You will become Older but do not become Old…


(older) with GRACE

is your birthright to choose...


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Falling over dead while mountain climbing Kilimanjaro, mtn biking in Hawaii or making love at home at 93, 103, 113, while living a life of zeal, friendship, opportunity and Grace is no less of a choice than wasting away in an old folks home miserable, dejected and alone.

From the desk of Robert Bohen, Founder: AntiAging Research Laboratories

Approximate reading time, 5 minutes

Growing; Older equals Growth and Time, it does not equal OLD 
 Our Divine Right is to Age Well, with Grace
You will become Older but do not become Old…

Instead, just keep GROWING

Picture yourself in twenty-five years right now…do you see OLD or OLDER? A revealing question don’t you think?

One we often deny…

OLD speaks of a loss of freedom, lack of dignity, ostracized, disease, no sex, no fun, no making a difference.

Older can speak of wisdom, grace, balance, refinement, belonging and contribution.

Nature actually says please choose…

I trust the answer is pretty obvious for most of us. I also declare there is a relatively easy solution to avoid OLD as well.


Relatively easy…

What I mean is if you do some simple things consistently, you are statistically assured of your rite of passage to retain youthful well being until your genetic time clock runs out.

Wasting away in a retirement home for eleven years is not a rite of passage.

You have the right to remain brilliant, retain your prowess, stay sexually active (without ED pills) and enjoy a hearty, sharp and flexible journey for as long as your heart continues to beat. To do this, you must simply and routinely address five simple things.

I promise you a wonderful life or you will be unconditionally refunded 100% of all the unhealth and unhappiness you believe you are entitled to. After all, it is our policy to unconditionally guarantee all of our effort and products at AARL.

But seriously, it doesn't take much to have these wonderfully resilient bodies and minds to last very well until the day it is over; it just takes simple common sense and consistency.

We do not quit playing because we grow old.
We grow old because we quit playing. 
Benjamin Franklin

Requisite one:

Understand basic Human Physiology:

First of all, these bodies of ours are warm blooded, calorie burning, hormone craving machines that require some basic things to efficiently last a very, very, long time.

Get out of inflammation! Find out what you are allergic to. The body is well engineered for acute stress (fight or flight), it breaks down quickly under chronic stress. Alleviate stress! Everyone is allergic to different things, especially certain foods. You are what you eat, please eat well!

The right food for your blood type is paramount. Research this, it is inarguable. People who never have degenerative disease who move to a different area often develop cardiovascular disease and cancer as a result of allergic inflammation from foods their bodies are not designed to eat. Your genes never forget! Never, never, never!

Second, flood, flood, flood your body with quality nutrients and bio-available supplements. AntiAging Research Laboratories (AARL) has have done extensive research on the natural and logical phenomenon called Ham’s Medium. The bottom line is, a human cell will divide eight-six times and then apoptosis occurs (cell death). This is called the Hayflick Limit. If you give a cell the precise nutrients it needs, the cell will not divide as rapidly. Hams Medium in vitro clearly and scientifically extends Quality of Life Span©. So know there is absolute proof that an exact nutrient match can defer OLD up to twenty percent longer!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…

Do not forget to hydrate with clean fresh water! Drink at least ½ oz of water for every pound you weigh. Since you are about 70% water, the type of water you drink makes all of the difference in the world too. I use alkaline water via an electrolysis ionization process in my home.

My family uses a system that my partner and friend, Dr. Lawrence designed the algorithm chip for some of our Japanese friends who make these.

After I hard installed the system, I tested the pH around 10.4; that is very intense considering water is usually just south of 7. Based on the high base pH you will also have a high supply of donor electrons to bathe and heal every single cell you have.

I anticipated observing the potential anti-oxidant properties of the alkaline water. I chopped up some apple pieces. Then I put them in two glasses and filled one with the alkaline water and the other with reverse osmosis water. After eight hours alkaline water had sufficient anti-oxidant properties to it to keep the apples white and the water clear. The other water and apples turned a rotten brown color. Clearly just drinking the water has demonstrable anti-aging / anti-cancer properties to significantly prevent free radical damage and putrefaction. I think that is a pretty nice option for all 70% of you that is pure water. For me and my family, it’s the very best when it comes to health. If alkaline water for any reason is not for you, please just make sure you just hydrate well. It’s a life saver.



Requisite two:

You are either fertile or fertilizer!

Hormones: Hormonally, you are either fertile or fertilizer, and nature could care less if you choose fertility or not.

It makes no difference whether you are a man or woman. Here are two facts: Hormones keep you young, and Nature is neither cruel, nor kind; merely indifferent. As long as nature believes you are fertile (blood levels), she will keep you virile and strong. Nature will maintain your immune system and keep your bones strong and your veins clean and flexible. Nature will keep your cells plump and your skin elastic and your hair shiny; on and on.

As soon as you fall below the Death Zone, she will do everything to put you into the ground so you fertilize the next generation’s fruits and vegetables, and it’s nothing personal.

There is the master hormone, HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Growth Hormone. Call it what you want, but you need it. A twenty year old makes ten times the amount a sixty year old does, and that decline is deadly and debilitating. A little extra HGH will perhaps fool Nature just enough to believe you are more fertile that you actually are.

We invented a process to help you get more of this large molecule to each and every cell in your body without injections in 1996. We do it today with growth factor. It works with your body to create the exact same human growth hormone you are producing right now, right down to the last proton.

Of course, we also emulate nature with our, low dose, high frequency design. Nature gives you tiny amounts, often and so do we. Simply take what we invented twice a day for life and Nature cannot tell the difference. However, with increased well being and Quality of Life Span©you can tell the difference.

It has been over ten proven years, and those of us that have used our HGH products since the day invented it clearly look and feel different from the simple, daily usage; because we are fertile and intend to stay that way.

This is perhaps the least expensive insurance policy you can obtain. Most people spend their health making money. Then later in life, they take too much of their money trying to make their health. That is so odd to me. Don’t be one of them. Be fertile, not fertilizer and at AARL we can help you do this.

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a momement...

There is a solution...



Requisite three:

MOVE and be unpredictable when you MOVE…

Objects wear out with use; human physiology wears out with disuse or misuse. Disuse is misuse. The best movement is the movement the keeps the body guessing. Look at the sprinters and intense swimmers then look at a marathon runner. The sprinter is cut and the marathon man is often flabby in certain areas. This is because the body responds to short, intense bursts and peak outputs. We do not allow advertising on our site, but we did put up this link because Phil Campbell has it right. Trust him; we sure do.

MOVE with unpredictable exercise and your body will respond predictably and the last ten pounds…becomes a myth.



Requisite four: The Mind

Be fresh and unpredictable with your thinking:

You must exercise your OPEN mind with random, different, unique, fun and sometimes ridiculous things. Behave and think outside of the box. Learn new things every year that are challenging. Do what your mind tells you not to do and your heart wishes you would.

Take local college courses in forensics or astronomy and learn the Tango while you are learning graphic arts as well. Jump out of a plane or learn to fly one. Invent things and patent them (I have a couple!) and do something amazing for humanity while you are at it.

Walk your talk. Teach peace and kindness and never sell out your truth or honor. Always out-love your friends and family and expect nothing in return. Take relationship seminars and then teach what you learn to others. Just keep your mind busy and learning because even though it is technically an organ, it behaves more like a muscle because it atrophies when you don’t use it. Also keep it still once in a while too with humility, prayer and meditation, maybe even some Yoga.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and
go to the grave with the song still in them. 

Henry David Thoreau



I believe Henry Thoreau summed it up eloquently “as singing your song or living in desperation.” Why do most "men" live lives of quiet desperation? It is not logical to me. I believe it is fear that makes men do this. Fear quells the imagination and voids dreams.

When we risk our Love and our talents is when we are alive. Each failure also brings us one step closer to success unless we quit, and quitters never win. You do have a choice...make the best one, and don't beat yourself up if it didn't work that time, learn from it, do it better next time and never, ever quit on yourself.



Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not. Un-rewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not. The world is full of educated derelicts. 

John Calvin Coolidge



Covey said, "...stay in your genius and delegate everything else." Then stay at it; exercise your mind and reinvent yourself and as a humble example, encourage that level of excellence of loved ones. That’s leadership. Every year, re-introduce yourself to yourself because you have grown so much and remember to always sing your song along the journey!

It can also make for an amazing and romantically fresh marriage and a fun, continuously updated, spontaneous and loving friendship like Mrs. Bohen and I have, even after almost thirty years if you follow…



Requisite five:

Always come from your heart and Spirit!

Therein lie's only pure Love, abundance, acceptance and Grace and the miracles that truly follow.

Think about it, aren’t we Spirits having a human experience, not the other way around?

I think my friend and personal pastor of 25 years, Dr Rick Warren said it well: "One day my
heart is going to stop, and that will be the end of my body - but not the end of me."

Then shouldn’t we choose to live and think like this?

Or choose not to…but that is pretty dumb, don't you think?

If we do choose to, our values should change accordingly too, right?

If we really lived this way, wouldn't we love as if we were going to live forever?

Being Spirit, you would naturally Love, forgive, share, donate, contribute, give, serve, practice humility, trust, never blame and you are a victim of absolutely nothing!

There is a saying, ...there are no victims, only volunteers. Hold on a second... I am not referencing tidal waves, famine and heinous acts. I am referencing the blame we put on others for why our lives do not work. There is a simple law, our degree of contentment is directly in proportionate to the degree we blame others for our situations.

No one put a gun to someone's head and says marry this person or make this poor investment, we volunteer to do these things. Then we make the other person or circumstance wrong for it and we stay very, very stuck. We also work hard to get other's to agree with us so we have "proof" or "agreement". Great! We now have proof and we now are really stuck and we lose a little more of our ability to Love.

To do this insures misery. Rather, I believe if it did not work, we take full responsibility and ask something like, "...who am I being such that this occurred in my life?" or "why am I attracting these people or circumstances?", and learn from it and always keep singing your song.

Then we grow and hone our skills of the heart and Spirit. The well tuned Spirit will intuitively sense the outcome and thinks and acts accordingly. Also, the Spirit wouldn’t care if there is no more body after a century because the Spirit recognizes God’s love and emulates that. Consequently, it’s no big deal and much less fear is in our lives; if there is no more body; whoop-de-doo, because we did our best and sang our song!.

The only thing that matters in mine and Lori’s life is five things; to love and be loved and to teach Love and to learn Love and get better and better at it. For me personally, I think some really good examples in history of amazing loving are Christ and Apostle Paul. I bet you have some good examples too.

I do know this from personal experience; if you are loving, just to love, and not judging others, and you are healthy, it seems almost impossible to experience depression or malaise for very long. This is because you can’t help but stay full of Love, Faith and Hope, while grateful and content, no matter the storm.



Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - THINK ABOUT SUCH THINGS.

Apostle Paul



Make what Apostle Paul (my #1 hero) said above to be your number one goal. You will have well being, even when ill and contentment in the middle of chaos, and the many miracles resultant. Or if you wish, rest assured that you will be unconditionally refunded 100% of all the unhealth and unhappiness you think you are entitled to. Living well and Loving well are your absolute rite of passage unless you insist otherwise.

AntiAging Research provides a direct resource to your right to Quality of Life Span© and God, generosity and humility provides the direct resource your right to Quality of Love Span.

It's not how long you live; it's how long you live (and love) well....

Live long, live well and Love well,


Robert Bohen
Industry Founder of Oral Growth Hormone | |