Human Growth Hormone Fertility or Infertility

Nature is neither cruel nor kind, only indifferent:


You are either fertile (hormonally) or fertilizer:


Many hormones in the body are governed by the presence of other hormones. Together these ample hormone levels indicate "fertility" to mother nature. When we experience infertility, we become biologically obsolete. We can maintain our "fertility" all our lives by maintaining ample levels of "fertility" hormones in our blood serum, way beyond our child rearing years. Perhaps the most important "regulator" fertility hormone is human growth hormone (HGH). Science refers to it as the body's master hormone. Low levels, as well as imbalances of many of the body's regulator hormones can correct "fertility" by simply increasing your intake of HGH, the Master hormone. By naturally increasing one's HGH to healthy, youthful levels, we can help the body to establish an efficiently regulated metabolism, and enjoy tremendous health, fitness, and antiaging benefits.

There is a mountain of evidence that bio-identical hormone replacement in humans (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, HGH etc.) has a significant affect in overall “vitality” that would appear to overwhelm the negative reports. This suggests an apparent deference of menopause and andropause (male menopause) symptoms.

One could then make the sequitur leap in the absence of aging symptoms that HGH and other hormones are “antiaging” hormones. Logic furthermore, suggests that HRT before menopause and andropause symptomatology is proactively addressing the cause. Many would agree that quality of life supersedes length of life.

It is interesting to note that over 10,000 clinical studies have been done with HGH (somatotropin), most with quite favorable results when taken in acceptable dosages.

Some believe that HGH supplementation should be much more in alignment with nature and the current methodology of other forms of HRT, low dose, high frequency. AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer and hormone stabilizer is a micro-dilution non-injectable strength growth factor available that more closely emulate the pituitary’s natural nanogram pulsatile output.

Therefore oral spray growth factor may be a safe guard since it's virtually impossible to overdose and again may more closely emulate nature, low dose, high frequency, if the molecule in these sprays can get in without being digested.

The symptoms of aging may be somewhat more palatable by improving age related hormone level decline. People who produce little or no HGH because they've had their pituitary gland removed or have pituitary tumors that are deficient in HGH, age rapidly. They claim to experience a reduced sense of well being, lower energy, vitality and capacity for work. They clinically exhibit poor memory, mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Their body fat increases, especially around the waist. They have an accelerating decrease in muscle mass and wrinkled, thin, prematurely damaged or aged skin.

AEON may act as a "secondary pituitary" to augment age related decline, please read more here.