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"As a lifetime researcher, I've read it all. Phil Campbell has put on paper what I have tried to articulate to others all of my life, the only way to get fit and stay fit; anywhere, anytime, gym or no gym and more important, effeceintly. This "synergy" insures along with proper HGH supplementation, that I can have as close to as possible, the roaring HGH levels of that of a teenager."

Robert Bohen - President AntiAging Research Laboratories


Author: Phil Campbell, age 53
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Ready, Set, Go! Fitness...

In our years of careful and truthful research, we have always searched to find you solutions that work. As a researcher, I personally read many scientific books and texts. Rarely have I come across such solid and practical information that can positively impact our lives.

I have always known that what the author discusses in this amazing book is what truly works in the area of fitness. Phil Campbell essentially has taken the words right out our mouths here at AntiAging Research. Read it and do it, and I promise your life will be massively improved.


Maximize Your Body's HGH and Strongly Help Reverse Aging in its Tracks!

The power packed e-book by Phil Campbell — "Ready Set Go Fitness" — will show you how to maximize your body's HGH and reverse aging in its tracks!

For those of you interested in maximizing your HGH within your body -- there is a way to have your body actually produce it's own HGH – if you're willing to put out a little effort to get it.

The following excerpt taken from Chapter one of Phil Campbell's excellent book titled "Ready Set Go Fitness" – can provide you with astounding information that is solidly backed by scientific research of how you can maximize your body's potential to produce its own Human Growth Hormone.

The Perfect Combination...

Yes, you can supplement your diet with our affordable and excellent AEON HGH and definitely help return your Growth Hormone to more youthful levels; however, you can also help increase your own HGH levels by stimulating and releasing it with the specific type of exercising Phil writes about.

"...combining the strengths of our outstanding AEON and the fitness principles of "Ready Set Go Fitness"is a powerful combination that will virtually guarantee youth promoting results that will astound you."

I am convinced 35 minutes of this exceeds 3.5 hours of jogging and the gym!

Short Intensity Exercise-The form of exercise I'm referring to is called: anaerobic (anna-row-bik) exercise — the kind of short burst, get-you-out-of-breath quickly movements that are typically done by resistance training (weight lifting), sprint-type running/cycling, power-walk hill climbing, sprint swimming, sprint skating, or performing 30 to 60 second power movements on gym equipment such as an elliptical unit, stationary cycle, recumbent cycle, stair stepper or treadmill. This is the most productive form of exercise (with regard to HGH benefits), but it's also the most demanding.

Of course, many people who do exercise are comfortable with their "aerobic workout" type of training, and that's understandable since so much emphasis has been placed on aerobics for the past 25 to 30 years. However, if those same people spent about half the time they're spending now on their long, time consuming workouts doing anaerobic "short intensity training", they would begin to see results they almost wouldn't believe possible.

Gradually Getting Ready

I's true that most people over 35 aren't physically (or mentally) ready for high intensity/short duration training, either because they're out of shape or believe they're too old for this action packed activity.

However, with some gradual, sensible build up towards higher levels of intensity (at least 6 to 8 weeks of preparation) and their doctor's clearance, almost anyone can remarkably transform their health, fitness level and longevity potential.

Phil Campbell's "Ready Set Go Fitness" book will show you how you can gradually — but absolutely certainly — begin to generate youthful levels of the youth-giving HGH all of us over 35 definitely need. We all know we should be exercising more, so if you do choose to exercise you should at least perform the type that will give you the greatest fitness punch for your efforts. Not only can you begin to tighten your body and improve your appearance by building a little lean muscle and burning away unwanted body fat, but you will also be strengthening your chances of warding off any kind of degenerative disease that could try to drag you down as you become older.

So don't forget, by combining the strengths of our outstanding AEON and the fitness principles of "Ready Set Go Fitness" is a powerful combination that will virtually guarantee youth promoting results that will astound you.

You definitely don't want to grow older without this perfect combination!

We want you for (a long) Life...

Live well,


Robert Bohen-CEO

Founder of the Oral Growth Hormone Industry