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You may be being tricked by dishonest "HGH suppliers"...


Amino acids "mock" HGH to the liver. This consistently provides a false elevation of serum IGF-1, allowing you to be tricked by dishonest "HGH" suppliers claiming to elevate your natural growth hormone levels. Most of these products do not increase HGH, they increase only IGF.

These false reads are created using the standard Somatomedin-C test (IGF-1 test). IGF-1 testing is the standard test to confirm endogenous HGH levels because the most accurate test is difficult, requiring many blood draws over several hours.

If IGF-1 (Somatomedin C) testing were banned, most of the pills, capsules, fizzies, sprays, and other products claiming to elevate human growth hormone would be banned as well.


The amino acid arginine will increase HGH levels for approximately five weeks at thirty gram daily doses, which are dangerously high levels to the liver and kidneys, for only five weeks. Any dose lower will not.

The next time you see a pill, capsule, fizzie, or spray check the ingredients. If the source material is not recombinant, bio-identical, Human Growth Hormone, do not buy it.


What is written here will allow you to do the right thing. Please commit five or so minutes right now so you will know the facts to properly care for your well being.

We have publicly challenged these "HGH suppliers" that do not use recombinant, bio-identical, Human Growth Hormone to scientifically demonstrate that their "HGH products" actually increase HGH (not IGF) and to refute the scientific data we have here for over ten years that their products do not increase HGH...

No one, not a manufacturer, CEO, scientist, researcher, PhD, or anyone else, has accepted our challenge. Why? Because the truth is right hereWe unconditionally guarantee that.




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There are many products that claim to increase growth hormone. Most of these are some combination of amino acids containing arginine, ground up cow pituitary, and/or herbal supplements. These products are often labeled as "boosters", "stimulators", "promoters", "precursors", "secretagogues", "effervescent's", "homeopathic releaser's", "homeopathic/oral dilute sprays", "IGF-1 maximizers", "supporting compounds and synergists", and other similar inferior "HGH" type products - whether found in the form of a pill, powder, patch, liquid, capsule or spray.

If there is any "science" behind these products, the only "science" is based on a Somatomedin C (IGF-1) test providing a false read.  

These products cannot work.
It is scientifically impossible

The creators of these supplements hide behind a false tests or they use "bait and switch" third party clinical studies based on actual HGH injections to mislead you, which is illegal. The Federal Trade Commission is attempting to stop this.

We have tried to educate the public for many years about these deceptive practices. The research (below) was originally provided to the medical community in the 1990's. We proved that these products lack efficacy and can be potentially harmful.



If it is a pill or capsule, there is no
 or GF in that pill or capsule ...period.
Any HGH you swallow is
destroyed by stomach acid.


For example, these suppliers claim IGF (insulin like growth factor) as their marker for evidence of HGH production. This is deceptive and potentially harmful. Many other markers must be examined at the same time. This has been proven in study after study.

Consuming cola or candy soars IGF, however your HGH levels plummet. Imagine a major soft drink or candy bar maker plastering on their packaging and commercials "Increases HGH!" The way the rules are written right now, they legally can. This "loophole" is how these suppliers are misleading the public.

In fact, if IGF testing were no longer used as a co-marker for measuring HGH, there would be no ability to make these erroneous, deceptive and potentially harmful claims and the consumer would ultimately be limited to a small number of ethical ways to raise growth hormone levels in the bloodstream.

Again, we have publicly challenged anyone to refute this information for almost a decade. To date, we have yet to have a single manufacturer, scientist, researcher, doctor, professor or anyone else accept our challenge. Why? Because the truth is inarguable.



Amino Acids at reasonable doses will increase IGF but will not increase HGH.


As you will see, there is no evidence that amino acids directly increase HGH, except at very high doses of approximately 30 grams and this is for a few weeks only. These massive doses are not practical and can be harmful to the kidneys and liver as well.

Again, we openly welcome and challenge anyone to refute this mountain of evidence compiled by AntiAging Research and researchers all over the world.


Studies Show elevated IGF without a corresponding elevation of HGH, called "ratios", can be severely hazardous to your health, such as diabetes, auto immune disorders and cancer.

However, thousands more studies prove that proper "ratios" of elevated IGF with corresponding elevated HGH is extremely beneficial to your health.

Other than being under age 30, consistent resistance exercise, nutrition and sleep - supplementing with bio-identical HGH is the best solution.


One primary way -- other than consistent resistance exercise, sleep, nutrition, inhibiting the anti growth hormone substance called "somatostatin" (so-ma-toe-statin) and being under age 30 -- is the administration of genuine growth hormone or growth factor. In 1996, we pioneered a process that does not require an injection for these molecules. 

This is about our AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer with growth factor. Oral administration simply cannot be done with any pill or tablet that is swallowed or with any other company’s purported HGH spray that we have researched.

The Federal Trade Commission fortunately now appears to recognize the urgency of these deceptive practices and is currently challenging these "suppliers" for their evidence or demanding them to stop this gross misrepresentation. However, it is also a very big, sad, mess.

Since the very beginning (mid nineties), we have always tried to work with the FDA and FTC and we have always sought an open book dialog with them. Read our recommendation research letter by former FDA attorney, James Lenick. In 2007, the FDA headed by special agent John Zelinski, raided one of our wholesale clients with 27 armed guards, rifles, etc. It was a Rambo, commando type raid and they confiscated one case of the product, and their computers, because they went on the radio to advertise. For over eleven years, we have implored the FDA for years to tell us that what we are doing is against the law, to no avail, in spite of these random enforcement's. It looks like come to something we may have to sort out in court.

The FDA tried to convict Kevin Trudeau, who wrote the book, "Natural Cures." There also was an organic cherry juice company that was convicted of making false claims and selling "cherry juice" as a drug, because the company said "cherry juice helps gout". They were convicted, wow.

I do not wish to bad mouth anyone here and I believe that these are good men following a directive and their oath, but from whom does this ultimate directive come from? Men like John, can be nether cruel nor kind, only professionally indifferent to be a good agent. I am not much of a conspiracy person, so if it isn't the big bad pharmaceutical giant, what is going on here? I hope fundamentally, it is the vague language of law left to the whim of the enforcer, and not an illicit agenda, because some of the cases appear ludicrous.

I spoke with John Zelinski a few times; he seems like a genuine man with a trace of consternation about certain unfair aspects of the law. I do not be live he was always liking what he is told to do. The law is also confusing and subject to interpretation, I asked Mr. Zelinski three separate times about the legality of these products and to investigate. I vowed to him that I would honor in a heartbeat whatever he discovered. That was September of 2005 and I have never heard back from him.

We need good government to protect the American consumer form tainted food, e-coli, and poisonous drugs, other substances and malevolent intent. However, we clearly need additional reforms, because to take down a cherry juice company or an author for his book or not respond to our questions and then commando a client's tiny little store with 27 armed agents, seems clearly a futile waste of taxpayer money to me. For me, it begs the question, is this the really government's job to protect the consumer from an organic cherry juice company, etc? Changes must be made and perhaps the next presidential administration may realize how many millions of dollars could be saved on eliminating such dubious allegations.


What about some of these homeopathic growth hormone products?


Indeed, many homeopathic preparations do appear to have some value, BUT THE VERY LAW OF HOMEOPATHY DOES NOT ALLOW FOR, NOR PROVIDE FOR THE PROCESSING OF AN HGH MOLECULE

It simply cannot possibly work. It violates every aspect of known science. Additionally, the odds of just one HGH molecule inside of a one ounce bottle of a homeopathic 30x HGH preparation are trillions to one. 
Where is the molecule?


How can a homeopathic HGH product (30x) have 1 molecule of HGH & parts of


alcohol, water or glycerin have any therapeutic value?
Try to fathom this: This number is the equivalent of a container of alcohol, water or glycerin more than 30 million times the size of our solar system's sun relative to one molecule of Growth Hormone.

One Molecule...

Furthermore, based on such "formulations", the odds of you getting even one single molecule of Growth Hormone in the bottle you purchased?

Trillions and trillions and trillions to one.

Supposedly, this "essence" of the homeopathic growth hormone molecule, mega-trillions times smaller than an actual growth hormone molecule, somehow has a therapeutic value. This either violates every neuron of logic we possess or we all here at AntiAging Research Laboratories missed class that particular day on quantum theory.

This truly baffles us at AntiAging Research. No wonder homeopathic growth hormone can be sold so inexpensively.

No increased HGH: No Benefit

Additionally, alcohol literally fractures and destroys the fragile growth hormone molecule. Most homeopathic "formulations" use alcohol as their base. Therefore, even if there was any HGH, the alcohol would render it useless. Ask them if their"formulation" contains alcohol. If it does... run! 

And critically, if the HGH molecule does not have a delivery vector it cannot be delivered to the cells in your body. We have yet to find a homeopathic formulation with a scientifically proven delivery vector. This seems logical to us since there is nothing to deliver anyway.

In Western Medicine, to be effective on human anatomy, we look at values and ratios, like milligram per kilogram ratios, not molecules per galaxy. Please read more about homeopathy here.


AEON HGH has been clinically researched,and is bio-identical, growth factor with a 10 year track record of life changing proof from the industry founders, AntiAging Research Laboratories.




...the best solution


Our Physician's Strength AEON 5000 is the most potent, highest quality, ingestible growth factor supplement to increase HGH available. AEON 5000 provides a strong enough, but safe enough to be effective product to assist you in your life's journey of well-being.

We pioneered the use of oral growth hormone over a decade ago. We did it telling the truth. 

Our original formulation was so distinctly different from so-called HGH "boosters", "stimulators", "promoters", "precursors", "secretagogues", "effervescent's", "IGF-1 maximizers", "supporting compounds and synergists", "amino acid polymer matrix's", and other similar inferior products-whether found in the form of a pill, powder, patch, liquid, capsule or spray.

Those products contained NO HGH or GF, even though their labels are carefully worded to make you believe that they do. These inferior products, all calling themselves HGH, were all advertised as if they were true HGH or GF and this further confused the issue. These companies wanted to claim and associate themselves with the headlines we created and benefits of true HGH we created, but there's one very big problem...their products were NOT HGH or GF. The lack of a true and effective product was purposely hidden behind all of their hype.

Use the real deal, AEON. We guarantee your satisfaction or it's free. 

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1) When we became the Oral Growth Hormone Industry Founders over 10 years ago, we committed that Truth and Research must come before profit.

2) Our Clinically Studied research series has a 10 yeartrack record of quality, safety and guaranteed results.

3) Every product we make is designed and engineeredby us and unconditionally guaranteed.

4) We are the documented FOUNDERS of oral HGH supplementation. Oral HGH did not exist until we introduced it to the world and we remain today the most technologically advanced non-prescription alternative to Growth Hormone Therapy and the pioneers.


View IGF-1 & Amino Acid Research Report

This report scientifically proves, citing the clinical research and origin why amino acids do not increase HGH and elevated IGF-1 alone, can be dangerous.

IGF-1, Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH

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We are committed to the research and science of aging and stand by the evidence of our own clinical research and tenure.

We are here do one thing; research the aging process in humans and provide you with the leading edge facts about the remarkable process of human aging. What we all have in common here at AntiAging Research Laboratories is the commitment and desire to understand, find the truth and provide results.

At AntiAgingResearch.com, our research staff has put together several hundred pages here, based on a compilation of 10 years of research, written at the understanding of almost every one. Of course, if there is a question that is not answered here, please contact us toll free at 888-AntiAging (268-4244).

We live for, and love to watch people heal. It gives us purpose. After you have read this information, I encourage you to then go to the research on our unconditionally guaranteed products.

I know the material is extensive, however it is however, your life, youth and vigor that is at stake.

We stand for quality of life span. It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well...

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Dishonest suppliers call IGF the precursor to the "fountain of youth". It is a lie. 
Without proper ratios of HGH, you are playing Russian Roulette with your health.

You cannot increase IGF without safely increasing Growth Hormone ratios too...

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