AEON HGH & SOMASTATIN: Healed in Six Weeks

September 10th, 2007, a careless, down hill mountain biker careened into me at an estimated speed of 37 MPH; full frontal impact. Then I heard and felt the vertebrae in my neck,



by Robert Bohen, Age 50 - MS. BA.
Director of Research & Co-founder, AARL

Fully healed, six weeks, one day later, my doctor said, 
"50 year olds do not heal at the rate of adolescent children... 
...What on earth did you do to accomplish this?"

Robert Bohen, Age 50
Director of Research
and Founder - AARL

I attribute my accelerated and flexibility healing to one source, AntiAging Research, for over ten years. I have done nothing else different. I vow on my family's good reputation that this is the truth.

A violent impact, a broken neck, & no help...

"It was so surreal and yet so very real. From deep inside of me, I simultaneously heard and felt a deep, unnatural, reverberating crunch and I knew my neck had broken on impact. While flying through the air, my thought process as I was losing consciousness, was my neck is broken, I am paralyzed and I will never be able to make love to my beautiful wife and mountain bike partner, Lori again. I hope I die somehow so I am not a helpless, spoon fed burden to her for the rest of time.

I was in the wilderness and help was an hour away. In a crumpled heap of bikes and limbs. I regained consciousness when I heard Lori, who a few hundred yards behind, gasp "Oh my God!" With blood pooling in my eyes, numb legs and arms, I said, Honey,.my neck is broken..Go get help now." That poor girl faithfully turned around wondering if perhaps those were our last words.

Six weeks, one day later, he (neuro surgeon) advised that I was completely healed. My doctor said, "50 year olds do not heal at the rate of adolescent children and what on earth did you do to accomplish this?"


From left to right, the location of the collision, at the emergency room, stitches, more stitches, the next afternoon, still in the hospital looking pitiful, and a couple of months later, a very grateful husband and Lori (age 45) and ever more the very best of friends.


Accelerated Healing, AARL and Quality of Lifespan

Many of you have read how AARL started in the nineties and the healing of my arthritic hip and blown out knees that occurred for me after five months of use when I was age 37. Maybe you read about my wife's degenerated 5th lumbar that healed after nine months and is still healed ten years later, or her life-flight chopper ride (out of the same wilderness park I broke my neck) from a shattered ankle in 16 places that healed at a phenomenal rate. Or maybe you are here because you know a friend or a loved one that are part of the multitudes that have their live's back from AARL's protocol, Quality of Lifespan.

So many have their own life changing stories of change, healing and Quality of Lifespan™. And now at age 50, I have my own new story to add to AARL's profound history that was the most harrowing experience of my life. I write this to you on the verge of tearful joy and gratitude that once again, the results of following a simple protocol can produce such breathtaking dividends of well being and healing. It is an immense honor to write this, because if not for AARL's understanding on how to help keep my body youthful and supple, I should statistically be paralyzed or dead from the trauma for my chronological age. This is because of bone mass loss and connective tissue atrophy I should have for my age, but I don't. Instead, I get live and play full out as if nothing ever happened. That to me is great gift Grace and a miracle of science.

Thank you AARL; thank you God; thank you Orange County paramedics and Mission Hospital, and of course, thank you Lori, my best friend, wife, lover, mountain bike partner, mother and everything else you have been for me for almost thirty years. I love you so very much!.

A violent collision smashed all of my dreams. I lay in the wilderness for two hours with numb arms and legs, hoping for death than to be spoon fed for the rest of my life...

My front yard abuts to a 2300 acre mountain bike and equestrian reserve in Southern California. It is indeed my paradise and sanctuary that brings me solace and fitness. On September 10th, 2007, that paradise became my tormented hell. I was climbing up the steep Whiting Ranch trail on my TREK Y-33 mountain bike when this careless bonehead named Cort was flying down at was was later an estimated 37 MPH.

When he came around a blind curve and saw me, I witnessed the oddest change in one second. I saw of a brief flash of confusion and then a face of total mental shutdown. He simply blanked out and pointed his bike right at me, It was just what some minds do in situations like that. It's basically the realization that you are plowing into someone while being completely and utterly out of control. It's the result of living in the denial, insisting that these things always happen to the other guy. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe it was intentional, neither was his regard for anyone's safety. Let's just say he is one of those that has high odds of being prematurely deleted from the gene pool.

With no time for evasive measures and after a split second respite, I heard and felt very deep inside my body an extremely violent craaaack. This crack was the result of pure Newtonian physics and my neck snapped. Essentially, his helmet used my neck to instantly stop his bike and about 200 pounds of himself.

There was no deflection to diminish the impact; it was a text-book law-of-physics head on collision. Where we hit, we landed; it was a hard, full frontal impact that I heard from the inside-out as my neck snapped.

Neither of us were spared by being carried forward, up, down or any other way to offset the brutal laws of physics at this speed. In other words, my neck stopped his head, cold.

Sometime later in a crumpled heap, I heard a gasp saying, “Oh my God!” That was Lori, my wife who was few hundred yards behind me, taking in the view of the carnage and her husband. Her words crystallized my thoughts back from a distant blackness and the reprieve of lost consciousness; directly back the stark reality of my situation.

I tried to wipe warm blood pooling in my eyes so I could see, but my arms barely worked. My arms and legs were very numb and tingling. I tried to look at my hands drenched in blood without moving my neck, but nothing worked right and I remember wondering how much of my skull was left. I said to Lori, “Honey, my neck is broken. Go get help now.” Before she disappeared back down the hill, I heard the doppler of, “OK Baby; I'm so sorry.” That broke my heart to think our playful romance for thirty years may never play like this again and I wanted to die.

I can't imagine she must have felt seeing her friend, husband, provider and father of our sons lying there broken and helpless wondering if this is the end of this beautiful way of loving one another. I am sure that her caring for my every personal hygienic need was not part of her plan, nor mine. Til' death do us part, right? No way, I cannot live as such a burden to her and while waiting for help for a tearful hour I kept imagining ways to die.

Wheelchair bound for life?

In the mean time, this Darwin Award guy, Cort who hit me was still unconscious. I cannot tell you how long I laid there motionless and supine, with my head facing downhill and the blood pooling in my pounding head. It did seem like an eternity.

The tears from thoughts of never making love, running, walking, caring for my self, eating, and all of the simple pleasures of life I have taken for granted were a stark, evaporating reality. The pain of those thoughts eclipsed any physical pain I was in, I can promise you that. The potential of existing in a quad or paraplegic state was an endless loop taunting my mind, heart and soul. I knew at minimum my neck was badly broken, and at that time, equally was my heart.

I have never felt so lonely, beaten and angry!

I never felt so lonely, beaten and angry! This careless fool came out of nowhere! He was totally out of controlnot thinking and denied any regard for other riders on the hill and it's me that happens to win the reverse lottery of carnage. Here is a fact that haunts me often; if Lori my wife, would have been ahead of me, and she normally is, (so I can keep an eye on her ever since the nationally televised notorious mountain lion mauling death a few years ago) she would have been killed instantly and I think this guy would have been next, had she of. One consolation while lying there, (and still today!) I was grateful that at least I took the hit, instead of Lori.

This idiot came to eventually. Then all he could say, at least a hundred times is, "I'm sorry" and "What happened?" He had sustained a serious concussion and apparently had no memory of what happened. I would beg him to stop and a few minutes later, he would start again. This went on endlessly.

What seemed like several, was just over an hour lying in the dirt and in my coagulating blood.

Then the of finest Orange County's paramedics breathlessly showed up to triage us. Almost two hours later, after being carefully carried out of the park, I was finally in an ambulance being transported to the very competent staff at Mission Community Hospital.

After hours of stitching, X-rays, CAT scans, sonograms, MRI’s and morphine, I was informed by the attending physician that my C-7 vertebrae was badly fractured. He advised me that had I moved, sneezed or coughed, I most certainly would have been paralyzed and that if I am not careful, I still could be, because I was within less than one millimeter of paralysis.

I never received an apology from Cort, the bonehead, or an offer to fix my broken bike, helmet, I-Pod, a couple of thousand in insurance deductibles, or anything else. After about $40,000.00 in medical bills and expenses (thank goodness for our good health insurance at AARL), that was that; except I recovered at a rate that pre-teenagers recover.

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I know the reason I healed faster is because I have been using our products for over ten years and it shows from the inside out; there is no other possibility. I have done nothing else.

The reason I am telling you this story is that six weeks and one day later, I was completely healed. My doctor stated point plank, and in a degree of shock that my healing process was an “anomaly.” He said, "Fifty year olds do not heal at the rate of adolescent children and what on earth did you do to accomplish this?"

I shared with him what I do and the reason I healed so fast is that I have been taking AARL's products and briefly discussed the amazing researched supplements we design at AntiAging Research for over ten years. And besides healing like an adolescent, the stiffness, aches and pains, sore knees and arthritic hip and other issues I used to have at age 37, I do not have today. That is simply the god's truth.

I know my immune system, metabolic function, sex drive, and over-all well being is better today than when I was a much younger man. I know that the speed of healing that occurred when my neck was fractured is the direct result of this work.

My adamant request to you.

I want you to have this too. I want you to have what so many of us have. We call it Quality of Lifespan™. You too can have what the multitudes of others following this protocol for so many years now have.

We that do this have well being, youthful minds, hearts and bodies. We heal rapidly, our shiny hair and healthy nails grow faster. We have the stamina to work and play hard; to bound up flights of stairs instead of elevators, more stamina to make love, to stay up late living our dreams and to get up early because we dreamed. We have the energy and wit to live life as a Divine, daily opportunity instead of the quiet desperation of most. I believe what we have, is the best health insurance possible.

Biologically, we the sum of our hormones and the nutrients we absorb. A little bit, often is more effective than none ever, or a massive dose, every once in a while. Logically, doesn't that seem natural to you as well?

So trust the process. Because it works, we can afford to back it up with our unprecedented, unconditional guarantee so you can trust. Who else does that?

Join us because I do believe this is the best health insurance you can purchase. The products you see represented here work very, very well. After breaking my neck and bouncing back and surviving it, I am living, mountain biking, running, swimming, love making, proof of it.

I am convinced that without the AARL protocol, at my age, my neck bones would have been degenerated enough to permit perhaps even mortal damage beyond the "millimeter" that would have caused me permanent paralysis. In other words, I am not dead at age 50 because my bones are not a brittle as they should be.

Because of that, I am also not in a wheelchair, or worse. So I want you to jump in with both feet and trust this process as I have and multitudes of others have as well. We do unconditionally guarantee this to work or all of your money is refunded. I just cannot imagine the sadness my life would be like with out it. Instead, I get to live each day with the gift of deep gratitude and joy for MY LIFE!

At age 50, not only do I represent an anomaly in healing, I represent good skin, thick, shiny, black hair, a ceaseless sex drive, profound health and a permanent “sense” of well being etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

I am not a fanatic either. I do what normal people should do, like exercise, eat food my body prefers, hydrate, and minimize stress, etcetera, and all in moderation. Of course I don’t drink alcohol more than a couple of times a year, smoke, or do too many other stupid things.

What I am saying is this; the longer you follow our protocol and live intelligently, the longer you can have an amazing Quality of Lifespan.

I am a different person today because of this accident; that is for certain. I am certainly more appreciative, grateful and loving. Not that I wasn’t before. I am however now, just that much more.

Thank you God and thank you AntiAging Research Laboratories.

They both stand for my Quality of Life Span™.

It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well...


Robert Bohen
Industry Founder of Oral Growth Hormone

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