Gratitude Growth Love and Learning to be Still

Gratitude, Growth, Love as We Learn to Be Still...”

”To live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy.
— ~ Dr. Stephen Covey

The Time for Gratitude is Always Now...

By Robert Bohen - cofounder, author

and may all of my healing love, serve to honor you...

Experiencing wellbeing is far beyond food, water, hormones and exercise.

True wellbeing means "omnistasis."

This is your balanced Soul (spirostasis), mind (psychostasis) and body (biostasis)...

At this meeting place of all three, a beautiful and delicate phenomenon of omnistasis occurs, where amongst many other virtues, one has learned to deeply love, and becomes deeply and humbly grateful as they pay their realization forward to others.
If you observe, most people who live grateful, beautiful and inspired lives have mastered relationship skills, and they have learned to heal and love in three areas, God, self and others.

This relationship triad of omnistasis matters deeply in celebrating life. 

It doesn't matter is if one is rich or poor... 

What matters are a few skills and a wide open heart...

Life is a struggle without relationship skills, being present (in the moment with a chatter free ego so you are still), and having a genuine relationship with God's Love, self and others.

Ask anyone without these attributes and eventually, they will confess their discord... 

They may look good, climb the proverbial ladder and say all the right things as masterful actors and manipulators. 

This is because since childhood, we are all trained to be very good at acting (we call this social etiquette, social skills, et al). 

But when you pierce the thin veil of "looking good," you'll find a hole in most people's soul...

Gratitude “occurs” when we are most authentic, generous, loving and present in all three dynamics of God, self and others; this is spirostasis (spiritual balance).

It makes the difference between harmony or chaos, belonging or loneliness, intimacy or manipulation, thriving or struggling...

Having an authentic community that is large or small is foundational to live well, to grow, and to enjoy purposeful, loving lives.

It’s when we have a superficial community is when we become trapped and manipulated by media, looking good, and the superficialities of consumerism.

If you value stillness, cherishing God, self and others, along with compassion, and you know to turn your problems into valuable growth, you are likely a grateful person. 

If you value your busy-ness (such as nervously playing with your smart phone while waiting), money, looking good, demanding forgiveness and waiting to be content for “as soon as” to happen, you are probably not as grateful as you are capable of being.

This is NOW. And NOW is all you have to GIVE THANKS and practice GRATITUDE. Also gratitude does not mean BEING PROBLEM FREE; there is no such thing as "problem free." 

It is a natural instinct within the human experience to create and find problems to solve or we feel rudderless and without purpose.

It’s just that we either hunt down consciousness driven problems designed for growth and transformation, or we hunt down drama filled, victim problems that keep us stuck in quiet desperation.

This is where your community either helps keep you growing in consciousness or they unconsciously help keep you stuck (misery loves company). Meanwhile, you chose this community because like seeks like.

So if you want to effectively love in these three areas, God, self and others (spirostasis), you must look at whether your community is doing this for themselves and are you doing this for them? 

Are your people authentic enough to mirror back to you your blind spots, strengths and limitations, so you invariably grow as you become more humble, loving, authentic and grateful?

Alternatively, are your people filled with polite niceties and platitudes as you all hold back your real life struggles and keep your masks on as you manipulate and limit each other with barriers of "etiquette"?

If they are not a catalyst for powerful truth, growth and love, it’s because you’re not being this way yourself, because again, like seeks like...

Perhaps it's time to ask yourself, “Who am I being in my life such that my community and I are not powerfully growing in love, authenticity and gratitude?” 

This beautiful growth rests on you, and only you. And the world is waiting for you to bring it.

Each of us genuinely has the ability to choose profoundly loving relationships and live profoundly loving lives. The challenge is that most of us do not know how to do this, and we guess... and we fear.

This can be so frustrating; we know what we want in our hearts, but that stable, deep, connection with God, self and others always seems fleeting or elusive.

This futility can deeply hurt and lead to despair, because we may believe that we have exhausted all measures.

We may even believe we are broken or defective somehow...

Hurt people, hurt people. Some hurt others and most hurt themselves through self-sabotage. We then find evidence to validate our false beliefs at every turn. Then over many years, through enough self sabotage, we innocently and unconsciously make our false childhood decisions come true.

This is because we permit the chatter of our wounded egos to continue to tell us since childhood, that a part of us is perhaps broken or defective. 

However, this is very false lie. You are not broken or defective. Hurt somehow? Yes! Naturally (no one escapes childhood without being wounded)! You are in the hurtful human experience, meanwhile you simply lack the knowledge of how to get to the next level.

You are an innocent child of God who has yet to learn that the journey of God and Love is inward, not outward and follows certain "God Laws."

Meanwhile 99.99% of all people will go to their graves looking outward for love and only finding fear and codependency that they call love.

Please re-read the next several sentences until you truly comprehend the potential insight for your life; because in all humility, this may be the most important paradigm shift of your life towards authentic love you'll ever comprehend...

FACT: God's love and all of the beauty that ensues is difficult to find within ourselves and impossible to find anywhere else. 

A. When we look inward, we find God's love, healing, contentment, growth and beauty. Then we end up radiating that out to the world. 

B. When we look outward, we find fear, codependent love, unfulfillment and cynicism. Then we end up radiating that inward to experiencing unhappiness and malcontentment.

To look inward, we must still our wounded ego through prayer and meditation. This is because the ego is so loud, we cannot hear God's whisper of wisdom and love. 

Meanwhile, your ego is a terrible master and a buffoon at managing your life, because it looks outward for God, love and validation and sees fear everywhere.

FACT: Your ego took over your life as a young child and you most innocently accepted its chatter and the false outward reality it creates today, still as an adult. Since you have accepted it, you now create evidence that this fear based outlook is of sound logic and truth.

99.99% of all people do this...

For years, your ego has chattered with less than positive judgments of God, self and others at times. Meanwhile, your ego tells you that nothing is adequate enough, especially you (sans narcissism and grandeur). It also has told you that you are different, inferior, separate and alone from others.

Consequently, most people secretly believe they are all alone in their life experience. When in actuality, just about everyone feels the same way until they surrender their ego to serve God's simple Love and directive... 

"Please Love as I Love... and make this more important than anything else."   

Until you surrender, you learn to act, pretend, cover up and normalize what your ego says to you as you unconsciously accept what it says to you as your own thoughts.

99.99% of all people don't realize that they do this.

I'll show you what I mean....

I'm gonna tell you to "stop thinking" next.


What happened? 

Did a thought just now say something like...




Whatever you thought, THAT WASN’T YOU THINKING! 


There is a Child of God Consciousness within you that hears the ego speaking and THIS IS THE REAL YOU. 

It is time to quiet your ego so YOU can do the thinking, loving and assume full responsibility for your life. 

This chattering ego has conned you into allowing it to control your life by disappearing right in front of you... 

There is a saying that the devil's greatest trick is convincing you that it doesn't exist. 

Your ego's greatest trick is convincing you that it doesn't exist!!! 

To inwardly heal and love, you must start listening to what it says to you! 

So you can be the 00.01% who hears their loving hearts... 

Or you can be of the 99.99% who have gone, or will go to their graves with their ego as their master, because they listened to it (never knowing) and futilely searched outside of themselves for love and God their entire lives. 

Or they simply quit in quiet desperation... 

And as Henry David Thoreau said, "most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves having never sung their song." 

Yet, when we look inward, we realize that our ego is a trainable and trusting servant steward. We realize that our humble ego is quite capable of serving as a dynamic tool for you and me loving powerfully. And finally, your ego can become a quiet trusted friend for the rest of your life.

In fact, your trained ego is a brilliant steward to serve you to radiate God's love from within you. Your ego just needs to know that your heart can assume command...

It wants to trust that your heart and you can do a better job!  

Believe it or not, your ego instinctively knows that it's lousy at running your life. It doesn't want to remain in charge (it never wanted the job) and it lets you know through repeating endless, dumb mistakes, reactive drama and pain. 
FACT: We can only love God, self and others to the degree that we love ourselves and we will sabotage everything else.

How ironic, the very thing we desire most, we sabotage.

Sabotage is what occurs when your ego remains in charge of your life.

To get past this, you must begin to train and convince your frightened ego to stop being in charge, and to stop "chattering" as it learns to trust and serve your loving heart that exclusively can create spirostasis... as you endeavor towards omnistasis (all balance).

Realize that your ego can conceive of God's love, but it cannot viscerally experience God's love; only your heart can. No more than a parrot can understand what it's saying.

Only your heart can viscerally and powerfully love God, self and others.

And to do this... takes a bit of long term discipline, convincing your ego you can do better, prayer, meditation and a lot of practice.

It's mastery or misery. This is because you and I either serve fear or love...  

It's always one or the other. 

Your growth depends on another powerful choice... being the generous catalyst to help the 99.99% of all of the other people not to go to their graves serving fear.

So how do we begin to serve God's love and pay "It" forward?

God tells us that Love is the "greatest thing to master; "above all else." To paraphrase, God said simply, powerfully and profoundly, 'Please Love others as I Love you... and make this more important than anything else."

It's a simple, yet tall order, but it is simple… 

In theory, could not all other laws could be abolished, if we all could live by the mantra of “What is the most loving decision I can make right now and always”?

If we did this, and taught others to do the same, we would never do anything against others, self or God! 

Yet this planet is literally starving for Love and for us all to live by this mantra!  

How can love that is everywhere, anytime, be barely accessible to so many billions of human beings? 

Again, it is because 99.99% see God, Love, contentment, etc, as something attained outside of themselves.

It's ego logic to search outside of self to attempt to locate and find spirostasis and the love of God, self and others, but it will never be found looking outward.

What we seek and find outside of us is exclusively because of what is inside of us, and it boils down to ego fear or God's Love.

God is Love, and you are made in the image of God. 

This means literally that you are an image of Love while you are experiencing human form... AKA, you are love having a human experience.

This may be difficult to initially comprehend; if however, you shed your chattering ego and just listen to what rings true, you will remember you are Love being in the human experience, and experiencing all of its outward distractions.

And the day your body and flesh are finished being human, you will still remain what you are right now, Love. 

So let's all begin to heal by practicing and habitually asking two powerful questions, many times daily. 

1. “Who am I being in my life that my community and I are not powerfully growing in love, authenticity and gratitude?” 

2. “What is the most loving decision I can make right now and always”?

Never forget that you and the other six billion or so forms of Love who are living the human experience, are trying to remember that they are Love. 

Meanwhile their ego logic has them looking outward, the wrong direction for that which they seek.

It's as ironic as frenetically searching for your sunglasses while you're wearing them on your face.

Our Destiny is for you and me to powerfully “LOVE NOW” from our healing hearts that are finally doing the thinking! 

Then many new gifts and other virtues erupt when one has learned to deeply love from within. One naturally becomes deeply and humbly grateful, and then they pay the love that roars in them forward to others.

It is then that we live within the true purpose of the human experience, to "LOVE NOW..."

Meaning that you are Love experiencing the human condition... 

You are Love because you are an "Image of God," and God is Love... 

And you are here Now... Living, breathing and truly loving, because your ego is no longer chattering and distracting you from being fully present to the power of healing love...

So you truly begin to master "Love Now," achieving your purpose as Love in human form within the distracting human experience... 

Where you can find gratitude NOW. Just like love NOW, beauty is everywhere…

You just gotta be the loving, healing PRESENT catalyst...

Biologically, we are here to reproduce the species...

Spiritually we are here to reproduce God's love...

There is no greater instinct or calling...

Then omnistasis occurs... 

It's all part of God's perfect design! 

All of my love to you, 

To be continued… 

Live long, live well and Love well,


Robert Bohen

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Stillness... So Difficult for Us Silly Humans...

"When consciousness recognizes consciousness, from the one to the other there is the flow of love and only love." ~ Jeff Kober

Spirostasis - Spiritual Balance - Gratitude

Gratitude is the Directive:

In 1994, Don Henley of the Eagles claims that he wrote the song, "Learn to Be Still" in about an hour. 

I was 36 years old, when I first heard this song. I remember that I was at my cabin, sitting on the porch in Fawnskin, CA. 

My young family was inside, and over the outside speakers Don Henley started singing, "Learn to be Still." 

His lyrics pierced my soul as I convulsively wept, because I knew that what I needed more than anything was to stop looking outside of me for contentment and love. 

But I had no access to "inside." And "being still" was impossible, because my mind never stopped chattering. I felt so far away; yet I had to trust Henley's final paragraph, that "someday I will."

It took great pain, prayer and meditation and a long visceral journey to learn to be still. But if you want it bad enough, "someday you will." I suggest you start with Centerpointe's free binaural meditation. It got me going until Lori and I were mentored by Steven Sadleire. 

We'd practice being still for days...

It's a beautiful thing...

It is in the total surrender that we learn to truly love as our Creator loves us…

Biologically, we are here to reproduce the species...

Spiritually we are here to reproduce the love of God...

There is no greater instinct or calling....

Do me a favor, watch this. 

Learn to Be Still

Let me know personally if it impacted you at my private e-mail

All of my love to you.

Live long, live well and Love well, 


Robert Bohen

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Learn to Be Still

It's just another day in paradise
As you stumble to your bed
You'd give anything to silence
Those voices ringing in your head

You thought you could find happiness
Just over that green hill
You thought you would be satisfied
But you never will
Learn to be still

We are like sheep without a shepherd
We don't know how to be alone
So we wander 'round this desert
And wind up following the wrong God's home

But the flock cries out for another
And they keep answering that bell
And one more starry-eyed messiah
Meets a violent farewell
Learn to be still, learn to be still

Now the flowers in your garden
They don't smell so sweet
Maybe you've forgotten
The heaven lying at your feet

There are so many contradictions
In all these messages we send
(We keep asking)
How do I get out of here
Where do I fit in?

Though the world is torn and shaken
Even if your heart is breaking
It's waiting for you to awaken
And someday you will
Learn to be still, learn to be still

You just keep on running

Keep on running...

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