Molecular Delivery of Growth Hormone

How the original oral spray HGH formulation was designed to work...


the bio-identical HGH molecule
for delivery in 1996...

The HGH Molecule

In 1996, Under laboratory conditions, we took a substring molecule and removed its DNA, we then replaced it with an air tight encapsulation designed to sustain the integrity of the hGH molecule to prevent oxidation and decomposition. We then introduced the new strain to sodium cynobrohydrate and proprionaldehyde which kicks off 4 + electrons rendering the molecule with a strong positive charge.

Then we introduced it to the negatively charged recombinant hGH and through ionic cleaving the new molecular structure reclaims its static imbalance by literally enveloping the hGH molecule in an air tight environment by static force. What remains is a positively charged molecular structure that is ready for use that is attracted to the negatively charged mucosa.

Now, since the molecule was positively charged and the human body is negatively charged, when introduced to the oral mucosal tissues the polarity of the new molecule stretched like two opposing magnetic fields. The new molecule elongated and as a result it became very thin much like stretching a Nerf-Ball through a knot hole that reformed on the other side.

The hGH molecule within the 191 amino acid structure is wound like a conch shell with few crossovers (conical), it like the Nerf-Ball now can retain its integrity and pass through the mucosal walls, into the system and ultimately bypass the process of liver metabolism, which would destroy the delicate HGH molecule.

The Spiral or Conical nature of the GH molecule allows
it to be wound tighter, like the spring of a watch.
Whereas the much smaller insulin molecule
is a lattice structure, and fractures
when "wound" or folded.

Because of this procedure, relatively small dosages in nanograms amounts appeared to have the efficacy similar to that of injected hGH. A significant benefit of this design is that it appeared to encourage the anterior pituitary to secrete exacting supplies that were commensurate with individual requirements of independent subjects. We knew the body's own cellular memory is what set up the transmissions of neuro transmitters and neuro receptor sites and guided the ambient hormonal chain in the creation and replication of natural body function.

Growth hormone has a very stable shelf life when in a dry, powdered form. So another challenge was the HGH molecule itself, once in a hydrophilic state (constituted with water) the molecule began to immediately break down due to oxidization. This was solved by the encapsulation process which protected the HGH molecule from oxidation via encasing each HGH molecule in an ionized polymer known as a delivery vector. This provided a very stable shelf life for the growth hormone molecule with 100% integrity after two years and 90% integrity after three years at room temperature.

Transmucosal Polymeric Molecular Delivery (delivery vector)

The means by which a molecule or compound is introduced to the body is as important as the compound itself that is being delivered. It is imperative that the exogenous substance administered within the polymer matrix to the blood stream be maintained at a level that can provide maximum therapeutic benefit.

When a therapeutic compound is created, one must consider how to transport the compound to the appropriate receptor sites. This is not a trivial issue; in some cases, the development of the delivery system can be as difficult as the therapeutic compound itself.

Controlled release (DDS) serves two functions. The first, delivery, involves the transport of the therapeutic compound into the body and to specific receptor sites. This can be accomplished in a number of ways intravenously, orally, transdermally and via the oral mucosa or buccal ducts.

The second function is that of controlled release. This describes the rate at which the therapeutic compound is made to the body once it has been delivered.

Most controlled release systems fall into one of three categories: diffusion, solvent activated release, and polymeric degradation.

In a diffusion system, the therapeutic compound is either encapsulated in a polymer membrane or suspended within a polymer matrix. Typically the course of events is as follows: water diffuses into the membrane or matrix, the therapeutic compound is then diffused out of the polymer.

Solvent activated systems use one of several mechanisms. The most common employs a semi permeable membrane that contains a small hole. Within the membrane there is a high concentration of an osmotic agent that causes water to enter through the membrane. The therapeutic compound is then forced out.

Polymeric degradation and with the diffusion method, the therapeutic compound is contained within the polymer membrane or matrix. The polymer is designed to degrade and release the therapeutic compound at a specific location in the body. As the polymer degrades, the therapeutic compound is released and made available to the body.

Degradation occurs via three major mechanisms. In the first, water soluble polymers are made insoluble by cross linking them together. When the cross-links are broken at some point in the body, the polymer will dissolve. In the second mechanism, water insoluble polymers are made soluble by hydrolysis or ionization of side groups. Finally, the third approach applies the use of insoluble polymers that are cleaved into soluble monomers. Many degradation systems use a combination of these mechanisms.

Many matrix systems use what is known as bulk degradation. This means that degradation occurs throughout the polymer structure in a rather random fashion. The erosion rate is dependent upon the volume of the matrix rather than its thickness. Other matrix systems use surface degradation other than bulk degradation. This polymer is highly hydrophobic yet contain water labile linkages. Thus, diffusion of water into the matrix and internal degradation are minimized. The therapeutic compound release rate is proportional to the polymer degradation rate; with the proper surface geometry, zero order degradation kinetics is possible.

The group of poly(lactide) polymers and the lactide/(glycolide) copolymers has a proven track record concerning their bio compatibility. They ultimately degrade into lactic acid and glycolic acid, nontoxic components that are consequently excreted via the Krebs cycle as water and carbon dioxide. There are many other compounds that can be used for polymeric degradation. Copolymers such as styrene and hyrdoxymethacrylate, calcium pectinate, (a water soluble a (1 4) linked polysaccharide, consisting of D galacturonic monomers with several methyl ester constituents). Other polymers are hydroxypropl methylcellulose acetate succinate. The D galacturonic units that are cleaved from the polymer are water soluble , they may be then absorbed by the body and enter the metabolic pathway. As the matrix degrades, the therapeutic compound is then made available to the body.

Growth Hormone Dose Comparisons

An injection of one international unit (i.u.) is equivalent to 350,000 nanograms. 50,000 nanograms is the approximate amount produced by 20 year old body in a 24-hour period and 5,000 by a 60 year old. This means that an injection is 7 to 70 times the quantity normally produced by the body depending on age.

Once injected, this flood of HGH goes into the bloodstream and is absorbed by the liver. All unused excess is destroyed or diluted within the blood. Clearly, this injection dosage is far in excess of the body's natural production of GH. As a result, it falsely simulates the body's production requirement of GH, thereby shutting down the body's natural pituitary production (absolute or relative refractory) and increasing the antagonist hormone somatostatin (the anti-hgh hormone). A massive feedback shut down response occurs.

A daily dose of of the Ingestible spray appeared to supply an appropriate amount of nanograms of GH per day. This meant there was no over-stimulation of the pituitary observed and thus there appeared to be no shutdown of the body's own natural production activity of GH or false signaling to increase somatostatin production. It appeared to enable the pituitary to produce more of its own GH as well. The longer the Oral GH was used, the more the effects of hormonal balancing was observed.

Due to the natural decline of HGH production with age, the daily use of hGH has been proven to significantly increase one's quality of life. Furthermore, along with daily use of hGH and concurrent inhibition of somatostatin (the anti HGH hormone), the benefits of daily usage appear significantly amplified further.

We used Bio-Identical Growth Hormone

Over 90% of products being marketed as HGH, CONTAINED NO ACTUAL GROWTH HORMONE or GROWTH FACTOR. They simply contain inexpensive non-structured, amino acids and/or minerals and other pseudo-scientific concoctions that they claimed stimulated HGH release.

Our original formulation was so distinctly different from so-called HGH "boosters", "stimulators", "promoters", "precursors", "secretagogues", "effervescent's", "IGF-1 maximizers", "supporting compounds and synergists", "amino acid polymer matrixes", and other similar inferior products-whether found in the form of a pill, powder, patch, liquid, capsule or spray.

Those products contained NO HGH or GF, even though their labels are carefully worded to make you believe that they do. These inferior products, all calling themselves HGH, were all advertised as if they were true HGH or GF and this further confused the issue. These companies wanted to claim and associate themselves with the headlines and benefits of true HGH, but there's one very big problem...their products are NOT HGH or GF. The lack of a true and effective product was purposely hidden behind all of their hype.

Most of these "stimulator" type products are questionable at best. The technological sophistication required to have one's body metabolically transport and deliver a molecule such as HGH or GF to the receptor sites of your cells is out of the reach of virtually all supplement companies.

We tested with and used REAL growth hormone

Our oral spray HGH research was based upon the highest quality, somatotropin (GH) available from any source. It's foundational material was recombinant somatotropin (HGH naturally synthesized in a pharmaceutical laboratory) from natural sources. Today AEON uses NO animal extracts and contains NO Brain glandular's, NO Steroids, NO Bovine (cow) and NO Porcine (pig) products and genuine GF.

The formula was entirely unique

The key with GH is that its molecular structure follows an exact sequence, which must be kept intact for effective absorption and assimilation. We uniquely provided not only the finest formulation, we also provided the precise delivery vector (technological transport and delivery system) necessary to bring this exact sequence and strength of the true GH t be delivered. No one else provided this. Our specialized formulation did effectively stabilize the HGH in a liquid solution so that the full strength of GH was delivered.

Today AEON Oral Growth Hormone Enhancement, Growth Factor Spray is several generations advanced, using only the finest growth factors in a proven delivery vector to provide you with an effective method to stabilize and manage your hormone levels, we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction or your money is refunded back to you in full, no questions asked.

AEON 5000 works to enable your pituitary to produce more of its own GH. The longer AEON 5000 is used, the longer your body can sustain biostasis (body balance). It's when we are chronically out of balance that the speed of aging increases, along with the odds of chronic disease.

Due to the 10x natural decline of HGH production with age (a 20yr old averages 20ng/ml, and a 60yr old averages 2ng/ml), daily use for life of AEON can significantly increase one's quality of life. Furthermore, along with the concurrent inhibition of somatostatin (the anti HGH hormone), the benefits of daily rGH usage are significantly amplified. This is why we recommend using SOMASTATIN and AEON together.

We recommend using AEON, Somastatin and Amino Rx together!

The power to change ourselves tomorrow is held in the decisions we make today.