Spiro-stasis - Spiritual Blance - The Key to Loving (part 2)

It’s not what you ask for, it’s where you ask from...
— Dr. Michael Beckwith

Spiro-stasis - Spiritual Balance - The Key to Aging Well (Part 2)

Do you remember the rage about, "The Secret" that did not work for most people? During the peak of interest around "The Secret", I was asked to attend a few meetings that were founded by a good friend of mine, Brad Axlerad. At its peak, it was standing room only. People reflected on what they wanted. Many wanted cars, homes, mates, money, status and the like. A few wanted wisdom, growth, insight and tools to help them to make life a little better for all of us.

I returned a couple of months later and observed that most faded away without their new car, home, mate, money, status, etc. During my absence, I heard Dr. Beckwith say, "It's not what you pray for, it's where you pray from..." This simple truth clarified to me that many ask for things to satisfy the desires of self or ego, instead of asking from a place of contribution that is larger than self, from the heart that considers others.

As a scientific researcher, things must make sense to me, and laws and reason have to apply. So I considered, what universal law would apply if what Beckwith said was true? It occurred that it could be a law we could call "abundance". Think about it; when you give plants a simple combination of water, rich soil and sunlight; tremendous growth or perfect abundance occurs. For animals, it is a simple combination of habitat, food and water, and perfect abundance occurs. If this is true for plants and animals, then for the human condition there must also be a simple, yet misunderstood combination for tremendous growth and abundance to occur.

It seems to me what is missing is the most basic, yet misunderstood foundation for humanity to have abundance is to live a life of understanding Love, and living within the "discipline" of Love. This is because without honoring the laws of Love (not always what we think Love is) and applying it, we can only survive. It does not matter how much money one has either; the world is full of unhappy people filled with broken relationships with others and self, just surviving.

The challenge is that there are as many definitions of Love as there are people. It seems to me that at minimum, the discipline of living as genuine Love (from the heart) must always include others in ones decisions of self. Survival is taking care of the body's well being, focusing on self, or bio-stasis. "Abundance" is taking care of the heart and Soul and focusing on others as well as self, spiro-stasis. 

We cannot begin to truly include others without a healthy self either. So, along with a quest to clearly define Love, one's first requirement is taking responsibility for nurturing wounded egos back to health, ones own and others. This is because fear comes from the ego. Fear is the ego without ones Spirit in charge. It is said, "The ego is a terrible master and a profound steward." There is no lasting abundance, contentment or sustained happiness with a masterful ego, because the ego can never feel satisfaction for long; only distraction. The heart and Spirit must both be fed and fully expressed to feel true contentment, lasting happiness, and abundance; spiro-stasis.

True, true, true, true, true love is spirit without ego. Everybody is somewhere in-between because we are human. The awake human who seeks Love recognizes that the mind is a wonderful tool. The unconscious human in fear, barely, if at all, sees the mind as their master.

The ego wants things because it sees life from a scarcity based paradigm. It fears that it will not get its piece in lieu of the person ahead or behind. It gives to receive. Ego sees separation and validates the individual, the heart sees unity and validates us. The ego does not realize that it is in the giving that we experience our beautiful destiny and abundance. We can give without loving, but we cannot Love without giving. Part of defining Love is found through giving without reciprocity; trusting that abundance is a natural law, then spiro-stasis occurs. I'll leave you with that for now.

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Live long, live well and Love well, 

Robert Bohen

Industry Founder of Oral Human Growth Hormone