Somatostatin the Growth Hormone canceling agent

Beware of the age accelerating hormone


the anti-growth hormone that increases with age...

Be AWARE of our powerful antidote

the "ANTI" anti-growth hormone and ACTH Testosterone Booster...

Somatostatin (the anti-HGH hormone) inhibits the secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and is known to accelerate the aging process. We make more and more somatostatin and less and less HGH as we age. Additionally, the positive effects of any growth hormone in our body is further neutralized by the presence of the anti-HGH hormone, somatostatin.

This is why we invented SOMASTATIN, the "ANTI anti-HGH" formulation. So, as we age, the unfortunate circumstance of our body's producing this "negative" hormone is less harmful and our capacity to remain young and vibrant increases. By taking SOMASTATIN, it fights back for you — and strongly suppresses the negative action of somatostatin —so it can't harm your body's utilization of its own HGH.

We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN, the ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE and ACTH TESTOSTERONE booster, growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.

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