How it All Began

Robert Bohen, Founder
BA, MS. - AARL age 50


From co-founder, Robert Bohen, AntiAging Research Laboratories

Mortality, no longer denied

There will come a time if it has not already when you will realize your mortality. For me, it came in 1996 at age 37 when I woke up on a mountain bike trail badly hurt and covered in blood after pushing a treacherous envelope of speed.

At the hospital I was told that would recover for the most part, except my hip. I had damaged it to the point that it would be permanently arthritic. According to my doctor, narcotics and a cane would be my solution. There I was contemplating my mortality. I thought about my children and my wife, my purpose and my life. My head and hip hurt bad. My knees were sore and creaky from being a runner most of my life. I started to feel the force of aging kick in.

A year later still on a cane, one of my peers, Dr. Ron Klatz had just written a book about a powerful hormone and I was wrapping up the research on a non-injectible form of it. I knew the injections did great things to people but, I had no idea if the non-injectable hormone could change my life in such a positive way.

Miracles of Science

After we finished the initial research, I took this hormone. I don't know when it happened exactly but five months later I was walking up the stairs in my Southern California home and I froze. I realized that my knees no longer hurt or creaked, and I did not remember when the last time I had used my cane. I didn't even know where it was. The lightning bolts of pain and doubled over nausea were gone.

Next, my beautiful wife, Lori would page me at the office like clockwork about every six weeks in agony. Her fifth lumbar in her back had degenerated from an auto accident to the point of immobility. I would come home and gently mop her up off the floor and rush her to the chiropractor with our three pre-school sons in procession. I put her on this hormone and a new one we designed called Somastatin .

About nine months later, we were having a BBQ in the back yard and she was swinging our youngest son Jason around in circles. I cautioned her for doing so because of her back. She stopped and her big brown eyes welled up and she said, "Do you realize I have not been to the doctor in over nine months?" Lori has rarely been back.

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Robert Bohen - AntiAging Research Laboratories