How Hormones and Stress Influence Your Immune System

Keeping Your Vitality Series:

How Hormones and Stress Influence Your Immune System

"...honor God with your body." 1 Corinth 6:20

Why do we recommend using AEON, Somastatin and Amino Rx together?

Three Important Reasons:

1. HGH (Somatotropin)

2. Somatostatin (the anti-HGH)

3. Protein synthesis (cellular regeneration

Stress Above All Else Destroys Your God Given Temple

At Antiaging Research, we've beaten the drum for a generation on mitigating STRESS. Whether it's from hormone depletion, food, blood type, toxins, heavy metals, artery and brain plaque, hydration, spirituality, personality type and picking your battles. STRESS is the big wall that insidiously and quietly breaks you down and sucks the youth out of you over a highly accelerated time frame.

How many people have shocked you with how old and haggard they looked compared to their actual age? 


Our greatest desire at AARL is to help you look and feel much younger than your chronological age...

Somastatin, AEON, Amino Rx , CardioPure and many of our products offset and protect against the pervasive stressors of life in a big way, however your food, environment, physical, psychological and spiritual habits matter a great deal. So this leaves us each with a choice. Eliminate long-term bad habits that cause stress and nutritional deficiencies, entertain some good ones, mitigate the bad ones we don’t eliminate by being proactive with Somastatin, AEON, Amino Rx, CardioPure and other compounds, or do all three. The bottom line is this: simple choices, habits and hormone management can prevent the breakdown of your immune system.

There is no reason you should get sick with good habits and prevention. The media fallacy of “cold and flu season,” is just a fallacy if you are firing on all cylinders along with good hygiene. Clearly proper nutrition and hormone balance can protect your body from the viruses and germs that get past good hygiene (not to mention the heavy influence Madison Avenue has on people actually getting sick during the holiday months).

Your body needs the proper ingredients of hormones, nutrition, exercise, hydration and the ability to “Zen out” physically, spiritually and psychologically so that it can function optimally.

We don’t need to go into food too much, because you are obviously sophisticated far beyond that if you are reading this. Obviously whole grains, fresh greens, fruits and vegetables and nutrient-rich meals are vital to immunity. In fact, food is the largest stressor besides learning to “Zen out” spiritually and psychologically (that brain between our ears is the biggest stressor of all).

Besides exercise and hormone depletion from aging, food and hydration becomes the most insidious catalyst to premature aging.

Finally, your immune system is weakened in less than thirty minutes after eating simple sugar. Sugar will immediately decrease your white blood cell count, making it difficult to fight infections. Chronic use keeps you more susceptible to pathogens. However, one saving grace, is that your body doesn’t see sugar as a foreign, unrecognizable substance, unlike like artificial sweeteners. 

Certain unrecognizable substances and chemicals trigger a massive immune response which turns into constant stress. Habitual consumption of foreign, unrecognizable substances can burn out your immune system fast. Please do some research so you truly know the health problems caused by these nasty chemicals such as aspartame.

Since food and your thoughts influence your immunity, choose your food, thoughts and battles wisely… 

Since 2002, when it comes to food, we have sworn by Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type.” We have witnessed many people eliminate illness, while balancing their hormones and weight while following this protocol.

It is immutable, fresh wheat grains and diary to a type “O” will cause a stressful immune response. Garbanzo beans and black beans for a type “B” will cause a stressful immune response, and type “A’s” have their issues too. This is why we want you to follow the “Blood Type Diet.” Look it up on Google, because it’s not a another passing fad diet, it’s powerful shield against STRESS. 

Blood Type Nuances…

Type O blood consumes about 46% of the population. It’s the oldest and the original “hunter gatherer” blood type. A type O body is extremely calorie efficient and cannot handle many carbohydrates. O’s should eat a high-protein “hunter gatherer” diet that consumes very lean meat, poultry, fish, berries and vegetables. O’s must go light on grains, beans, and dairy. 

The leading factor in weight gain for Type O’s is sugar and the gluten found in wheat germ and whole wheat products. Type O’s are usually lactose intolerant and have a high incidence of type ll diabetes because they cannot handle sugars. They also, almost exclusively suffer from acid reflux disease and ulcers. Carcinoma, leukemia, thyroid problems and gall bladder disease are also common. 

Type A blood consists of 40% of the population, and began around 30,000 B.C., when agriculture and animal domestication began. This comparatively sedentary diet (than that of the “hunter gatherer”), agrarian lifestyle resulted in a mutation in the digestive tracts and the immune systems of civilization; ergo type A blood. This new blood type allowed the body to assimilate certain grains and other agricultural products. 

Still, type A’s actually flourish on vegetarian diets. They should avoid corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds and chicken. Lots of green vegetables, eggs, fish, some meats and low-fat dairy are highly assimilated and ideal to consume anything organic and fresh. 

Oddly, meat is fattening for a type A. Type A's can lose weight rapidly by eliminating meat from their diets. Animal foods speed up type O metabolisms and slow down type A's metabolism and become stored as fat. Additionally, A’s have low stomach-acid content and cannot digest meat as easily as a type O can. Low acid is why A’s have a higher propensity for stomach cancer. Type A's should monitor their intake of wheat germ, whole-wheat products and smoked or cured meats with nitrites. Unlike an O, where wheat is taboo, some wheat is good, but too much makes the body overly acidic. Since animal fats are not ideally metabolized, A’s have higher issues of heart disease, liver and gallbladder disorders. 

Type B blood consists of 10% of the population.  Type B is the most balanced and eclectic of the blood types and has the most flexible food choices. You are most fortunate if you are type B. That being said, the biggest sources of weight gain are corn, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts, and sesame seeds and can result in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia. Although better tolerated than O and A blood, type B’s should limit wheat germ and whole-wheat products too. Meanwhile, dairy is encouraged to increase metabolism. Type B's have a high propensity for autoimmune disorders.

Finally, there is type AB, which consists of 4% of the population.  If you are fortunate to be an AB, you have the most eclectic food choices. Foods like tofu, seafood, dairy and green vegetables are delightful and bananas of all things are not well tolerated. People with type AB blood also tend to have low stomach acid so limit coffee, alcohol, and smoked or cured meats with nitrites.

You are either fertile hormonally (blood serum) or you will rapidly become fertilizer from the stress of insufficient hormones and critical nutrients.

AEON 5000 + AMINO Rx + Somastatin
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AEON 5000, AMINO Rx, Somastatin 60 day supply Special offer...

Manage Continuous Stress through Balanced Hormones for a Strong Immune System

Again Cortisol and Testosterone are Critical

As we have stressed countless times, your adrenals mean EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. The bottom line is undeniable, healthy adrenal function plays a critical role in moderating the inflammatory processes and disease that results from stressors such as food, environment, mental and spiritual stress, etc. 

This stress on your adrenals eventually causes many complications, especially a low testosterone/cortisol condition. It’s a downhill scree that comes in three stages. The final “stage three” exhaustion phase invariably leads to an autoimmune condition and other illnesses. When you heal the adrenals, you often heal the autoimmune condition. In an autoimmune condition, your white blood cells of your immune system will attack your healthy cells and tissue as if they were foreign pathogens. 

Even at “stage one” and “stage two” exhaustion, all kinds of illness occur… from allergies to black depression. Your body relies on your adrenals and the thyroid to stimulate various immune-activating functions. Also, when the adrenals go, so does the thyroid. 

This is because your adrenals follow a “pathway.” This pathway moderates your mood, immunity, libido, hormone production, thyroid, pancreas and your hypothalamus. This pathway is known as the “limbic–hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis” (LHPA). The interactions along this axis impact a major part of your body that controls reactions to stress and regulates your digestion, your immune system, your mood and emotions, your sexuality and your energy storage and expenditure, just to name a few.

When the LHPA axis becomes imbalanced, mood disorders and illnesses occurs. This includes insomnia, ADHD, burnout, fibromyalgia, anxiety, severe to moderate depression, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, posttraumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, alcoholism and countless other maladies. 

Most people in Western Medicine are clueless about the intricacies of the LHPA. Consequently, antidepressants are passed out like candy for these issues because they help regulate the LHPA axis function. However, these drugs merely mask the symptom, whereas we want to cure the problem!

You cure this by removing stressors and creating hormone balance. AEON, Somastatin and Amino Rx help do this! Somastatin helps bring your adrenals back to normal by balancing the beginning of the LHPA. The fact that Somastatin inhibits the anti-growth-hormone, somatostatin is merely a potent bonus. It does this because it stimulates the entire axis, including adrenal testosterone and beta endorphins. When these are both raised, we naturally see the anti-growth-hormone, somatostatin decline.   

AEON works in reverse of the LHPA and has a direct effect on the hypothalamus to stabilize growth-hormone production. The combination of Somastatin and AEON causes a significant increase in protein synthesis (triggering the body to heal and regenerate), and why you need at minimum, Amino Rx. Without proper nutrition, you may experience fatigue and “regenerate” with inferior cell building materials.

Meanwhile, even though the Amino Rx is mandatory, while using AEON and Somastatin, it is also paramount to flood the body with vitamins, minerals, cofactors, greens, exercise, rest and plenty of water. I recommend this special two month offer here. Please click here for a great offer.

You are either fertile hormonally (blood serum) or you will rapidly become fertilizer from the stress of insufficient hormones and critical nutrients.

AEON 5000 + AMINO Rx + Somastatin
60 day supply Special offer...

AEON 5000, AMINO Rx, Somastatin 60 day supply Special offer...