Testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Increase Testosterone Naturally

AEON oral spray growth hormone enhancer with growth factor and Somastatin assist nutritionally in naturally raising testosterone. AEON aids in the cascade effect. This is because when you complete nutritional pathways, you raise your HGH, and other hormone levels. Somastatin helps raise testosterone via your adrenal glands.

Low levels of Testosterone (as well as many other hormones) can be corrected by simply increasing HGH intake and completing the nutritional pathways. Even though women do need to produce small amounts of testosterone for libido, immunity and feminine hormonal balance, men require testosterone to actually be a strong, healthy male. By naturally increasing your HGH to youthful levels, you will also be promoting the natural, balanced increase your body’s production of Testosterone and enjoy tremendous health, anti aging and fitness benefits.


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