A Somastatin Story


Jill McGowan

AntiAging Research Client



"How Somastatin Changed my Life"

SOMASTATIN changed my life by eliminating my Fibromyalgia symptoms. I have suffered from the debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia for over fifteen years. My illness had deteriorated to the state of disability. I was unable to gather up the strength to brush my teeth in the morning. Some days I went without eating because I was in too much pain to even stand up and cook for myself.

That all changed on May 18th 2000 when I started on SOMASTATIN. Within three days I was free of the severe and chronic widespread pain that held me hostage for years. My zest for and quality of life returned. SOMASTATIN also restored my normal sleep cycle. For the first time in over 10 years I have been able to sleep through the night without writhing in pain and without sleep medication. I sleep like a baby and my dreams returned just as vivid as when I was a youngster. I now awaken refreshed and energized without any stiffness or pain.

. . .SOMASTATIN does exactly what it promises to do. I have tried dozens of products on the market and none of them have done more for my Fibromyalgia and for my life than SOMASTATIN. In a recent conversation with Robert Bohen president of Anti Aging Research Labs, he told me that SOMASTATIN works on the wellspring of the mind that regulates and balances hormones. SOMASTATIN deserves medical recognition for its ability to alleviate the devastating symptoms of Fibromyalgia and for regulating the hormones of the body.

SOMASTATIN also restored my energy level and raised my exercise threshold. I went from being unable to exercise in the last 5 years to maintaining a regular exercise schedule with out any pain or setbacks. SOMASTATIN completely eliminated migraines, lack of appetite and nausea, anxiety, and muscle spasms. It also stopped the frustration associated with the physical inability to cope with everyday problems and chores. Most Fibromyalgia sufferers often feel like they are stuck in a constant hyperactive state. SOMASTATIN had a calming effect on my entire body and mind. It elevated my mood and motivated me physically and mentally.

Ten years ago I started experiencing irregular menstruation accompanied by devastating migraines, severe nausea, anxiety and sleeplessness. One year ago I stated into menopause and combined with my Fibromyalgia symptoms I became extremely ill. My doctor did lab work and my estrogen, progesterone, FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), IGF-1, and HGH levels were all on the very low end for what is considered an acceptable normal range. But I question whether is it an acceptable normal range for me a forty-seven year old woman or for an eighty-year-old woman? Three months after starting SOMASTATIN both my menstrual cycle and libido returned! SOMASTATIN definitely lessens the symptoms of PMS, and may possibly prevent some women from slumping into early menopause. It may also have an unrealized use in fertility clinics since it could restore the menstrual cycle if treated early enough. SOMASTATIN works best if used at the first signs of PMS or before menopausal symptoms start. I know for a fact that my hot flashes and sleeplessness did not stop with either estrogen or progesterone replacement therapy. But both symptoms stopped within three days of taking SOMASTATIN!

SOMASTATIN has had amazing results on my skin, hair, and eyes. It restored the elasticity and tightened up my skin, therefore improving the texture and eliminating any wrinkles. My skin is softer and has a healthy sheen. Most of all my skin cleared up. For the first time in decades I do not have to wear make-up. SOMASTATIN also restored my hair to its natural dark brown color. My hair is much thicker, softer, and shinier. Before SOMASTATIN I had trouble seeing clearly with contact lens due to unusually dry eyes caused by my Fibromyalgia. I no longer have trouble seeing clearly with my contacts. My night vision and peripheral vision also improved significantly.

I know of other people that tried SOMASTATIN. One person had been taking thyroid medication for over 40 years. After her annual check-up her blood work came back normal and under her doctor's recommendation she stopped taking thyroid medication after 40 years! Her LDL/HDL ratio improved and her cholesterol level was below 200. She has now been able to stop taking her cholesterol medication. Her doctors were stunned at the reversal especially after forty years. Another friend of mine started taking SOMASTATIN to combat fatigue and raise his energy level. Much to his surprise it treated his severe depression and he is now living a very happy active life free of mood swings and sleeplessness.

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to put SOMASTATIN to the test. I allowed myself to run out and I was without it for 3 weeks. Within 3 days my FM symptoms started creeping back. Within 2 weeks the severe pain returned and I was unable to walk, eat, and sleep again. All of my FM symptoms returned within two weeks of stopping SOMASTATIN! This was the ultimate test for me and cemented my belief in SOMASTATIN'S amazing results. It does exactly what is says it will do and more. SOMASTATIN comes with a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but you do have your life and health to gain.

Jill McGowan

Muanaloa, HI

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