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You look younger than me!

And most recently, I had a lady 52 years of age telephone me because she wanted to share a story that involved her picking up her sister (40 years of age) who she hadn't seen in a bit over six months. During the time between last seeing her sister, she had been faithfully taking AEON 5000. She told me she was so incredibly happy that she had placed her trust in the product, even though she hadn't seen immediate results, because when her sister saw her, she said her sisters "jaw almost hit the floor", as her sister just couldn't hardly believe the now naturally transformed, more younger looking "older" sister that stood before her. Her sister said, "you look younger than me! What have you done?!"

Well, for this lady it may have taken a bit longer for her body to cellularly transform, but her faith in certainly yielded the results she had hoped for. All she had done was simply take 3 sprays of in the morning after brushing her teeth, and then 3 more sprays before going to bed at night after brushing her teeth. She kept it simple, but she was steady with her plan.

Stepped out on Faith

I have stepped out on faith that AARL's will achieve the results promised. I started the process on August 8th, 2002. In addition to the spray, I have been taking the vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids along with some sort of exercise each day. After 58 days these are the results of the initial test.

I do sleep throughout the night without waking up to use the bathroom. 
My kids have noticed less gray in my beard. 
Probably the most exciting change is there is seems to be less pain in my lower back. 
I want to continue to take and give this test at least a year to experience even more changes in my health. I have a great marriage, love my wife, my children, grandchildren, and the work I do. We love attending church, serving as teachers, keeping our actions as close to the Savior as possible. We both have the best families and overall, we really enjoy living.

All these things and more are either enhanced or handicapped by one's health. I am impressed with your HGH product so far and have reason now to believe there will be even more health improvements in the next 12 months. Rod Buttars, Technical Sales Engineer

Turns man's life around

A gentleman from the Phoenix, AZ area shared with me an incredible personal story of how had literally given him his life back. After over 20 years of battling critical health challenges, he was within the last year, dealt his heaviest blow, when he was diagnosed with irreversible congestive heart failure. He said that he had been told by a team of heart specialists that his "heart was shot" due to being dangerously enlarged along with critically high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, a body that was literally swelling up with excess fluids and he also suffered from debilitating respiratory complications.

They told him he needed a heart transplant, and he needed it fast, or he would certainly die. He began doing every thing he could to save his life; he followed doctor's orders, took prescribed medications, drastically improved his diet and nutrient supplementation and lifestyle, but nothing was working. Then, about four months ago, he began taking ingestible growth hormone.

He knew he was beginning to feel better, but when he recently had another battery of tests performed by his cardiologist, the doctor exclaimed, "all I can say is that a miracle must have occurred here because you now have the heart of a 22 year old". During the course of our conversation, this man must have told me at least six times how "his life had been totally turned around" because of ingestible growth hormone. Today, he is 64 years young and his 48-year-old wife tells him "he doesn't look his age and certainly doesn't act his age".

Feels "like a million dollars"

My wife June, ordered your product a couple of months ago and has been taking it regularly. She wants you to know that she feels "like a million dollars". She is 58 years old. I thought I better try some, and I'm coming up to 72 years. Kindest regards from across the Pond, John Izbicki, London, England

Doctor Requests To Become Volume Distributor

My name is Dr. Zohrabian, and I am requesting to become a Volume Distributor of your products. I have personally used your Growth Hormone product and lost 10 pounds in less than two weeks in addition to my sleep and energy levels having improved. I am very impressed with the activity of your products. Thank you, A. Zohrabian

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