AEON, Somastatin and Amino Rx

Since 1996, our unprecedented work
at AARL has always focused
on the three critical issues around
your body's own natural
growth hormone production:


Why do we recommend using
AEON, Somastatin and Amino Rx together?

Three Important Reasons:

1. HGH (Somatotropin)
2. Somatostatin (the anti-HGH)

3. Protein synthesis (cellular regeneration)

You are either fertile hormonally (blood serum) or you will rapidly become fertilizer from insufficient hormones and critical nutrients.

Somatotropin (HGH):

All human beings decline in natural HGH production by a ten-fold minimum and that is a bad thing. Basically, we subtly decline from a roaring fire hose between age twenty to forty, then rapidly decline to that of a cheap squirt gun from age forty to sixty. Unfortunately this decline is ultimately quite debilitating. This is because nature is neither cruel nor kind; she is only indifferent. You are either fertile hormonally (blood serum) or iyou will rapidly become fertilizer from insufficient hormones and nutrients.

HGH is considered a “parent hormone” or “master hormone”. When you have ample blood levels of HGH, your other hormone levels rise; this is called a cascade effect. As long as you are hormonally above what we call the “death line”, nature believes that you are fertile (blood serum). As a result, she will keep your bones strong, immune system high, nails growing, heal faster, libido engaged, etc, etc. All because nature believes you are still biologically necessary to rear offspring to help keep the species alive.

However, as soon as you fall hormonally below the death line, nature believes that you are now biologically obsolete and she will rapidly accelerate your death so your body becomes fertilizer for your offspring's fruits and vegetables. It may sound pretty cold to put it his way, but it is a basic law of nature.

As a biological organism, you are the sum of your hormones and nutrients. If you become deficient in either, you will become ill and eventually die. However, if you subtly manage these levels, emulating nature with a long term, low dose, high frequency protocol, Quality of LifeSpan occurs, which is indeed your birthright.

We Strongly Advocate the use of SOMASTATIN The ANTI HGH ANTIDOTE Growth Hormone formula along with any HGH therapy.

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Somatostatin (the anti HGH molecule):

Regarding aging, nature can be quite ironic. Not only is there a large age accelerating decline of your own natural growth hormone production, there is the corresponding increase of the anti-HGH hormone called somatostatin that cancels out the effect of HGH (somatotropin). Nature is all about checks and balances. There is insulin to moderate glycogen (sugar), GABA for adrenalin, B cells for antigens, and somatotropin (HGH) for somatostatin, and on and on.

The youthful human body is a miraculous, finely tuned bio-feedback system that begins to lose its fine tuning as it ages. In this case, it slowly increases the anti-HGH hormone with age. Somastatin©, our somatostatin inhibitor, is designed to subtly reduce your increasing somatostatin levels, helping to make growth hormone more effective.

Interestingly, somatostatin inhibition is actually a byproduct (known as a secondary mechanism) of what Somastatin© actually does. The primary mechanism of Somastatin© is twofold. The first action is on the adrenal glands via the hypothalamus that impacts ACTH (known as adreno-corticotropin). Somastatin's first action helps normalize adrenal function, balancing cortisol and testosterone (the only place women make testosterone), and other stress hormones. Since the thyroid is next in line, this in turn helps normalize thyroid production too.

The second mechanism of Somastatin© is on the POMC (pro-opio-melanocortin) region via the hypothalamus. POMC can be become the body's natural pain killers, the beta-endorphins and met-enkephalin, that helps with pain-alleviation, euphoria, and mood.

POMC is also responsible for melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH): known to control melanin (pigmentation) in the skin and hair. This is why some people can observe the reduction of lipofuscin (liver spots) and hair color change.

Now that you know the primary function of Somastatin©, you can now understand the secondary function. Somatostatin inhibition occurs when you naturally elevate testosterone and endorphins in the hypothalamus.

Since 1998, we knew that creating a product like Somastatin© could address the completely ignored aspect of having HGH be far more effective in its benefits. We now know that Somastatin© does so much more for stress, thyroid, wellbeing, hormone regulation, immunity and ultimately aging when combined with our AEON Growth factor and Amino Rx. You will feel the difference.

The youthful human body is a miraculous, finely tuned bio-feedback system that begins to lose its fine tuning as it ages.

Protein synthesis:

As mentioned, HGH is referred to as a parent signal messenger hormone, meaning that HGH is the master hormone of other hormones. When growth hormone is at sufficient levels, it increases the biosynthesis of other hormones requiring nutrients. Also as a result, the cells of your body receive a signal to regenerate and the cell's need for nutrients skyrocket.  

Every cell in your body consists of amino acids. So does every hormone and neuropeptide like dopamine and serotonin, etc. This is why we designed the first line of required nutrition that we call Amino Rx, Growth Hormone Potentiator. We looked at the cell's amino acid requirements and made certain those ratios were provided in Amino Rx. As a result, something very special occurs at the peak of protein synthesis when you consume Amino Rx WITHOUT FOOD. The Amino Rx will convert directly into what the body is demanding, whether it is dopamine, testosterone, albumin, etc. This ensures that peak function occurs within your body.

Of course, amino acids alone are insuffecient to complete everything the body requires to live optimally. This is why we created the Life Extension Series that consists of everything your body requires for ultimate protiensynthesis.

Since 1998, we knew that creating a product like Somastatin could address the completely ignored aspect of having HGH be far more effective in human physiology.

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It is simple, scientific logic...

As your growth hormone DECREASES,

the rate at which you age

Consider that for a moment...