pH Balance and Weightloss

pH Plays a Crucial Role in Weightloss

A healthy body must be slightly alkaline so it has energy and doesn't have to struggle with being overweight. An acidic, unhealthy body has digestive problems, constipation, food cravings and retains weight.

When we eat heavily processed foods, acidic producing foods, and not enough of foods that are alkaline, our body will actually make fat as a defense mechanism to protect itself. Fat cells and cellulite "hold" the acid in your body to keep it a safe distance from your organs. The fat may be saving your organs from damage, but it's making you unhealthy and slowly manifesting chronic disease and cancer.

A body with a healthy pH balance can release the excess acid from the fat cells. Additionally, since it is out of inflammation, allergies can be relieved, heartburn and acid reflux caused by an overly acidic system can disappear, and excess weight can be lost. A healthy pH balance can witness a return to a healthier body and can contribute to losing excess fat. In a very short time, you could feel better, look better, have more energy, and shed excess pounds and inches.

To restore your body's pH, eat more alkaline producing foods and less acidic foods, hydrate, get out of inflammation, exercise, and minimize stress. You can also take supplements that may impact your pH, like pH Balance Rx produced by AntiAging Research.