HGH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HGH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...

How do you pronounce AEON?

It is pronounced with the "long A" sound and then simply, "on". It sounds like: A-ON.  

How do you pronounce somatotropin?

It is pronounced: So MAH' toe TRO' pin.  

Could you tell me a bit more about AEON and how it compares to other similar type products?

AEON is the highest quality growth factor replenishing formulation available from any source. Its foundational material is from natural sources. AEON uses NO animal extracts, contains NO Brain glandulars, NO Pituitary peptides, NO Steroids, NO Bovine (cow) and NO Porcine (pig) products. AEON's formula is entirely unique. 

The key with GF is that its molecular structure follows an exact formulaton, which must be kept intact for effective absorption and assimilation. At AARL, we uniquely provide not only the finest formulation, but additionally, our specialized formulation effectively stabilizes the GF in liquid solution to prevent oxidation so that the strength of GF is delivered to you. And importantly, we also provide the precise delivery vector (technological transport and delivery system) necessary to bring you this. No one else can provide this for you.

Would you prefer weak "stimulator" products that at their best can only hope to minimally work, or would you prefer the power of AEON strongly working to bring the results you desire?

You may have heard this cautionary statement before: "Buyer beware". Please make an informed an educated decision before you waste your hard earned dollars on products that don't deliver.

If you see any advertisement that makes similar like claims such as "up to 80% improvement in fat loss, and you can erase 10-20 years in a few weeks or months", or "many 'miraculous' benefits", then you can be certain that their product will never perform. At AARL we don't sell empty promises. We provide the proven best, highest quality antiaging supplements available from any source.

If all you see is exclamation points (!), pretty pictures, flashing lights, and endless hype, then that's all you'll be getting. If your interest lies in sincerely obtaining the best antiaging results possible, then we're here to help.

Please don't become confused by carefully worded advertising and so-called remarkable "testimonials", "study's", "clinical trials" and "statistics" touted by dubious companies that have recently flooded the marketplace intending on making a quick dollar. Most of those inferior products cost their marketers LESS THAN one dollar ($1.00)! A well-informed and educated consumer would not knowingly throw away their hard earned money.

And quite importantly, if anyone could possibly derive any benefits at all from any of the inferior HGH "stimulator" products, then just consider the true benefits they could realize in their lives if they actually took our leading product, AEON.

How do I take AEON?

AEON is sprayed into the open mouth. It has a nice fresh taste and the usual dose is up to 3 sprays under the tongue or on the inner cheek of the mouth 2 times a day. It's simple, easy and convenient to use. For optimal results, we recommend a three (3) to six (6) month program. 

How long should it take before I begin to see results? 

Since there are many factors to consider when anticipating results from HGH therapy (such as one's age, unique metabolism, exercise frequency, dietary habits, current health status, etc.), it is difficult to establish exact time frames as to when all persons will recognize results. In view of this, the expected timeframe for each person will vary. Some general guidelines would be 2 to 4 weeks for improvement in overall well-being, with many more benefits beginning to be realized near the 3 month point. By 6 months, a significant degree of cellular transformation should be occurring and many specific benefits should be recognized. The process of cellular transformation does take a reasonable period of time. To expect instant results is unrealistic, however, if you believe in our products and take them faithfully as thousands of our loyal and satisfied customers have done, then you too, can be successful in your desire to look younger, feel better, and have more energy to live your life.

Besides AEON, what can I use with it to achieve the best results?

Our unprecedented work at AARL has always focused on the three critical issues around your body's own natural growth hormone production:

  1. Somatotropin (HGH)
  2. Somatostatin (the anti-HGH)
  3. Protein synthesis

Somatotropin (HGH): All human beings decline in natural HGH production by a ten-fold minimum and that is a bad thing. Basically, we subtly decline from a roaring fire hose between age twenty to forty, then rapidly decline to that of a cheap squirt gun from age forty to sixty. Unfortunately this decline is ultimately quite debilitating. This is because nature is neither cruel nor kind; she is only indifferent. You may either remain fertile hormonally (blood serum) or ignore this fact and rapidly become fertilizer from insufficient hormones and nutrients.

HGH is considered a “parent hormone” or “master hormone”. When you have ample blood levels of HGH, your other hormone levels rise; this is called a cascade effect. As long as you are hormonally above what we call the “death line”, nature believes that you are fertile (blood serum). As a result, she will keep your bones strong, immune system high, nails growing, heal faster, libido engaged, etc, etc. All because nature believes you are still biologically necessary to rear offspring to help keep the species alive.

However, as soon as you fall hormonally below the death line, nature believes that you are now biologically obsolete and she will rapidly accelerate your death so your body becomes fertilizer for your offspring's fruits and vegetables. It may sound pretty cold to put it his way, but it is a basic law of nature.

As a biological organism, you are the sum of your hormones and nutrients. If you become deficient in either, you will become ill and eventually die. However, if you subtly manage these levels, emulating nature with a long term, low dose, high frequency protocol, Quality of LifeSpan occurs, which is indeed your birthright.

Somatostatin (the anti HGH molecule): Regarding aging, nature can be quite ironic. Not only is there a large age accelerating decline of your own natural growth hormone production, there is the corresponding increase of the anti-HGH hormone called somatostatin that cancels out the effect of HGH (somatotropin). Nature is all about checks and balances. There is insulin to moderate glycogen (sugar), GABA for adrenalin, B cells for antigens, and somatotropin (HGH) for somatostatin, and on and on.

The youthful human body is a miraculous, finely tuned bio-feedback system that begins to lose its fine tuning as it ages. In this case, it slowly increases the anti-HGH hormone with age. Somastatin©, our somatostatin inhibitor, is designed to subtly reduce your increasing somatostatin levels, helping to make growth hormone more effective.

Interestingly, somatostatin inhibition is actually a byproduct (known as a secondary mechanism) of what Somastatin© actually does. The primary mechanism of Somastatin© is twofold. The first action is on the adrenal glands via the hypothalamus that impacts ACTH (known as adreno-corticotropin). Somastatin's first action helps normalize adrenal function, balancing cortisol and testosterone (the only place women make testosterone), and other stress hormones. Since the thyroid is next in line, this in turn helps normalize thyroid production too.

The second mechanism of Somastatin© is on the POMC (pro-opio-melanocortin) region via the hypothalamus. POMC can be become the body's natural pain killers, the beta-endorphins and met-enkephalin, that helps with pain-alleviation, euphoria, and mood.

POMC is also responsible for melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH): known to control melanin (pigmentation) in the skin and hair. This is why some people can observe the reduction of lipofuscin (liver spots) and hair color change.

Now that you know the primary function of Somastatin©, you can now understand the secondary function. Somatostatin inhibition occurs when you naturally elevate testosterone and endorphins in the hypothalamus.

Since 1998, we knew that creating a product like Somastatin© could address the completely ignored aspect of having HGH be far more effective in its benefits. We now know that Somastatin© does so much more for stress, thyroid, wellbeing, hormone regulation, immunity and ultimately aging when combined with our AEON Growth factor and Amino Rx. You will feel the difference.

Protein synthesis: As mentioned, HGH is referred to as a parent signal messenger hormone, meaning that HGH is the master hormone of other hormones. When growth hormone is at sufficient levels, it increases the biosynthesis of other hormones requiring nutrients. Also as a result, the cells of your body receive a signal to regenerate and the cell's need for nutrients skyrocket.  

Every cell in your body consists of amino acids. So does every hormone and neuropeptide like dopamine and serotonin, etc. This is why we designed the first line of required nutrition that we call Amino Rx, Growth Hormone Potentiator. We looked at the cell's amino acid requirements and made certain those ratios were provided in Amino Rx. As a result, something very special occurs at the peak of protein synthesis when you consume Amino Rx WITHOUT FOOD. The Amino Rx will convert directly into what the body is demanding, whether it is dopamine, testosterone, albumin, etc. This ensures that peak function occurs within your body.

Can I take my other nutritional supplements while I'm taking AEON?

Yes. Simply continue to take all nutritional supplements as you normally would.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of AEON is 1 ounce or 30ml. It's approximately a 30-day supply. Each daily group of sprays that you take equals approximately 1ml. There are thirty ml's in the bottle.  

What is somatotropin or Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Somatotropin (aka: Growth Factor, hGH, HGH, Growth Hormone, GH, Human Growth Hormone) is naturally produced by the anterior Pituitary gland in the brain (see graphic below). HGH is known as the "master hormone" because it exerts effects over all other hormones in the body. It is present in all body tissues. Every normal individual produces HGH naturally, but hormone production tends to become altered and significantly reduced as we age. This reduction (decline) is associated with many of the negative effects of aging. Hundreds of studies have been done on the controlled administration of true HGH in adults. It has been shown to raise energy levels, enhance lean muscle development, decrease body fat, strengthen the heart, improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels and HDL/LDL ratios, fortify bones, smooth out skin wrinkles, sharpen memory, improve sexual function, regenerate damaged tissue, strengthen the immune system as well as improve sleep.


Somatotropin (HGH) is spoken of in three different "categories." The categories have letter designations. The letter designation indicates where the hormone comes from. The term "GH" can be used to indicate any of these categories.

The term hGH and rGH are distinct and separate categories of somatotropin or Growth Hormone. hGH stands for Human Growth Hormone and it is used whenever talking about the somatotropin hormone actually produced by the human body.

rGH stands for "recombinant" Growth Hormone and it is used to describe the process in which somatotropin is synthesized in the laboratory.

This "synthesized" somatotropin has the EXACT molecular (bio-identical) structure and characteristics of the body's own Growth Hormone.

Recombinant is simply a term to indicate that it's produced in a laboratory, just like insulin is produced today in a laboratory for diabetics. Somatotropin is no longer harvested from human sources like it was 30 years ago. AEON's formulation is developed utilizing the highest quality growth factor material. We observe that the injectable form of HGH has been shown to cause side effects such as joint pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, allergic reactions and edema, and possibly pituitary atrophy. Our AEON is safe and inexpensive.  

What does the term "ingestible" growth factor mean?

The term "ingestible", as used to describe our AEON Ingestible Growth Factor spray, is not referring to it being digested in the stomach. In the case of AEON, "ingestible" refers to it being "ingested" into your body by the direct transmucosal (sublingual) pathway of absorption (through the inner cheek of your mouth and under your tongue) to transport the AEON formulation directly, effectively and efficiently to the bloodstream, thereby never having to enter the acidic and disruptive digestive tract (this is why we ask that you hold the AEON in your mouth for a minute or two before swallowing it).

There are many dietary supplements that use absorption (sub lingual) methods for delivey such as DHEA and B vitamins. 

Has there been testing done on somatotropin (GH) supplementation with people?

Since the 1950's, somatotropin has been available, but only by injection. Since the early '90s, many successful studies have been done on methods of delivering recombinant somatotropin into the bloodstream without injections. A 1995 HGH study with over 850 clinical trial participants over the age of forty (40), reported significant antiaging benefits with no side effects.

Is AEON approved by the FDA?

AEON is recognized as a dietary supplement by the FDA. It is not a drug or medication and does not require a prescription. Therefore, AEON does not require FDA approval.

Can I take AEON with my prescribed medications?

Since we have no knowledge of your medical history and cannot give medical advice, a qualified health professional / medical doctor who is familiar with natural healthcare and/or alternative/complimentary medicine would be the best person to advise you.  

Are there any side effects?

There have been no reported side effects with the use of AEON. Occasionally, due to the fact that everyone's metabolism is different, a few individuals may feel a bit tired-like for the first few days or a week or so. This will commonly pass after their bodies have adjusted to the new metabolic regeneration activity and detoxification system activation due to the action of AEON. One reason we recommend utilizing our Longevity System Rx is to eliminate the possibility of this potentially occurring.

Who should take (HGH) supplements?

There are basically three groups that benefit from taking HGH supplements. The first group is the over 25 years old population who want to delay or reverse the effects of aging, improve their quality of life, develop a more youthful physical appearance or enhance their sex life.

The second group is the sports performance enthusiast who wishes to increase strength, stamina, flexibility and the visible results desired from their workouts.

The third group is elderly adults, persons with a sedentary lifestyle, persons with no detectable HGH by blood test, and persons with compromised immune systems. 

The benefit any one person receives is dependent upon their current natural somatotropin (HGH) production. The lower your current somatotropin (HGH) levels, the more you will benefit. Overall, research studies indicate that 90-95% of the over 25 population could benefit from taking an HGH supplement.

Note: HGH Therapy is not recommended for Pregnant or nursing mothers, women trying to conceive, people taking prescription steroid drugs, and anyone with a current or prior diagnosis of cancer.  

Will supplementation help me lose weight and body fat?

It can, if you work for it. HGH is not a panacea, it is a catalyst. Over the years, I have spoken to many people who wanted to use HGH for weight loss. I always asked this question, "...how was your weight at age 20?". If they answer that they had a weight issue then; I remind them that they also had plenty of HGH back the as well. Get it?

However, declining levels of HGH can cause us to gain unwanted pounds too easily as our metabolisms slow down and we become older. However, with AEON and SOMASTATIN you can address this very critical reason as to why you're unable to effectively lose weight and body fat, and keep it off, if you work for it with hydration, excesses and some other behaviors. HGH has also been proven to specifically help reduce hard to remove fat in the abdominal area when it helps heal your adrenals. HGH can help to re-shape the body when properly exercising, helping you to eliminate fat and build lean, hard muscle.

There have been many clinical trials that have demonstrated that true HGH administration is an effective method for both losing weight and body fat because they claim an increase in lean body mass. We believe this was a mistake. Because of the very high doses administered, we believe it was actual edema (water retention). Edema is the most common side effect for too much HGH and disappears immediately when the dosage is reduced.

Please remember, the results you can expect will begin to occur as your body gradually transitions towards its more youthful metabolism. This process can take several weeks to months accomplish and the first signs of improvement can be subtle to drastic, depending on you and your health and metabolic condition.

We ask that you please be patient, follow our suggestions on when to expect changes, lifestyle, diet and exercise, etc, and you may begin to see the weight loss and body fat results you desire as well. Thousands of our loyal customers have let us know these things to be their personal experience.

Please remember that AEON and SOMASTATIN are not a magic bullets for weight loss, they are powerful catalysts however, if you work for them. We genuinely who have been using these for over ten years believe they are the most powerful catalysts for physical transformation we have ever seen.

If you choose to eat in an unhealthful manner and do not properly supplement and exercise, you can still expect some results with the use of AEON and SOMASTATIN, but not the excellent results derived when combined with a consistent healthy diet, sufficient rest, plenty of pure water in addition to AEON and SOMASTATIN. We suggest that you also review our 10 Step Plan Outline to obtain the best Performance Results.

Will AEON help me improve my sports and exercise performance?

Yes. Of course, AEON won't specifically improve your skill levels, however, since HGH therapy has been shown to improve endurance, stamina, energy levels, cardiac output, respiratory function, injury healing, muscle strength, lean muscle development, weight problems, and joint flexibility, these increases can also lead to improved levels of sports and exercise performance.

Many health-minded people, not just athletes, have discovered the benefits of increasing their levels of HGH to help them achieve maximum levels of health and physical fitness.

Should I take AEON if I am a diabetic?

Customers who are Type II diabetics have reported that AEON has benefited them, although we do suggest that you continue to monitor your blood sugar levels and follow the medical advice of your physician.

Will I be placing too much HGH into my bloodstream?

No. Your body will naturally use the necessary amount of HGH created that is balanced and helpful for it's regeneration needs. Your physiological metabolism has an established set of coordinating and balancing systems that naturally monitor and direct this HGH absorption/assimilation activity. Therefore, depending on your own personal requirements, your body system will simply use only what it needs. Also, use of AEON will not suppress your body's own cyclical production and release of HGH.

How exactly does somatotropin (HGH) work in the body?

Somatotropin (HGH) from the pituitary gland works by stimulating protein production and synthesis in all tissues of the body. This results in an increase in organ healing and regeneration, which is associated with increase resistance to illness and injury.

One of the most widely reported results of somatotropin (HGH) supplementation is the effect it has on the body's sexual centers. Research shows heightened sexual sensitivity and arousal, stronger and more frequent erections, heightened vaginal lubrication, more intense orgasm in both men and women, increased overall sexual appetite and sexual endurance.

In the skin, documentation regarding somatotropin (HGH) supplementation has shown increased collagen synthesis, which makes the skin thicker and smoother. In the bone, these studies showed increased bone density. In the internal organs and sex organs, research showed increased size and markedly improved function.

In the immune system, research also showed increased immune system regulation and activity, resulting in fewer infectious illnesses. In adults, HGH is necessary for proper repair and regeneration of injured tissues.

Beginning around the age of 20 years old, our natural production of somatotropin (HGH) begins to decline at the average rate of 14% per decade.

By the age of 40, somatotropin (HGH) production has decreased 30% over our youthful production level, and by the age of 60, by 80% on average. The decline in somatotropin (HGH) correlates with many of the effects of aging including loss of lean body mass (muscle, bone, skin and internal organs), increase in total body fat, thinning and wrinkling of skin, decreased immune function and decreased sexual desire and function.

As a result of the decline in somatotropin (HGH), and because it is the master hormone, other hormones also decline with age, such as Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, as well as many other important mood-elevating hormones. Examples of other hormones that also decrease are thyroid and thymus hormones, which can cause menopause in women and andropause in men.

How secure is ordering AEON online?

Our information data encryption is the most sophisticated form of data encryption available in the world. Using 128-Bit data encryption (the same type used by ATM and online Bank Transfers, Amazon.com, Microsoft.com, SharperImage.com and most others), you are assured of the utmost security and safety. You'll be glad to know that your information is safe, secure and will not be shared by us with any third party at any time, period. 

We respect your privacy and are dedicated to making the Internet a safe environment for hassle-free shopping. You can order right now over the Internet without having to worry if your information is safe. 

Can I get a full refund of my purchase price if I'm not completely satisfied?

Absolutely. And it's one of the strongest in the industry: A Full 100 days. That's over 3 months to decide if AEON is right for you. We want to take away all the risk to you so that you can have ample time to try AEON without having to worry about the cost. We offer a 100% product purchase money-back guarantee. "If after 100-days, you're not completely satisfied with the results you experience with AEON, and you have followed the complete directions for use, simply return it for a FULL refund (less Shipping & Handling)." The refund process is hassle-free for you.

To obtain a refund, you simply call our toll-free number located on your shipping invoice and speak with one of our courteous customer service representatives. Then, simply return the empty or unused portion of your bottle along with your return authorization number to the address on your shipping invoice.  

It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...

There is a solution...