Does Oral HGH Work?

Orally Delivered HGH vs Injectable HGH

Most oral HGH products cannot work. We know this fact because in 1996 we invented the one that did. HGH requires an oxygen free vector (delivery method) to preserve it and deliver it into your body and that's a whole different story...

Meanwhile Human Growth Hormone is almost too large and unique of a molecule to work with, almost...



Proof of Delivery...

Oral HGH was actually discovered through serendipity. It was by accident that our researchers realized you could get this Jupiter size molecule to absorb. These scientists tried to get an insulin molecule absorbed, which is half the size of an HGH molecule and they couldn't—it all depended on the molecular cross linking. The lattice-like cross linking of insulin rendered it very brittle. Essentially, it shattered every time they tried to pass it through the membrane of the mucosa (under the tongue).

Growth hormone however is conical (much like a sea shell) in it's cross linking. It can be elongated without damage if you do it right; it is called molecular folding; much like putting a Nerf ball through a knot hole.

The Age Accelerating Anti-Growth Hormone

Then there is the issue of the anti-growth hormone, somatostatin. So we researched a product in 1998 called Somastatin. Today, the entire medical community agrees that the dosage for HGH injections were way too high in the landmark clinical studies by Dr. Daniel Rudman in 1986. These high growth hormone injection dosages could shut down the body's hormone development feedback system and significantly increase the production of the age accelerating "anti HGH" hormone called "somatostatin". We never believed that was very is good to do, therefore the need for Somastatin..

So not only do our HGH levels decline, but this dangerous anti-HGH substance, somatostatin also begins to increase as we approach middle age and can be grossly exacerbated via injections. If left un-addressed, somatostatin, can rapidly increase the aging process. This is why we advocate the use of Somastatin with AEON, and especially with injections.

It is about quality of life span. 
It's not how long you live; 
it's how long you live well...

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Injections May be an Overdose

We, as well as many medical researchers, have contended for nearly 20 years that the high dose growth hormone injections, actually contribute ultimately to the acceleration of the aging process if you quit the injections due to pituitary atrophy (shrinkage).

An injection of one international unit (i.u.) is equivalent to 350,000 nanograms. 50,000 nanograms is the approximate amount produced by 20 year old body in a 24-hour period and 5,000 by a 60 year old. This means that an injection is 7 to 70 times the quantity normally produced by the body, depending on age (a 20 yr old produces 10 times that of a 60 yr old).

Once injected, this flood of HGH goes into the bloodstream and is absorbed by the liver. All unused excess is destroyed or diluted within the blood. Clearly, this injection dosage is far in excess of the body's natural production of GH. As a result, it falsely simulates the body's production requirement of GH, thereby shutting down the body's natural pituitary production (absolute or relative refractory) and increasing the antagonist hormone somatostatin (the anti-hgh hormone). A massive feedback shut down response can occur.

The Long Term Effects of HGH

Science truly does not know what the long term effects of a chronic overdose of HGH may be. However, most scientists and researchers absolutely rule out cancer. These doses, although too high, show an actual decrease in cancer after a 6 year study.

Think about this; basketball players that are born with abnormally high doses of growth hormone develop acromegaly and gigantism as a result. However, they do not have any significant increases in cancer just because they have unusually high levels of growth hormone. Children with a history of cancer can take growth hormone safely, and children who have taken growth hormone for years do not develop cancer.

Ironically, young individuals, who have the highest levels of growth hormone in their bodies naturally, have the lowest risks of cancer. People who are abusing growth hormone such as pro-athletes, are dying of complications related to contamination and heart valve problems; but not from cancer.

One in three aging people have cancer, not because of small increments in hormone levels, but because of toxins and a diminished immune system. HGH fortifies the immune system. Small changes in IGF or HGH that are trivial and are not a big factor in developing cancer. Large changes in IGF without proper ratios of HGH appear very unsafe. There are many bad products or worse yet, dangerous, that only increase IGFPlease be careful.

We Emulated Nature: Low Dose, High Frequency

A 20 year old averages around 20 ng/ml of HGH, and a 60 year old averages around 2 ng/ml. By elevating serum HGH and keeping it under the 20 ng/ml threshold means you have younger serum levels and there is no over-stimulation of the pituitary. Thus there is no shutdown of your body's own natural production activity of HGH.

The oral spray growth hormone we produced over ten years ago began the process and provided the ultimate low dose and high frequency protocol. Taken twice a day, the oral spray growth hormone would stealth into the body and help prevent the negative activity of the hormonal feedback system, and the artificial stimulation of the "anti-growth hormone", "somatostatin" that HGH injections can create.

AEON 5000 + Somastatin

60 day supply Special offer...

AEON 5000AMINO Rx + Somastatin

60 day supply Special offer...

Today we offer AEON Growth Factor to nutritionally assist your hormone levels. Your growth hormone levels decrease significantly with aging. Raising them slightly can help promote the fight against the overall bone, muscle, and hair and brain deterioration. Somastatin is highly advised with AEON to off set the anti-HGH hormone, somatostatin..

We have seen astounding results with people using growth hormone and Somastatin together, including youthfulness, physical strength and more confidence in approaching life's most difficult task; aging gracefully.