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Do you or someone you love vape? Protecting yourself from vaping heavy metals and toxins is vital for optimum wellbeing. Know about Metal Detoxification and Symptoms


Even if you don't vape, research shows that our global air, food, and water is polluted with enough heavy metals and toxins that may negatively affect your health and wellbeing.


In fact, long-term NIH (National Institute of Health) research proves that 40% of all Americans have dangerous levels of lead that must be removed to prevent chronic disease and premature death.


Meanwhile, countless Americans have extremely toxic levels and are sadly misdiagnosed. You can protect yourself and your loved ones. Watch this short video about lead toxicity: and then pay forward what you continue to learn here. 

vaping Heavy metals toxicity

Heavy Metal Toxicity 

Due to decades of poor environmental regulation, heavy metals and toxins such as lead, cadmium,  nickel, chromium, zinc, etc. are found in the environment all over the earth.

China's unregulated industrial poisons will blow into Europe and the United States for generations. Fukushima and Chernobyl have covered much of the earth with toxic radioactive heavy metals. Some of these radioactive heavy metals will take thousands of lifetimes to dissipate.

Don't let it affect your brief lifetime.  You can protect yourself from this. 

Whether you vape or not, you eat, drink and breathe from a poisoned environment. Especially the toxic metal lead, from nearly nine decades as an additive to gasoline to stop engines from "knocking." Lead was finally outlawed in the USA in 1986; yet it still continues in other countries like Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar, North Korea and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the earth is indifferent and still moves their air and water to you. 

Some forms of lead are very stable, nearly inert, and accumulate in our bodies. Other forms of lead are unstable and dissolve in our water, air and food, constantly morphing, recirculating and re-poisoning. This is why you need protection from dangerous long-term toxins like lead.

Lead is very easy to work with, if lead weren't so toxic, it would still have near infinite uses in society. This is why for thousands of years, lead was used for nearly everything until we recently realized its powerful toxicity. For thousands of years, lead was used in plumbing. In fact, nearly all homes built before the 1980s used lead solder to connect copper pipes for plumbing.

Lead is so toxic, that less than a drop has killed and maimed countless people over thousands of years, and lead affects children even more. Lead is a neurotoxin, inhibits nitric oxide production and accelerates body and brain clogging plaque from molecular calcium. Even trace amounts of lead literally accelerates death by 25%. 40% of all Americans fall into this category. That's an epidemic. Learn more here:

Are you safe from heavy metals, chemicals, carcinogens and toxins? 

Are you safe from heavy metals, chemicals, carcinogens and toxins? 

Lead is only one of a pandemic of toxins, remnants from decades of domination, ignorance, greed and desperation.Without being intelligently proactive, along with tens or hundreds of millions of people, the NIH (National Institute of Health) proves these these conditions will ensure chronic disease and/or premature death.

lead poisoning

Everyday living ensures you are consuming the heavy metals and toxins of your predecessors and recent violators. For decades, China pumped into our environment cancer-and chronic disease causing lead levels at 700 times the US national limit.

We all pay for this indefinitely; especially our children. Whether you vape or not, you are affected by heavy metals and toxins.

Protect yourself with BlockBusterX. In fact, a key ingredient in BlockBusterX is FDA approved to remove lead. Watch this video about lead facts:  

Researchers reveal vaping dangers...


Will you adequately defend yourself from potentially toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and carcinogens caused from vaping nicotine, THC or CBD’s?

Vaping heavy metals toxic chemicals

WARNING: Vaping Studies have demonstrated a high presence of toxic ionized heavy metals from ionizing metal heating coils, chemical changes from excess heat, along with heavy metals and many chemicals found in e-cig liquids and oils (thinning agents); all of which are cause for concern.

Isn't vaping safer than smoking?

It’s logically assumed that vaping is a better alternative than inhaling tobacco or cannabis smoke. Without a doubt, decades of research prove that smoking anything is rather inane. Added chemicals and burning anything produces hydrocarbons, carcinogens and toxic byproducts that irritate the lungs and poisons your body. Smoking displaces life-giving oxygen with carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It’s also proven that smoking accelerates chronic disease and causes premature death.

In theory, "vaping" is supposed to create vapor instead of smoke. A vaporizer coil is supposed to heat the liquid or oil that contains either nicotine or cannabis derivatives without burning it, causing the active ingredients to be inhaled without creating dangerous and toxic smoke.

At least, that is how it’s supposed to work… The bad news is, several recent studies show potentially serious health issues found in vaping coils, oils and liquids. The good news is, you can do things to protect yourself with BlockBusterX.

You can protect yourself...

You can protect yourself...

The unregulated, “wild, wild east,” China...

Before we get to the research, let’s look at the obvious first. Most vaping batteries, coils, and many e-liquids are manufactured in the “wild, wild east,” AKA China. We all know that China as of late has few regulatory controls and poisoned their country in just a few years. The news is peppered with toxic dumping and horror stories of providing unregulated, and often dangerous or poisonous products to unsuspecting consumers.

Yet, even if NASA and DARPA created the cleanest vape technology money can buy, you cannot change the chemistry and how over heated molecules and solvents behave. The concept of vaping combines a powerful battery attached to a heating mechanism; usually a coil. A glowing red-hot coil can get as hot as 392°F - 480°F. Everyone knows a 400°F oven will turn a forgotten pizza into smoke and charcoal very fast.

Studies show that burning nicotine, THC or CBD infused solvents (thinning agents), or even the purest cannabis oils can fill your body with the same free radicals, carcinogens and toxins that form when you smoke tobacco or cannabis.


Health is why folks vape in the first place, right?

So, if you are vaping for health, you want to protect your lungs, body, and brain from many of these heavy metals, carcinogens and other dangerous toxins, right? Even though you or a loved one is trying to take a healthier approach to consuming nicotine or cannabis products, you may unwillingly be absorbing heavy metals, carcinogens, and other dangerous toxins.

There may be a solution: BlockBusterX binds many heavy metals and toxins to be safely eliminated from your body. 


"...virtually everyone could benefit from the continuous lifetime (oral) ingestion of EDTA... Generally, the toxic materials removed by intravenous EDTA chelation simply start to re-accumulate once the treatment is discontinued... Oral EDTA in our toxic world may become as essential for health as an essential nutrient, and it appears to offer potential benefits as diverse as those seen with some essential nutrients..." Garry F. Gordon, MD


Heavy metals and toxins


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Don't get burned!

Many people unknowingly vape much hotter because they large or long hits. The longer you hold the button, the more "burning" can occur. The New England Journal of Medicine published a controlled study about high heat and propylene glycol. A sustained five-volt setting to a coil consistently created high levels of formaldehyde.

At this point when sustained heat is used, with or without a thinning agent like propylene glycol, we're talking about smoke instead of vapor, no matter how pure the inert or active ingredients are. We’re also talking about inhaling ionized heavy metals as entropy consumes the metal heating element, and heavy metal toxicity is a bad thing, and the last thing doctors look for when diagnosing. If you vape, you need to protect and eliminate the daily inhalation of these poisons.

A fraction of symptoms from heavy metal toxicity can be: Candida, Chronic Infections, Convulsion, Cramping, Depression, Difficulty Breathing, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Disorders – bloating, gas, heartburn, indigestion, etc., General Malaise, Impaired Cognitive Function, Insomnia, Memory loss or Brain Fog, Migraines or Headaches, Nausea, Nervous System Malfunctions – burning, tingling, paralysis in extremities, Pain, Panic Attacks, Peripheral Neuropathy, Sweating, Visual Problems, Vomiting, Weakness, etc.

These symptoms tend to exacerbate with increasing levels of heavy metals.

Best Value

BlockBusterX & Mineral X compliment each other perfectly.

BlockBusterX & Mineral X compliment each other perfectly.

BlockBusterX works so well with its high affinity for "BAD CALCIUM" (molecular). BAD CALCIUM is a primary ingredient in arterial, brain (amyloid) and teeth (microbial) plaque. Consequently, BlockBusterX can remove some"GOOD CALCIUM" (cofactored). When this occurs, you may feel leg cramping or "restless legs." A single serving of MineralX calms hungry nerves in usually less than ten minutes.

nitric oxide and hormone supplement

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nitric oxide and hormone supplement

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BlockBusterX Usage Instructions

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Ask questions about what and how you vape.Verify what's in it!

Never ever, ever buy liquids or oils (thinning agents) made in China. Never buy any thinning agent that ends in "glycol." Never overheat your coil!


Most thinning agents for e-liquids are made of:

·         Medium chain triglycerides

·         Polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400

·         Propylene glycol

·         Vegetable glycerin


When propylene glycol is heated by a red-hot metal coil, the potential harm doubles and inhalation exposure to heavy metals and toxins increase. High voltage, high heat, sustained heat  will transform most anything, whether propylene glycol, vaping additives, oils and even the purest of "organic" active ingredients into carbonyls. Carbonyls are a nasty group of cancer-causing chemicals that include formaldehyde.

Also, a recent article in the National Center for Biotechnology Information notes that high levels of ammonia may be produced from vaping marijuana grown improperly or treated with chemicals to yield unnaturally high THC concentrations.

Simply put, why do we buy insurance? Why do civil servants wear gloves? Why do you have an air filter in your car? It’s pure intelligence; these things are proven to protect us.

BlockBusterX can do the same for you and whom you love. Whether you vape or not, BlockBusterX finds everyday toxins and heavy metals in your food, water and air to help keep you happy, healthy and free of chronic stressors. Heavy metals and toxins permanently stay in your body causing chronic low-level stress. Eventually, your body and immune system will prematurely fail if you allow this stress to remain in your body. This is scientific fact.

BTW, besides the past garbage in your body, every day you eat, drink, breathe (and vape) more and more toxins. Every day, you consume a portion of the millions of tons of ionized lead pumped into the environment for decades as a gasoline additive. Lead is stable, inert, and forever here; forever poisoning you and whom you love. Using BlockBusterX daily helps protect you from the future as it slowly removes the past. In fact, a key ingredient in BlockBusterX is FDA approved to remove lead from your body!

Meanwhile, vaping or not, this is why 40% of all American have dangerous lead levels!

Learn more here:

Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols: N Engl J Med 2015; 372:392-394January 22, 2015DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc1413069

Vaporized cannabis and respiratory risk: NCBI Can J Respir Ther. 2015 Winter; 51(1): 7–9 - PMCID: PMC4456813.

Blood Lead, Cadmium, Total Mercury, Selenium, and Manganese (PBCD_H) - NHANES


How does BlockBusterX work? 

The process is called "chelation" (Note: There are numerous types of chelation products. However, BlockBusterX is a completely unique form of EDTA (ethane-1,2- diyldinitrilo tetra-ethanoic acid, disodium salt), different than all other forms of EDTA).

Chelation is the formation of a material that surrounds a potentially toxic particle or particles (for instance, calcium, a metal, is the main ingredient in artery blocking plaque). In effect, through "chelation," the potentially toxic material is grabbed and surrounded, and then shuttled out of the body via your natural elimination systems.

Chelation occurs when a "cage" or "claw" (from the term "chelate" from the Greek for cage or claw) is formed around the potentially toxic particle(s). This "cage" renders the potentially toxic particle(s) inert, safe and soluble enough to be excreted via the kidneys.


Variations of EDTA have safely been around for eight decades. In fact, the FDA approves EDTA as an anti-oxidant in many foods. Meanwhile EDTA is so effective at removing toxic substances from the body, it has been the standard FDA-approved treatment for heavy metal poisoning for more than fifty years. EDTA is also used remove deadly plutonium and uranium radiation from people after emergencies like Fukushima and Chernobyl.

MineralX Usage Instructions -- Learn More about MineralX

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More About Calcium and Cancer

Lead in Your Blood and the Symptoms

More About Altzheimer's and Memory

BlockBusterX Usage Instructions

Here is a brief sample of HOW WELL EDTA WORKS…

  • Ninety-two (92) patients were referred for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) were put on EDTA. At the end of the study, only ten required surgery. EIGHTY-TWO PATIENTS AVOIDED SURGERY!
  • In thirty (30) patients with narrowing arteries, there was a 30% improvement in blood flow after several treatments.
  • In a study of 2,870 patients with degenerative vascular disease, nearly 90% of the patients showed significant improvement.
  • An analysis of nineteen studies involving 22,765 people receiving EDTA for vascular disease found measurable improvement in 87% of the people.
  • Patients with eyesight decline demonstrated significant improvements in eyesight after several treatments.
  • A double blind study of patients with peripheral vascular disease (PAD) found significant improvements in walking distance and blood flow in the legs.
  • Sixty-five (65) patients who were on a six-month waiting list for bypass graft surgery (CABG) were treated. 58 PATIENTS IMPROVED SO MUCH; THEY CANCELED THEIR SURGERY!
  • Twenty-seven (27) diabetic patients were slated for limb amputation due to poor peripheral circulation. Six months of treatment resulted in SAVING TWENTY-FOUR DIABETIC PATIENTS FROM LIMB AMPUTATION.

There are many, many more lifesaving examples. Virtually every study that has looked at the efficacy of EDTA chelation in vascular disease has demonstrated significant improvements in areas such as circulation, libido, memory, eyesight, diabetes and much, much more.

"Published research and extensive clinical experience showed that EDTA helped reduce and prevent arteriosclerotic plaques, thus improving blood flow to the heart and other organs. The scientific evidence indicates that a course of EDTA chelation therapy might eliminate the need for bypass surgery." 
Dr. Linus Pauling, MD, Two-time Nobel Prize winner, the "Father of Vitamin C"

Jon began to use one gram of BlockBusterX a day.

Almost immediately, it seemed to Jon as if it went right to work to increase his circulation, clarity and libido (because of increased nitric oxide). Meanwhile it was finding rogue metals, particles and toxic minerals as it was slowly removing calcified deposits stuck to his heart, arteries, brain and others parts of Jon’s “anatomy.”

Soon… it seemed as if miracles were occurring for Jon!

  • He was thinking and remembering clearly again!
  • His joints didn't ache!
  • He said he could see better!
  • He definitely could hear better!
  • He thought his skin texture and color was getting better (besides people were telling him that he looked good)!
  • He (and Janet) knew for sure his erectile function and libido was improving (especially in the morning)!
  • Jon knew he had more stamina and energy; he certainly wasn't exhausted like he used to be anymore!

Now after eighteen months, Jon Dougal knows that BlockBusterX has truly worked miracles for him. These toxic deposits can never ruin Jon’s circulation, libido, thinking, vision, hearing and other senses again.

Would you rather pay $30,000.00 for a painful and potentially dangerous heart bypass graft surgery, and/or live with poor circulation, low libido, poor memory, reduced mental clarity, poor vision, poor hearing, diabetes and worse -- OR would you rather pay $49.95 a month for safe and effective BlockBusterX to feel restored, confident and healthy while regaining maximum mobility, stamina and libido with an unconditional guarantee?

The answer is clearly obvious!

BlocBusterX toxin remover - Anti Aging Supplement


BlockBusterX Usage Instructions

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With science documenting the adverse effects of commonly encountered low levels of heavy metals on health, it is possible that chelation therapy is being vastly underutilized in standard medicine... to deal with the broader spectrum of toxic metals now being identified as contributors to many if not most diseases, including aging." ~ Garry F. Gordon, MD


What is EDTA?

Basic, regular EDTA is: ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (C10H16N2O8). This basic form of EDTA has demonstrated many beneficial results as a chelating agent, detoxifier and antioxidant for the last eighty years.

The BlockBusterX difference...

However our BlockBusterX EDTA is: 2,2’,2’’, 2’’’ (Ethane-1,2- Diyldinitrilo) Tetra-ethanoic Acid, Disodium Salt (C10H14O8N2Na2-2H2O). Besides the four carboxylic group hydrogens, we included sodium and more hydrogen onto the amine groups giving it a tremendous affinity for calcium. Although calcium is important for healthy bones and a healthy body, it can also be harmful when it becomes deadly calcified plaque. This deadly calcium is the main “metal” in heart attack causing atherosclerotic plaque stuck on the walls of your arteries, veins, capillaries, organs and brain.

For the last few years, many of the versions of EDTA we tested didn’t work very well. However the unique version of BlockBusterX proved enormously effective with the highest ability for removing the deadly calcium plaque stuck on the walls of your arteries, veins, capillaries, organs and brain.

We believe you will definitely notice BlockBusterX’s detoxifying and cleansing effects very soonand we provide a 100% money back guarantee.

BlockBusterX is a very safe, super-potent antioxidant, chelating agent and nitric oxide booster with one of the highest oral absorption factors of all tested, which is vital for effectiveness to improve energy, circulatory health, mental sharpness, libido and much more. It is clear that BlockBusterX EDTA has demonstrated unique and amazing qualities.

amyloid brain plaque removal


BlockBusterX Usage Instructions

BlockBusterX Label

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Since toxic materials accumulate dailywe recommend that you continue with this 21 days on, 7 days off cycle for life. Most people see results within 60 days. We recommend taking BlockBusterX at night, where one will normally go six-to eight hours without food.

We advise caution if you are currently toxic, weak, ill or have sensitivities to medications and/or vitamins. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before using BlockBusterX. BlockBusterX EDTA itself is quite safe. However some heavy metal detox symptoms are normal and to be expected at first. Moderate to heavy metal detox symptoms can include, but are not limited to lethargy, headaches, dizziness, muscle/joint aches, skin Irritation, loss of appetite, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting and/or a drop in *calcium. If you experience extreme heavy metal detox symptoms, then go for metal detoxifications, it is important to stop BlockBusterX immediately. We have the most powerful, comprehensive and tested organic supplements for detoxifying heavy metals like mercury & lead, estrogens, parasites, candida, and all other toxins. Always increase your amount of water, fresh greens, vitamin C, B12, folic acid and other supplements.

If you experience detox symptoms, instead of the initial recommended dose, we recommend taking lower daily doses of BlockBusterX and then gradually work your way up over a longer time. Since a little BlockBusterX over time is much better than a lot at once, we always recommend that you under-dose and intuitively work your way up to 1/4 teaspoon per day.

VERY IMPORTANT: *Take MineralX (colloidal minerals) during the one week waiting period or if you experience leg cramping, this means your calcium levels are low. For three days, stop taking the BlockBusterX while you immediately take a colloidal mineral supplement such as Mineral Matrix Rx for three days, then resume BlockBusterX.

We also encourage that you take supplemental vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and that you drink a lot of water each day to flush out toxins as fast as possible (1/2 oz. water minimum for every pound you weigh).

We also believe that BlockBusterX is something that you should take for the rest of your life to thrive. The recommended daily dose of BlockBusterX can bind to any new environmental impurities and food toxins, and can help keep your cardiovascular system clean and healthy as it slowly removes decades of toxins and plaque. It is far more practical and safe to take a daily, lifetime approach to chelating, arresting oxidative stress and living with pristine cardiovascular health.



National Institute of Health (NIH) study

The recent National Institute of Health (NIH) “Trial of EDTA Chelation Therapy for Coronary Heart Disease” was conducted on 839 patients age fifty or older. The specific form of EDTA was not stated (effectiveness varies).

The study provided evidence on forty intravenous infusions. Because nature is always about low dose, high frequency, versus intravenous, which is high dose, low frequency. Because of this, in our experience, we recommend a small oral amount taken daily for life for greater benefit, safety and the fact that every day you absorb new toxins. Meanwhile, the study showed that EDTA safely and moderately reduced the risk of adverse cardiovascular events in adults who have previously had a heart attack and the treatment remained effective for at least five years.

Participants showed an eighteen percent reduction in the risk of heart attack, stroke, angina, and death from chronic disease. Additionally, myocardial infarction sufferers showed a thirty-seven percent reduction in future attacks.

Also, participants with DIABETES showed a thirty-nine percent reduction in risk.

Keeping Your Mind...

Alzheimer's, dementia and age related memory loss is a modern, preventable problem... 

Weight Loss and HGH

Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States

There are approximately 500,000 people dying each year because they have Alzheimer's.

1 in 3 seniors die from Alzheimer's or another form of dementia.

Nearly 44 million people are believed to be living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

On average, 300 million family members are affected, caring for loved one's with Alzheimer's.

On November 3, 1906, Dr. Alois Alzheimer described a fifty-one year old patient named "Augusta," who was exhibiting abnormal mental, language and behavior problems. Upon Augusta's death, during an autopsy, Dr. Alzheimer observed a "peculiar disease of the cerebral cortex." Dr. Alzheimer could see an accumulation of plaque amongst tangled, shrunken tissue in Augusta's brain. Eventually, scientist referred to this as "beta amyloid plaque."

What causes deadly plaque in the brain and arteries?

For the last hundred years, researchers have looked for the cause of Alzheimer's disease, especially since it is rare or nonexistent in rural, undeveloped countries such as Africa, India and rural South America. More and more, it appears that Alzheimer's is a disease of modern society, with immutable evidence proving that Alzheimer's is an "environmental" disease.

A 2003 investigation using a typical American high cholesterol diet fed to mice, showed a clear increase in amyloid brain plaque and the subsequent, impaired mental function that ensued. However, when the laboratory was suddenly moved to a new location, the results couldn't be repeated.

The researchers were dumbfounded until they deduced the only difference was environmental, and not necessarily the high cholestrol diet. It was either the air quality and/or the water supply. Then they realized that the initial test used tap water and the second test used distilled water.

The researchers were able to determine that the unhealthy high levels of copper in tap water was a powerful catalyst to producing harmful beta amyloid plaque in the brains of the mice. This was a huge shock because the copper levels in the tap water were ten times lower than what's allowed by the EPA. Even though we need a small amount of copper for human health, clearly the amount of copper being allowed by the EPA in tap water is far to high for human health!

What prevents deadly plaque in the brain and arteries so I can improve my heart health, circulation, energy, stay mentally sharp and thrive?

Corroborative human studies

Soon after, Dr. Martha Morris discovered that unhealthy fats (trans fats, hydrogenated oils, highly refined oils, etc.) and high copper consumption accelerate mental decline among human adults. Her research showed that Americans (in particular) who consume unhealthy fats along with a high amount of copper; are most affected by a decline in mental faculties. Dr. Morris determined that high fat and high copper consumption accelerated brain aging the equivalent of nineteen years over a six-year period. This is nearly a three times acceleration of mental decline. Think about it; a sixty year old over a ten-year period would at age seventy, have "brain aged" thirty years to that of a 100 year old person's mental acuity.