10 Step AntiAging Plan

Stephen Jennings (Age 52)
Director of Research and Development

"Do you want to remain young, physically and mentally sound with a strong body and mind?" - Then please read on.

Dear AntiAging Research Clients,

Today, the prospects of a longer life are better than ever. However, you must do your best to do your part. To this end, we are providing you with a concise outline to easily reference and incorporate into your living and lifestyle.

We know from extensive research that your personal genetics only account for about one-third of the problems associated with aging. The other two-thirds are something you can personally control to maximize your healthy lifespan.

1. Move Your Body

You simply must get regular vigorous exercise. Take it easy at the beginning, start by walking around the living room if that's all you can do, but you must get your blood circulating. When fresh oxygen can get into your cells, wonderful things for your health can begin to happen. Additionally, physical exercise can maintain your muscle strength, keep you limber and flexible, reduce the risk of diabetes, maintain cardiovascular and lung function, keep your bones strong, as well as promote good digestion, natural HGH production, efficient bowel function and even prevent or help overcome depression.

An effective exercise program should include both endurance training (walking, jogging, cycling, etc.) as well as two or three strength training (resistance training) sessions a week using light to moderate weights (2 to 20 pounds). Please remember to consult with your Physician or Healthcare Professional before beginning any supplement or exercise program.

2. Eat a Natural Foods Diet

We've heard this so many times, but this truth never changes. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables (organic if possible) can produce tremendous benefits for your health. All other dietary basics apply: low in saturated animal fats, fast food/junk food is out, eat around five or six small meals (healthy snacks included) per day. Keep your bodyweight within normal range for your height and frame. And its amazing how many troubling health problems seem to go away when we eliminate excess poundage.

3. Dietary Supplements

National statistics and solid scientific research show that supplementation is necessary today given the poor state of our commercial food supply along with daily stresses and environmental factors. To address this need, as well as others directly related to maximizing one's growth hormone therapy, the new Longevity System Rx and Life Extension System Rx is now available.

It is a powerful, intelligently designed combination of Growth Hormone enhancing, cellular fortifying and cleansing nutrients never before offered by anyone from any source. Exclusively from , the contains three (3) uniquely formulated products that will powerfully enhance your efforts and directly maximize your Growth Hormone therapy. includes: Amino RxMineral CxEssential Vita RxOmega V Rx and PH Balance Rx. Once you try them, you won't ever want to be without them.

4. You Must Properly Hydrate (Drink enough Water)

This critical issue cannot be emphasized enough. Virtually all biochemical processes in your body occur in a water medium. If you care to have your body running efficiently and remaining young, you absolutely must water it! As we become older, we are prone to dehydration, many times without even knowing it. Drink at least 64 ounces (one-half gallon), about 6 to 8 glasses, of pure water or clear, healthy juices per day.

5. Don't Smoke and Limit Alcohol

The risks from smoking are well documented. Heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, emphysema, etc. For the vast majority of humans, smoking and longevity do not go hand and hand. As for alcohol, one glass of wine or spirits every now and then is acceptable, and even may provide some mild health benefits. But too much alcohol is in no way a part of anyone's plan.

6. Fresh Air and Sunshine

A breath of good, clean air is great for the body as well as the soul. It's hard to get too much fresh air. Now, as for sunshine, a little bit is very good for your body, too, and of course, simply don't over expose. Just as life on earth would end without sunlight, your life also needs a little healthy sunshine to keep you alive and living young.

7. Reduce Stress

Numerous studies show that stress can impair your immune system as well as accelerate the aging process. Essentially, stress can cause nearly every illness found in the medical dictionary. So, choose among such stress reducing techniques as meditation, yoga, exercise, etc., and be certain to set aside specific time to practice them regularly.

8. Explore Alternative and/or Complimentary Medicine

Outside of the need for emergency medicine, whenever possible, try to take advantage of more natural approaches to healthcare (without the use of drugs) that will work along with your body to help it to help itself. By doing this, you can place your health back into your own hands.

9. Proper Rest and Relaxation

Yes, we all know this is much easier stated than done. Nevertheless, if you can accomplish this most of the time, you'll give your body the chance to stay younger and definitely live longer.

10. Develop Satisfying Relationships

Research continually shows that positive social interaction among friends and/or loved ones, including sexual activity for those who desire it, lowers the level of stress in one's life. Sharing your time with others in need or helping out with a worthy cause are wonderful ways to bring richness into your life.

The information is here. Now, the choice is yours. If you truly want to grow younger and healthier, NOW is the time to take action. If not, then you'll just continue to write your own personal prescription for pain, ill health and aging. With Anti Aging Research, we can help you put life back into living. Again, the choice is yours.

We want you for (a long) life...

Live long...live well,


Stephen Jennings
Director of Research and Development