How Balancing Your Body's pH may Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a misunderstood subject for many people. Many believe they can prevent brittle bones (losing bone mass causing hip fractures and easily broken bones) by increasing the consumption of milk and dairy products. However, in the countries where the consumption of dairy products is very low, the instances of osteoporosis are very rare. This fact clearly contradicts the popular belief that one should consume dairy products in order to have strong bones.

Osteoporosis appears to be more likely an acidity (acidosis) problem, and a calcium deficiency problem. As the body becomes more acidic, to protect against the event of heart attack, stroke, illness, or even cancer, the body attempts to remain more alkaline by leaching calcium from the bones, teeth, and connective tissues. What results, as bone mass depletes from acidity, is what is called osteoporosis.

One of the first warning signs of an acidic body is calcium deposits (small buildups of calcium occurring in the body) such as bone spurs, kidney stones and arthritis. A little known fact is that there has never been a scientifically proven association between calcium deposits in the body and too much nutritional calcium in your diet. In fact, quite the opposite is found, calcium deposits come not from dietary calcium, but from the leaching of calcium from our bones and teeth!

Therefore, if calcium deposits are forming, it is a sign that our body is too acidic, and the potential for brittle bones becomes dangerously increased. To assist in reducing the body's acidity, and to help keep your bones and teeth strong, pH Balance Rx, by AntiAging Research is highly recommended to ensure your well being and Quality of Life Span.