Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

Your skin is the most voracious organ in your body:






Skin System Rx

Skin Care: It is from the inside out

Of the few skin nutrient formulas (as well as topical creams and lotions) that merely use standard antioxidants and vitamins to act as free radical scavengers, they do nothing to directly inhibit the skins aging process, which is due to the "cross-linking" of collagen tissue.  Although reducing free radicals is beneficial for skin nutrient health, even if you eliminated every free radical, the dangerous collagen "cross-linking" would not be stopped and the wrinkling, sagging and aging of the skin would continue.

The lack of vital skin nutrients, as well as free-radical attack, can destroy collagen, the glue-like protein substance that along with specific skin protein firming strands called elastin, allow your skin to remain healthy, supple and have a youthful appearance.

The Truth about Lotions and Creams

The greatest hurdle inherent in applying skin nutrients is the volatile chemical structure of the skin nutrients within a cream, lotion or moisturizer.  On contact with oxygen, most of these nutrients become oxidized and are either lost or rendered ineffective.  A wide variety of "scientific delivery and stabilizing systems" have been attempted to overcome the formidable obstacle of product degradation presented in packaging, shipping, storing and ultimately, continually opening and closing the product container.

None have proven to be completely efficient and research is still being done to maximize the restorative capabilities of various nutrients in topical skin care formulas.  The topical application of a moisturizing cream has it's temporary benefits, but your skins true, long-lasting health will be developed from the inside of your body, and not by merely spreading it with topical lotions or creams on the outside surface of the skin.

Frosting on a mud pie is still just a mud pie:

We have a saying around here, "Frosting on a mud pie is still a mud pie, and nothing but moist, delicious, cake will make it moist, delicious, cake." Simply put, all of the finest, expensive, exotic cosmetics and moisturizers are only as effective as the health of the skin from the inside, out.

Your skin is the largest and most voracious organ in your body. You must give it what it needs. We researched and analyzed what the skin cell is starving for and fed it with the nutrients inside of Skin System Rx, and we watched it get healthy and glow. Nothing else needs to be said, right?