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HGH and Cancer

Many studies have been done to determine the effects of cancer and HGH. In the end, research show that robust levels of HGH just may prevent many cancers. Dr. Chen and Dr. Terry rendered a landmark study involving over 800 people with HGH injections for two years. Ironically, Dr. Chen and Dr. Terry could not report cancer from any of their patients. Dr. Terry said, "With 800 people over the age of about 40, you would think that given normal incidence rate of cancer, some of these people would get cancer. It could be that there is some sort of protective effect from growth hormone replacement."

Look at teenagers who are roaring with high levels of HGH. If HGH caused cancer, shouldn't every teenager get cancer? HGH does not cause cancer; it prevents it. Based on our work, it is our opinion that insufficient HGH is a key factor to why we develop many cancers as we age.

However, when it comes to cancer, a high level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) appears to be the culprit. IGF-1 regulates growth hormone just like insulin regulates glucose. The problem seems to be high levels of IGF-1 without proper ratios of HGH have been associated with an elevated risk of cancer. The human body is all about ratios and balance to remain in optimum health and vitality. Anytime insulin to glucose, testosterone to estrogen, HGH to IGF1, or any other ratio gets out of balance in human physiology, illness seems to happen. It's only natural.

The reason there are so many lies about products that increase HGH is because they use IGF-1 as their "evidence". Called a somatomedin-C test, it has been used as a test for the presence of HGH in your blood. But it doesn't look for HGH, it looks for IGF-1.

Using the IGF-1 test is unreliable because if you consume food, sugars or amino acids, your IGF-1 levels will significantly increase and your HGH levels will decrease. When you fast, the opposite happens, HGH increases and IGF-1 decreases. Since many factors raise and lower IGF-1, the IGF-1 test is considered unreliable by experienced clinicians for measuring HGH levels.

We urge you to protect your health from those who claim to raise IGF-1 only without using raising actual HGH to accomplish it. Please read about the IGF-1 Abstract our research team provided to the world to stop this gross misrepresentation.

We have served many thousands of clients over two decades. No one has ever claimed that our AEON or Oral HGH products have ever caused cancer. BUYER BEWARE: We do suspect elevated levels of IGF-1 can potentially promote cancer development, so please be on guard about people who claim to raise HGH by raising IGF-1.

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