Guarantee of Human Growth Hormone Products

Our Unconditional Guarantee

To expect results in 30,40,50 or so days after 30, 40, 50 or so years of aging, life style and free radical damage may be not enough time...

Honor your body... trust the process.

HGH flips a switch that says to the cells "regenerate" (massive protein synthesis). This process can be relatively short, but also an extremely critical time of careful protocol that must requisitely followed. Let's say you are 52 years old, ergo you now have 5 decades of free radical, age, and life-style degeneration. HGH will trigger a metabolic regeneration and 50% or so of it occurs in the first 90 days, then 30% happens within 18 months and the rest occurs gradually over time.

During this 90 day window, the cells will be screaming out for a massive supply micro nutrients, amino acids, minerals and enzymes. We call this process, "Hams Medium". We have carefully researched these nutrient demands and aggregated them in our Life Extension Series product for example. We are asking you to carefully influence your regeneration process and please go way beyond a "One A Day" type synthetic multivitamin.

Please do not compromise this for cost, this is a very critical period. If you must, please wait until you can manage this critical window properly with what your body needs. 

You must flood your body with the most amazing, highest quality supplements you can find. Otherwise, you may lose the amazing benefit of the "regeneration window" and the body will have done the best it could for what it was given. We call it building "bad mud". You must build good mud!

That being said, we strongly advocate that use use one bottle of AEON and Amino Rx at absolute minimum each month, thereafter. Due to inevitable age related decline, the daily dose of AEON 5000 is designed to act as a supplemental pituitary gland and emulate nature as close as possible via low dose, high frequency. 

The protocol is 3 sprays and 2 capsules upon waking and at bedtime always have then drink a liter of fresh water in the AM too. 

In most cases, people rapidly feel much, much better. However, please note that a sometimes side effect, even with our Life Extension Series can possibly be some "tail dragging" or mild fatigue while the body is working to heal and detox. 

Also, a "memory effect" is common where old injuries may begin to ache and/or flu like symptoms may occur as your immune system is detoxifying. 

Unfortunately, many people will quit because of this and it is the worst thing you could possibly do. Know it may be coming and commit to sticking it out or wait until you are ready. 

All of that being said, some people have the exact opposite effect and they take AEON and within days they feel wonderful and amazing things begin to happen. 25% notice little, however their serum levels always change.

Remember, we do not always notice aging, it is logical to not notice antiaging either until it is sometimes too late. One thing is immutably clear, after ten years of studying people using AEON, the data is in and irrefutable. The clinical and metabolic markers show the evidence. The evidence is a priceless, non replaceable, quality of lifespan that only growth hormone supplementation provides, that nature simply cannot.

For more information on regeneration, please click here; Hams Medium.


We guarantee you to have enough time to see our products give you results...or it's free...


If within 100 days of any purchase from AntiAging Research Laboratories you become unhappy with the quality of your product simply request a refund and return your empty bottles and/or unused product to us*. Your product purchase price will be promptly refunded, no questions asked.

We stand for quality of life span. It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well...

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...

If you must return our products for any reason*, return your empty and unused items to:

AntiAging Research Laboratories
Attn: Product Refund Department
29822 Ave de las Banderas #B
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
888-AntiAging (268-4244)
Intl 949-589-3515 Fax 949-589-1392

**Delivery confirmation of your return is required and the return of all bottles is required for full credit.