Sports Performance and HGH (Human Growth Hormone)


Hormones are mandatory...

Sports are demanding to the body. Flexibility is a marker for youth and in sports is the difference between victory or defeat. HGH assists in flexibility. In sports we can see ourselves age as a result of our decline in performance. As our years go by, the amount of HGH produced by our bodies slowly diminishes and our sports performance diminishes as well. From the high production levels of our youthful growing years, our HGH production decreases at a rate of 12% to 16% every decade. Subsequently, by the time we approach our 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond, we may be producing only 15% to 30% of our youthful HGH production capacity. From ages 21 to 61, HGH production declines by 70 to 80%.Clearly, it's difficult to remain strong, firm and fit as in our younger days.

Today, there is a significant body of scientific information that establishes the direct relationship between the lack of energy, strength, endurance and an efficient metabolism, and the gradual reduction of your own HGH production. By naturally increasing one's HGH levels, we can enjoy tremendous health, sports fitness, and antiaging benefits.

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