Growth factors all at one time, you would be ingesting no more than 5,000 ng to 60,000 ng. Now if this sounds like a lot, it actually is not, because Nanograms are a very small measurement of billionths! Furthermore if this amount were ingested at one time it would only be wasted and or excreted, because the body can only use small amounts at daily intervals. It is virtually impossible to cause any side effects with these extremely small dosages.

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...


One injection of growth hormone contains over 500,000 ng for one I.U., with some athletes using over 5,000,000 million ng per day! Therefore oral spray is an obvious safe guard since it's virtually impossible to overdose on only 300 to 2000 ng per day or 50 to 350 ng per spray. Also, the product should only be used by those past the age of 20, unless under a doctors guidance, and not for use by pregnant or nursing women. Oral growth factors are used in safe sensible dosages and it can be used in competition because it is considered by athletes to be a nutritional supplement. Athletes and bodybuilders look forward to using oral growth factor complex because they get the benefits without the side effects.

Abuse by Professional & Olympic athletes with injectable HGH: The use of HGH by Olympic Athletes is quite common, because generally speaking there is no current test to detect if an athlete is using HGH injections, or oral supplements. Anabolic steroids are easily detected by testing and are banned for use by Olympic athletes. Ben Johnson had his record disqualified because of testing positive with steroids. The injection was made into scar tissue and stayed longer in his system then the expected time and he failed his urine test. The female athletes apparently use a bulb of urine from a friend placed in the vagina and squeeze at the time of drug testing. The popular use of HGH by athletes was reported in Time Magazine during the last Olympics. New records were set because of the stimulating muscular growth factors of biochemical replacements. Unfortunately, some athletes have abused the use of HGH with injectables. Excessive use of 20 iu's a day can result in hypertrophy of the heart and damage of heart valves. Stress Echocardiogram can detect early stages of heart problems.

Side effects of high dosage injection of HGH: The only reported side effects were in individuals taking too high of a dosage using injectable HGH . If we compare the high dosage used by injection the use is about one quarter to one I.U. or 250,000 nanograms per I.U. Bodybuilders and athletes have used as much as 30 to 100 I.U.'s per week while the normal dosage of injectable HGH Nutrophin is between 4 I.U. to 12 I.U.'s per week. Excessive use of HGH can lead to a risk of Acromegaly -or giantism with pronounced forehead, jaw line, and larger nose and feet. Giantism would take over 30 years to develop using excessive dosages of injectable. Carpal tunnel syndrome (painful stiff joints) from excess fluid retention can occur in people not exercising. Reduced dosage and more frequent use reversed the problem. Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) is much less common. High dose, long term use of HGH can cause insulin resistance, diabetes , arthritis and hypertension. If side effects appeared the individuals were asked to reduce the dosage until the side effects disappeared.

By using the natural oral growth factors, as IGF-1 increases and tissue re-hydration occurs, some people report slight ache in the wrist or shoulder. This will pass soon, especially if you are exercising to prevent fluid retention and following a low-fat , low-salt diet. This added water in the organs and muscles of the body would improve your strength and performance doing your daily activities.

Less cancer in acromegaly because they were protected by HGH. According the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism , August 1998, Volume 83, In acromegaly with excessive levels of HGH in their system present during most of their life. "The overall cancer incidence rate (new cancers at any site in the body including breast, thyroid, colon, lung, or prostate ) was lower than that in the general population in the United Kingdom . The overall mortality death rate was not increased when compared to the general population. Death rate from colon cancer and cardiovascular heart disease was slightly higher than the expected rate for the general population. If HGH were a risk for cancer, you would expect a higher rate of new cancers at all sites and a higher death rate from all types of cancer. The findings reported less cancer in people with high HGH levels than those compared to people with normal HGH levels! From this information, HGH and IGF1 replaced at ideal levels would not increase the risk of cancer; it may add a protective factor.

In a study sited from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Vol. 84 June 1999 of 46 acromegaly (giants over seven feet tall) covering a 14 year period there was no cancer of the prostate found in men age over 60, 40 to 60, or under 40! Doctors were glad to see this study, because it included men over 60 where you would most certainly have the highest risk for prostate cancer. The giants had consistent problems with benign prostate hyperplasia or simple enlargement of the prostate. You would expect to see this in giants with overactive growth hormone levels. Also it is surprising to note that giants tend to have very low testosterone levels (hypogonadism). These low levels of testosterone are now believed to put men at higher risk for enlarged prostate, especially if the estrogen levels are elevated.

Can Growth factors build the immune system to help fight cancer? 

Is it possible that growth factors may reduce the risk of cancer? Cancer becomes more dangerous as a risk with age. Cancer is considered the second leading cause of death in the United States following heart disease , stroke and heart attack. One of the important factors to overcome or reduce the incidence of cancer is our own bodies' immune system. We have the ability to reduce the risk of cancer by maintaining the blood in a slightly alkaline state with diet and supplements and by enhancing our own immune factors and lymphatic system. The lymphatic system has a very extensive circulating system throughout the body. If you were to take the whole lymphatic system together it is a greater system and takes up more mass and more fluid volume than the entire blood stream in your body. How efficient are your lymphatic system, your white cells and your killer T cells?

What if you have depressed IGF-1 and HGH levels? We know the answer to this because with age, there is a decline in hormone levels as compared to when you were younger and an increase in the incidence of cancer. How could this be? Clearly as we restore or increase the levels of HGH we would expect a decline in the risk of cancer. It is true that IGF-1 increases above normal levels in people with deficient levels, after someone develops cancer. This increase in IGF-1 is to cope with the inflammation caused from cancerous tumors. The increased IGF-1 could not possibly have caused the cancer, otherwise you would see a high incidence of cancer in young children and yet we see the opposite. The decreased risk of cancer is associated with a strong immune system and higher youthful levels of HGH, as well as DHEA , Melatonin , and testosterone. Exciting research is now under way with these various hormones to fight cancer.

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Dr. Edmund Chin and L. Cass Terry's researched over 800 people ranging in age from 40 to 74, who had their HGH levels restored to youthful levels. You would have thought that we would have seen some incidence of cancer just because of their advanced age, however we discovered absolutely no evidence of cancer in all 800 people.

One patient who had a proven case of prostate cancer was warned that there was no way of knowing what would happen with hormone therapy. The patient requested the youth restoring hormone therapy to see if it might help his condition. When they restored the IGF-1 levels the prostate cancer improved according to the PSA levels and follow up biopsies. Blood testing on other patients given hormone therapy showed the PSA levels were reduced and had less risk of prostate cancer. According to this preliminary evidence, I would predict we will find an overall decline in cancer rates when we examine middle-aged and senior citizens who have restored these hormone levels to youthful levels.

The most convincing study completed in June of 1999 regarding the use of Growth factors and the lack of the presence of cancer, came from Japan where over 32,000 patients were treated with Human growth hormone for 22 years. Children days old following birth to age 15 were receiving injections of HGH and they were monitored for any signs of Leukemia (cancer of increased white blood cells). Doctors were surprised and happy to find no added risk of leukemia in these 32,000 patients. This is one of the largest groups of patients ever studied for cancer risk. Six of the nine patients that developed leukemia had been exposed to known risk factors of radiation, chemotherapy, or Fanconi's anemia.